The top 5 health hazards to watch out this summer!!

Of course! Summer knocks in every year to bring  a lot of excitement in us. It is usually a holiday time for kids and we look forward to great holidays in summers to our favourite destinations.

So, to make your holidays in summers more enjoyable here is what you need to know. Each weather comes with some prevalent diseases like cold and cough in winters, diarrhoea in rainy weather and heat stroke and rashes in summers.

May and June are indeed the hottest months in the tropical country of India. In some parts of India like In Rajasthan the summer temperatures even touch up to 51 degree Celsius while in other states the heat is only up to moderate levels. Yet, the diseases of summers are prevalent in all parts of India irrespective of temperatures.

There are many mild to alarming health concerns that you need to watch out this summers. Here, are a few to list out!

Food Poisoning

The food and water gets easily stale in summers due to excess heat. Hence, food poisoning is a common phenomenon in harsh summers. Food poisoning often begins with stomach ache which is followed by diarrhoea and vomiting’s.

Hence, to rule out food poisoning, carry your own water bottle all through the summers and never eat road side open food. While eating outside in summers, look for posh places to dine and look for food items that are fast moving. Thus, there are less chances of stale food being served.

Dehydration or Heat Stoke

Thank God!!our bodies are beautifully designed to withstand and accommodate any changes in environment. Yet, when the temperatures get to extremes the body needs to be protected and kept cool. But, you cant be on house arrest all the time in summers. So, the extreme heat of the environment does lead to dehydration or heat stroke causing dizziness, lethargy, uneasiness, fever, vomiting’s, etc.

Measles and Chicken Pox

The varicella virus causing Chicken pox or rubeola virus that causes measles thrive and multiply in summers. These viruses spread fast and infect kids under 12 years of age. Hence, a proper hygiene needs to be maintained in summers.

Always wash hands thoroughly after visiting the crowded places. And, stay away from people who have developed measles and chicken pox. The best way to deal with it is to inject a varicella vaccine or MMR vaccine to your child to keep them protected with these diseases.

Skin Rashes

Heat rash is very common in areas like neck, upper chest, groin, skin folds, breasts and elbow creases. In summers, the sweat produced is unable to escape out due to blocked pores. Hence, the swelling occurs in the skin causing rashes. The best way to deal with heat rash is to be in the cool surroundings and to use prickly heat powder in the affected areas.

Sun Burn

Due to excessive heat, the melanin present in the skin concentrates to cause a darker complexion. The skin appears blackish and burnt. Using high SPF sunscreens is highly recommended in summers. Sunscreen with SPF-30 and above are must to be used.

heat stroke

Moreover, the UV rays in the Sun also become too strong in summers and hence sunscreen with UV B protection is recommended. The sunscreen needs to be applied at least 20 minutes before stepping out in the Sun.

Hope, you will watch out for these concerns that crop up every summer! Stay safe and stay protected as the suffering and pain one goes through in these ailments is not worth giving a shot. Happy Summers 😊!!

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 How to look attractive and stylish?

Dressing up smartly and looking attractive every day is something that each one of us desires. While going out we often tend to consciously dress up well and look good. But, looking good is not actually a choice but is more of a need in this fashion conscious society.

Be it at home or at work, you need to look good at all times to impress and influence people around. Looking good depends a lot on what you are wearing. To most of us, style is what our favourite celebrity wears but it is not so really!

niti 1

Fashion is something that matches your personality so well that it enhances the way you look. Fashion must be used to define you not to get defined. The best way to look attractive and beautiful is to wear clothes that go well with your body type.

niti 2


It doesn’t matter if your are fat or slim. Not all slim people look good and attractive. And, you would have surely met some fat people who are damn attractive to look at.

How does this happen? This happens due to the choices people make while dressing up. A lot of people