The Miraculous power in the mantra “Om Namaha Shivaay”



Today, life is filled with numerous challenges! Not a single day pass by when you can have a smooth running through the day without any mental or emotional challenges coming your way. Even if you are lucky to have such days, then, these days are very rare!! Right……???

To restore the happiness or peace in life we often visit an astrologer or choose to go to a saint to seek his blessings. But, do you know that you can receive such blessings and power from your own self??

The power exists in each one of us. But, very rarely do we accept, realize and exert this power in us. Now, let us see how just by chanting “Om Namaha Shivaay” we can become attain peace and strength within ourselves.

This is really miraculous and the more you chant the more powerful you become.

It brings instant Peace: The meaning of “Om Namaha Shivaay” means that you bow down to the ultimate supreme power and seek his help. As is the nature of almighty or Supreme, once you bow down, you are blessed with what is best for you. Though the process may take time but the almighty or the Universe surely responds positively to each of your desires.
This mantra brings to you instant peace and calms you down. It gives you the strength to the right decisions and to deal with any circumstances with grace and dignity.

It reveals you the truth: When you chant this mantra through the day many times, you are connecting yourself to the Ultimate truth, the Supreme creator Shiva. The more you chant this mantra the more you get to know the truth that life will reveal to you. Chanting this mantra will give you the right direction in life.

It purifies your soul: The vibrations of this mantra helps to purify your soul. The chanting of this mantra is like calling your higher self. You are connected to the universal abundance with this mantra. It removes the negativities from your soul and rises your higher self. You get to know your real self and discover strengths within you that always existed in you but you never realized them.

It helps you get rid of Ego: By chanting this mantra, you get the unseen power that alters your ego and aggression for good. You get to connect with the self-less being in you. This mantra de-stresses you totally and slowly pulls you out of the tendency to take stress.

According to astrology, this mantra also has the power to reduce the negative influence of the planets on you. It also rectifies the bad influence caused due to your natal chart. If you still don’t believe in what all I have written then try chanting this mantra for at least 10 days.

Initially you might forget to chant and have to remind yourself often but slowly it will become a habit. If you practise chanting it for a week or at least 10 days then you would get to see its effect.

I hope you will make use of such miraculous power that is now available to you😊


How to build persistent intrinsic motivation for your child’s well-being?

“A self-motivated person never gives up in life”

While raising our children, we often provide encouragement to them with a hope to make them learn faster. Of course, the encouragement is often backed by rewards of all sorts. But, these rewards bring short lived motivation which dies off soon after the rewards are removed.

The best part about nature of kids is that they are born to learn. They are curious and they want to explore every single object, food or thing as toddlers. They joyfully want to address their natural inquisitiveness which somewhere dies off ( or gets badly affected) when external rewards are brought into the picture. As parents, we must take responsibility to let this sparkle of natural joy of learning kindle in childs wellbeingour children forever.

Ryan and Deci (2000 and 2017), scientifically showed how intrinsic motivation is coupled with the joy of learning. They proposed a self-determination theory which serves as the basic foundation of intrinsic motivation. As per this theory, intrinsic motivation helps the child to pursue activities of interest. The study involved self-answered questionnaires which reflected interest, fun and natural curiosity while engaged in activities of choice.

Here, is how you can help your child build intrinsic motivation that lasts forever:

  1. Instil the joy of learning: Rather than focussing on completion of the task, focus your child’s attention on the joy that comes out of learning anything new. 

Observe what attracts your child, what he or she loves doing or feels interested in. Let learning be a part of every fun activity that is happening around. Chuck off an hour or so to get involved with your kids in activities that you think are liked by them.

A very common mistake that most of us as parents do is that we segregate the learning time with rest of the fun time. This creates a notion in the child as if learning is only while studying but actually learning is always there in everything we do like playing music, dancing, singing, cooking, etc.

Let your children know that by doing their daily tasks, they are learning to become smarter and independent . When you start appreciate the efforts made by your child in all such activities then they start feeling accomplished and motivated.

There is an example of how intrinsic motivation works for grown up children. In 2009, Hulleman and Harackiewicz took 250 high schoolers for a study on intrinsic motivation. The high schoolers were divided into two groups A and B. Group A was asked to write summaries of the lessons taught in Science whereas Group B was asked to write the usefulness of these learnings in their real lives.

The later, was found to be more motivated to learn the subject well and they ended up scoring better than Group A. It is clear that Group B could perform better because they understood the value of the lessons. This is the real motivation that kicks you to learn and perform better because you want to.

As per Kennedy Moore (author of – teach your child to love learning), making a child play basketball who loves this sport, is effortless. He may practice for hours together with pleasure. Similarly, a child who loves fiction can go on reading novels and books for long without any second thoughts. So, the basic idea is to turn must-do activities into fun-filled activities by adding humour, using creativity or arousing curiosity.

  1. Embrace the imperfections 

Try to look at a situation from your child’s perspective. A child will always pick up a task that appears to be meaningful to him/her and will execute the task as per his/her understanding.

Be appreciative of your child’s efforts irrespective of whether the child has finished the task or not. As is suggested by Wendy Mogel (author of blessings of skinned knee), it is important to help your children sustain their curiosity and love for doing daily chores.

A child between 3 to 5 years of age shows a lot of interest in doing daily chores. But, as parents you want to rush through the chores or would prefer doing it yourselves for the sake of perfection. But, in your quest to finish the chores with perfection your child’s interest of learning is put at stake.

So, you could start with giving away easy chores to your child like match the socks to form pairs, clean the tables, help you in arranging grocery, etc.

When a child does the same task over and over again he or she learns to do it much better, faster and neater. And, you would see the joy of finishing the chore on your child’s face which is indeed the best reward as a parent.

This will help your child to embrace that learning is a part of life and they will enjoy learning at every step. 

  1. Don’t bring too many external motivators: 

Bribing a child to behave in a grocery store or to behave well at a party is a common affair for most of us. I would often bribe my daughter with strawberry jelly to behave well at the supermarket.

And, it worked well unless sometimes when I would stop by to pick up something in hurry she would refuse to co-operate unless she is given her favourite jelly.

But, with my mother, my daughter is much well-behaved I would say. My mother brings in the significance of doing everything to her in the form of learnings. Every time she finishes her meal fully, my mother points out to her how nice it is and how strong she will get if she eats well. So, to say, external motivators can give you great rewards but rewards are just too short-lived.

As per the study conducted by Edward Deci, Professor of Psychology (Ph.D), University of Rochestor, suggests that rewards bring temporary motivation in not just kids but in all of us. We go to work only because we get paid for it. We will surely stop working if there is no pay in return. So, extrinsic rewards only bring short lived efforts to achieve rewards.

Of course, rewarding a child once in a while is fair enough as children need to be pampered at times. Moreover, in the case of crisis when you are really tied up and want to just get going through your chores, you need to bribe kids to behave.

  1. Give options and let choose: Giving options in simple tasks like picking up a shirt of choice, choosing to wear shoes that your child wants to wear while going on an outing, etc. makes things favourable for you. 

 When the kids have the option to choose then they feel pleasure in making these small choices. This makes them more responsible towards their behaviour and also helps them to learn from the choices they have made for themselves.

For example, if your child chooses to wear a thin cotton shirt in a night outing and ends up feeling cold then he is more likely to go by your choice of a suitable shirt which will shield him from cold next time. By doing this, you have motivated the child to correct his choice by letting him choose.

This also reinforces that making mistakes is a part of learning. If you give a choice to your child then you are letting him experiment and learn with the choices made by him. This way you are allowing the natural process of learning by making mistakes.

  1. Replace rewards and punishments with an understanding 

Not always kids throw tantrums or misbehave because they want to. A lot of times, they are forced into such situations for the fear of being punished or scolded by a teacher or a parent.

Chris Hulleman, a research Associate Professor at University of Virginia, recommends to place the value of task for better motivational levels in kids. He insists that external motivators or fears can make a lesson less meaningful.

With rewards around, it is more of a conditional learning that is happening. Rather, let the child take his own little time in understanding the value of the task that is taught to him or her. Let the child know why is the task important rather than what are the material gains at the end of it.

Try to understand your child’s psychology and give him ample time to absorb to learn things on his own. Allow your child to make as many mistakes as he does, as there is a great joy in learning to do something on your own. So, let the child satiate his curiosity by making mistakes but eventually with repetitive attempts he will succeed in what he is into.

But letting it happen every time could be very challenging. So, you could choose certain tasks and certain hours in a day when you can allow your child to participate in fun activities of his choice. And, of course for certain mistakes that are not acceptable at all, you can maintain your stand.

  1. Set an example

Our kids grow up to become a lot like us. ‘Seeing is believing’ is a common occurrence with all kids. If we as parents indulge in doing all our regular work with a lot of joy then the same gets carried forward to our kids too.

For example, to help your child remember manners, you need to showcase them yourself by saying ‘please’ or ‘thank you’ to everyone around. If you want your child to learn to be an early riser than it is you who have to be up early first.

Kids are way too smarter than you think they are. Their sub-conscious mind is observing and grasping everything around them. Hence, it is very important to create a healthy environment as it helps them to absorb positive energies and to grow up to unfold accordingly.

Intrinsic motivation provides a child with a pull strategy in which the child gets pulled or attracted to doing something of interest. Extrinsic motivation on the other hand promotes conditional interest that dies off when the extrinsic motivators such as rewards are withdrawn.

The best gift that we can give to our children is to teach them the joy of learning. This true joy of learning helps the child to do every task joyously and teaches them to derive the much needed contentment in life. 

Life is materialistically driven at all times but internal satisfaction and joy comes when you do something to learn something out of it. There is no bigger joy in life than the joy of unconditional and natural learning. 

As parents, we should strive every moment to bring out the best values and ethics in our children. Spending a lot of quality time with kids and explaining them the things around truthfully will help your child develop the right understanding of things around.

By bringing the right perspective of learning, we are making our kids capable of carving the path of their choice with ease.

The best way to approach the kids is to let their natural instincts work and bring out the best version of the person they are meant to be.


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5 things that will bring joy instantly in your life

Every day breaks out to bring in a lot of worries, tensions, stress and insecurities. Life has become so demanding that we just keep dreaming of becoming happier some day after gaining big wealth.

Or, a lot of times we want to associate our happiness with our promotions, or finding a dream job, or breaking out of relationships we don’t want to be in or setting up an independent family away from interferences of well-meaning relatives, etc.

No matter how much we have achieved or how far we have come, we still dream of a happier tomorrow. And, needless to say with so much hustle-bustles happening around, the much sought after joy has vanished somewhere from our lives.

We hardly have days where we get together in evenings to share a hard laugh rather we are always worried about finishing our responsibilities and by the time we get done with that, we are so tired that we just want to hit the bed.

Happiness which was a natural abundant feeling once upon a time, has become a rare commodity. We have started seeking happiness in shopping, eating out and going out on a holiday. Some where we have accepted that happiness is only something that you experience at leisure.

But, do you know that happiness is within us? This beautiful feeling has got suppressed due to the stress and pretensions we carry about our lives.

Happiness only needs to be rekindled within is. Let us look at the ways to feel happy every day without putting in way too much of an effort.

1. Choose to reach for a better feeling thought: Every day we just think, think and think without giving any attention to what we are thinking. Thinking disturbing thoughts create fear and anxiety in us.

Every time you notice a negative thought running in your mind, just reach for a better feeling thought. It just take a little consciousness on your side to turn any negative thought into a positive one.

And, you would see that from a heavy stressed day, your day would turn out to be beautiful and joyful.

2. Help at least one person in your morning hours: Would you agree that earning good wishes from others is the toughest thing to do in today’s world?

The reason why we feel so depressed and negative these days is because there is a lot of stress and negativity in our environment. We are surrounded with vibrations of all kinds of negative frequencies.

When you help somebody in need, you are blessed with positive vibrations of that person for as long as he remembers you.

These positive energies help to create a positive aura around you and it elevates your energies and feelings to a great extent.

For example, you could just give the leftover food to the needy on your way to office. You could allow an old person to cross road by stopping your car. You could be a patient listener to someone’s emotional suffering.

3. Create one positive thought with which you sleep: Right before you are about to fall sleep, just make an attempt to think one powerful positive thought in present tense.

Your sub conscious mind will keep sending powerful positive vibrations to the Universe saying which will keep bringing back happiness in your life. This is one secret that most of us are not aware of.

God has gifted us with this life with a power to create it the way we want. Whether we want to manifest that power in our favour or not solely depends on us.

Most of us are not even aware of how to use the power of our mind to create a better tomorrow. People who think positive thoughts attract positive experiences in life and vice-versa.

However, we can begin with creating one positive thought right before hitting the bed and the new changes would automatically help us further to perform better.

For example, the thought could be:

I can do it – it will bring you success in whatever you are aiming to achieve
I am in my perfect health – It will heal your body of any illnesses that you are dealing with.
I am open to all the positive experiences in life – It will bring you abundant joy and prosperity. It will also attract the right people in your life.

4. Don’t seek approvals – know yourself: The biggest challenge in today’s world is that we keep seeking approval or acceptance from others in everything we do. Somewhere, we have stopped giving any importance to our own conscience.

Just do what you feel like doing till when it is not harming others. There are no written rules to define what is right and what is not. You should do something that you love to do irrespective of whether others are appreciative of it or not.

For example, I chose to be a freelance writer who works from home because this is what I enjoy doing. A lot of people surrounding me has told me that I am making a mistake by not taking up a full-time job, but I don’t really care. All I know is that I enjoy working the way I am and that is all is needed.

If I am happy in my present, my future will automatically bring in a lot of good and happiness.

5. Believe in divine power to help you: We feel so stressed out because we think it is us who are responsible for certain things.

Of course, this is how it is but there is divine power or you may say Universal intelligence that is taking care of all of us. This universal intelligence talks to us as our conscience and our intuition.

But, our intuitive power has died off owing to our understanding of life and the way of dealing with it. The more you believe in the divine guidance, the more it is made available to you.

We should have faith that there is somebody up above there who will never think ill for us. So, whatever is happening should be surrendered to life and accepted with grace.

Please drop in your comments to let me know if this was inspiring for you 😊
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Strong positive thoughts to fight depression

The best way to deal with depression is to put a full stop to it by using your power of mind.

Do you know that your mind is a powerful tool which can attract all that you desire in life. The only challenge lies in learning to use this tool which is quite challenging for most of us.

You need to counter every single thought with hundreds of positive thoughts. The more positive your mind is the better your life and situation gets. It is really incredible to see how just by using your thoughts you can attract prosperity, love, romance, good health, friends and peace.

This life has been designed to support you all the time. You have been designed to create wonders using your mind power. The only thing you need to do is to knock out all negative thoughts from your mind and to let only strong positive thoughts nurture your mind.

Here, are some best cited powerful thoughts by one of the best motivational and inspirational author – Louise Hay.

  • I can do it!
  • I love and appreciate every single cell of my body
  • Thank you life for being so kind.
  • I now accept all the good that this universe has to offer.
  • Only good lies before me.
  • Out of this situation, only good will come.
  • I love and appreciate myself.
  • Life supports me in everything I do.
  • I love and admire the inner being in me.
  • I release the past with love.
  • I forgive myself for my wrong deeds.
  • I forgive others for all the wrong doings in the past.
  • I look forward to pleasant happenings in my life.
  • I am so grateful to God for all the comforts and blessings.
  • I am divinely guided at all times.
  • I am divinely protected at all times.
  • I love to live.
  • Perfect health is my divine right and I claim it now.

Please go through this video on Louise Hay to understand how negativity and depression can be fought with powerful positive thoughts.

No matter how negative or depressed you are right now, but doing the above mentioned strong thoughts will alleviate your situation towards better and will bring in unexpected good from all sides.

You need to have faith in the above thoughts and the best way to build it is to keep these thoughts handy and keep repeating them over and over again to let positive energies flow into your life and create a magical bliss.

These unbelievable statements when said with conviction and repeated many times in a day will bring unexpected good in your life.

There is a lot of abundance in this Universe and this universe was designed to give us what we ask for. The Universe is neutral towards all your desires and never judge you for your nature of thoughts. So, what you think is given back to you multiplied by this universe.

Watch out every single thought running in your mind and create beautiful, positive thoughts to achieve the best in life. I hope this was helpful…..

How to stop menstrual pain every month?

Menstrual pain can cause mild  or severe abdominal pain, pain in legs and thighs, lower back pain, stomach pain, headache, irritability and headache. A lot of girls find it difficult to handle it during their teens.

Menstruation often brings a lot of challenges with it especially for young girls who go to school. And, it is something that is indispensable and bound to happen every month.

Though it is a physiological process, yet, there are some natural remedies that will help you deal with the pain successfully.

A lot of times you are not able to deal with the menstrual cramps because you are unaware of the remedies which force you to wait until the pain stops. Young women often find it difficult to stay at work for the first three days and so is the case with school and college goers.

Here, are some remedies to help you overcome those difficult days every month:

  • Ginger Tea: Ginger is believed to have pain relieving property in it. It helps to lower the intensity of cramps and also reduces the pain. 

Ginger has been used as a natural Ayurvedic medicine for years now. It reduces pain and inflammation in the body and is equally effective in both raw as well as heated forms.

A renowned Indian scientist, Dr. Krishna C. Shrivastava, at Odense University, did an experiment to test the effect of ginger on pain and inflammation in arthritic patients. For, three months arthritic patients were given small amounts of ginger every day. After, three months, it was observed that the pain and inflammation in the arthritic joints reduced tremendously.

So, why not make use of this nature’s gift to cure pain during menstruation. Ginger tea is an excellent way to fight with the pain and stomach bloating.

  1. Stomach exercise during normal days: The pain and cramps in menses happen as the clots along with the blood have to flow out. Bulged tummy often indicates low motility of stomach and hence it has been observed that the pain could be more if there is a lack of exercise. 

Another advantage of exercise is that regular exercise releases ‘Endorphins’ which are natural pain relievers and stress busters. Walking is often recommended when the pain persists for too long.

A regular movements of legs during walking helps the muscles to move, enabling free flow of blood and clots. This relieves the pain instantly when the clots flow out.

But, care should be taken to avoid any heavy exercises during menstruation as there is a loss of blood from the body so you may experience weakness.

Also, if you do regular tummy exercises then you would see that the intensity of pain reduces during menstruation.

    1. Hot water pack: Heat relaxes the tensed muscles of lower abdomen and improves circulation of blood. Hence, heat packs are most recommended during menses. You may carry a hot water pack to your work or school and may use it as and when needed.
      1. Fennel seeds and Cinnamon: Saunf and dal-chini are also pain relievers and contribute towards reducing pain and cramps.
      2. Massage therapy and acupressure therapy: Massage with normal mustard oil or essential oils for 20 minutes helps to fight the symptoms of menstruation. Massaging increases the blood circulation, relaxes the muscles and releases endorphins in the body.

6. Eat healthy food: Eating oil free, healthy and fresh food will help you to digest the food faster and it will also provide you with essential vitamins to fight with the cramps and pain.

Avoid eating food that is difficult to digest as during menstruation your tummy is already bloated, stiff, and you may have cramps and pain.

7. Take painkillers: If the pain is too severe and causing you a lot of discomfort than you need to pop in safe painkillers. Get some safe painkillers prescribed by your doctor and always keep those handy in your purse or bag. 

It is advisable to take painkillers on the first three days of menstruation especially at the onset of menses which is called puberty. It is believed that generally women below 20 years of age feel a lot of pain and discomfort during menses. The pain subsequently reduces after marriage and it becomes a lot better after having an issue.

Proven home remedies to treat Arthritis

Freedom to move is often taken for granted till when it gets restricted. Do you know that  Arthritis affects more than 180 million people in India?

Women are more susceptible to arthritis as compared to their male counterparts. You would be surprised to know that prevalence of arthritis is more than most common diseases like diabetes, cancer and AIDS.

Arthritis is non-curable but it can be treated to minimize the symptoms. The worst part about having arthritis is that you feel pain in the knees and other body joints every time you try to move around. It’s like every single step you take hurts and hence matters a lot.
There are other concerns that come up with arthritis such as loss of independence as you start depending on others to fetch you things all the time, reduced outings, constant pain, stiffness and pain in joints in early morning, weight gain due to lack of movement, etc.Though, there are pain killers and therapies available to bring respite to your arthritic joints but natural home remedies would help you deal with it effectively in the longer run. Alternatively, these natural remedies would also help you to reduce dependence on harmful painkillers and steroid containing applicants which are administered for arthritis.

Natural cures to deal with Arthritis

As you kick start you day, you feel a lot of stiffness and pain in the joints in morning hours. The best way to deal with it is to use warm shower baths which will make your joints flexible and reduce the pain to a great extent.

There are two types of arthritis – Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis. In Osteoarthritis, the cartilage present between the bones gets damaged due to which one bone hits on to another which causes severe pain. In Rheumatoid arthritis, the synovial membrane swells up causing pain and discomfort and it also leads to bone loss in many cases.
The remedies given below are effective in both types of arthritis. And, these remedies will also help you to improve the overall health and condition of your arthritic joints. Please take a look:

1. Ginger, cinnamon and Turmeric:Turmeric, cinnamon and ginger are natural anti-inflammatory spices. They help in reducing swelling and pain in the affected joints. Turmeric is also a good anti-oxidant and is sometimes also advised to be applied locally on the joints, mixed in warm mustard oil.

The best way to consume ginger, cinnamon and turmeric is to mix them with honey and gulp it down. You must consume only warm water after taking it. Alternatively you can add ginger and cinnamon in your regular tea and can consume turmeric with honey.

2. Magnesium rich food: Magnesium helps to relive stiffness and pain in the muscles and nerves by helping them to relax. It is an important micronutrient that is needed by the human body but is not manufactured inside. Hence, diet rich in magnesium is a good way to suffice your body with this important mineral.

Yoghurt, green leafy vegetables, seeds, nuts, fish, bananas, dry fruits, avocados, dark chocolate, etc. are the food which are rich in magnesium.

A daily consumption of 400 mg of Magnesium is needed by our body. Excess to this will be excreted out of the body. If magnesium is consumed in huge amounts than it may lead to diarrhoea as the body needs to throw out anything in excess.

3. Healthy food: People with a severe disorder like Arthritis should stop eating junk food immediately. Diet has a severe impact on your overall health and eating healthy can help you fight with the symptoms of arthritis in a big way.
You can try changing your food habit to Mediterranean style of cooking. It uses lot of fresh veggies, fruits, whole grains, fish, nuts, olive oil, onions and other nutritious herbs.

The recipes are available online and you may also click on the links below:

4. Green Tea: Green Tea contains polyphenols which are anti-inflammatory substances than help in reducing swelling and pain. Try taking green tea for two to three times in a day. It will also help to reduce weight over a long period of time.

5. Garlic and Black Pepper: Garlic acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and provide great respite in arthritic joints. The cytokines present in garlic helps to fight with inflammation.

The main ingredient in black pepper is capsaicin which reduces pain and swelling. It offers many other health benefits as well.

6. Cold packs: Take some ice in a thin piece of cloth and apply it on the affected joint. It will help to reduce pain immediately.

7. Massage and Exercise: Seek help from a physical therapist who would guide you on massage and exercises that need to be done. You may find it difficult to perform any exercise with arthritic joint but it is must to exercise the arthritic joint to retain free mobility lifelong. But, you must exercise and massage as per the recommendation of certified physical therapist.

Hope, this information was useful and please feel free to drop in your comments.


Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is connecting yourself to the ultimate supreme to get his purity, strength, power, peace, happiness and contentment. It gives immense benefits to you as a whole and you would be amazed to see the miracles that happen when you start meditating.

Benefits of Meditation

  • It emerges the qualities of tolerance, patience, peace, power, joy and contentment from within.
  • It gives you the power to create pure high vibrational thoughts.
  • It makes you feel confident and positive.
  • It removes stress and anxiety from your body.
  • It makes you mentally strong to remain unaffected by others misbehaviour.
  • It calms down and relaxes your mind and body.
  • It lowers down your blood pressure.
  • It improves emotional stability.
  • It broadens and sharpens your mind to make the problems look smaller.
  • It gives you unconditional happiness.
  • It teaches you the aim or purpose of this life.
  • It reduces ageing.
  • It makes you mentally and physically healthier.
  • It helps you to visualize what you desire and create your dreams into reality by using law of attraction.

These are some of the benefits that meditation has to offer. The more you practice it that much more you are able to contribute towards a healthy and a happy living.

Alcohol or drugs – which is more dangerous?


Most people are surprised to know that alcohol is more dangerous drug than all other drugs on the list such as cocaine, heroin, cannabis, ecstasy, etc. Alcohol and drugs, both are categorized as harmful chemicals that are mind-altering for the consumers. But, still alcohol is looked upon differently than other drugs in question, for it has had its survival for 10,000 years now and is socially accepted as a regular drink to distress yourself after a hectic day.

In a report published by National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, ‘In US, around 88,000 deaths happen every year due to alcoholism. It further stated that the average life span of those 88,000 people was reduced by 30 years due to harmful effects brought about by regular liquor consumption. Contrary to this, only 33000 deaths happen annually due to all other drugs.

There was another study done in UK in 2010, it stated alcohol as the most dangerous chemical surpassing crack cocaine, marijuana, and heroin. This study was published widely in many publishing platforms like The Lancet, The Washington Post, The Guardian, and The New Republic.

Usually, the consensus held by the people is that the harm done by drugs comes as rather crude and more complicated. But, the researches show that this perception is in total contradiction to the realty which poses ‘alcohol’ as the most potent killer in US.

There are many repercussions that come with a dangerous addiction like alcohol. To list a few are poor health, addiction, loss of personal relationships which may lead to crime, conflicts within family, damage to environment, economic cost, and poor community dynamics.

We live in a society where social perceptions drive our lifestyle preferences a lot. But, what gets ignored often is the fact that what is perceived by the society as acceptable may not be the best choice ever made. In US, most teenagers start drinking much before they reach 21 years of age and without being aware of how to consume alcohol responsibly. This is something that needs to be seriously worked upon to work towards having a healthier, happier, and contended life ahead.

The heavy drinkers in US comprise of 10% of entire population and they end up consuming about 73 drinks in a week. This calls for serious attention as such heavy drinkers need professional help to get rid of such heavy addiction. Most drinkers don’t even realize what they are losing out in terms of family life, relationships, career and healthy unless they see some serious mishaps happening to them.

These kinds of addictions fall in the category of mental illnesses and must be handled very carefully. So, lets help the people within our family or among our friends and acquaintances to get rid of such dangerous mental disorders which force them to depend on chemicals like alcohol.

Should I smoke Cigarette?

This article is aimed at helping you choose to quit smoking by making you aware of consequences of smoking. Of course, you just want to ease out your worries and stress and hence end up taking help of addictions like cigarette smoking.

With every single puff of tobacco, you feel as if your worries are vanishing away but do you know that they are not vanishing rather coming back to you many fold. Did you know that there are 4000 chemicals in a cigarette and out of which 40 are potent carcinogens?

The chemicals in the cigarette are known carcinogens and they not just cause cancer in the longer run but have many harmful effects on you. But, the irony of the situation is that despite such big clamour about smoking being cancer inducing, you are still not able to quit it.

Do you know that nicotine is the substance that makes you addicted to smoking? To know more about what smoking can do to you, please read on further……

Harmful effects of smoking other than the ones shown in the diagram

  1. Eye irritation and cough problems caused due to formaldehyde.
  2. Arsenic is poisonous as it damages the blood vessels and reduces our life span by checking the body’s ability to repair DNA. It may lead to heart attack, pain in the chest and high B.P.
  3. Mood swings
  4. Poor sense of smell
  5. 90% of deaths are caused due to lung cancer caused by smoking and 80% are caused due to COPD and around 17% due to heart disease.
  6. It may cause chronic bronchitis and asthma.
  7. The Tar present in cigarette makes the teeth yellow in colour.
  8. Other types of cancer that may occur are oral cavity cancer, lungs, trachea, food pipe, entire nasal passage, lungs, oral cavity, lips, stomach, kidney, bladder, etc.
  9. It also affects your vision in the longer run. There isn’t any organ in your body that is not affected by regular smoking.

Is it okay if I smoke light cigarette?

There is no evidence that light cigarettes are less harmful. In fact, it is believed that all cigarettes including menthol cigarettes and light cigarettes are equally harmful. They are equally carcinogenic as the normal cigarettes.

How to quit smoking?

There isn’t any gift which is more beautiful than the life itself. The divine power or Universal intelligence has designed us in such a way that we are capable of handling life without depending on chemical stress relievers or addictions.

So, why not fall in love with life all over again and see the magic it unfolds to you when you embrace life with open hands. Love yourself fully to give a boost to your self-esteem and then you would see that even making the toughest choices like quitting to smoke will happen to you.

Seeking, counselling and medical help is advisable to quit smoking. Meditation is one guru mantra that will help you to overcome any difficult ailment or crisis that you are unable to deal with.

Just keep trying and it will happen……….

The Secret to Becoming Rich

Who doesn’t want to be a billionaire? Luxurious cars, jazzy lifestyle, palatial houses all over the planet, comforts of all sorts and no limitation on shopping and spending money………How does all of this sound??? Pretty much relatable, I am sure!!!!

So, why is it that some take the success road to become a billionaire and others are left way too behind.

Success is a magic that happens to those who ‘dare to dream’. People who believe in themselves are the ones that are believed by the world. So, how does this secret happen?

  1. Create powerful images: Allow the law of attraction to work for you. When Universe has given you tools to cherish living on this planet then why not make use of it.  Think of living in a palatial house with your family, surrounded with comforts and having a good time. The more you create these thoughts that much more you are attracting your success to knock in.

Precaution: Never doubt these thoughts as it will hinder the power of law of attraction to happen. The more you think negatively and doubt your own thoughts of luxury and joy, the more delayed your success is and mind you! If you are too negative then the success may never happen as well.

  1. Believe in Life: Each one of us is sent here for a purpose. Most of us get lost in our lives so much so that we forget the purpose of existence. This life is a journey of tests where your core values of peace, joy, contentment, and love is tested by life at every step.

The purpose of this life is to be happy and joyful no matter what. The purpose of this life is to make it so beautiful by creating live examples of joy, success, harmony, love, and peace.

To achieve as much as you desire, to create wonders on this planet by using the power of imagination and to serve mankind to follow the path of spirituality.

When you start believing in the process of life than everything that you need is revealed to you at the right time. What is good for you will come to you at the right time. This means that the right job, right partner, abundant sources of income will just come you way from somewhere.

But, for this to happen you need to really believe in life and enjoy it to the fullest……

  1. Do you best and leave the rest!: This is one of the most powerful mantras to live life peacefully. Just keep working on your chosen career without bothering about tomorrow. Just believe that only good will happen and the best will come your way. 

These three things are often followed by people who started from scratch but have paved the path to becoming billionaires…….Don’t believe ? Just Google biographies of some young billionaires and you would know…….Thank You😊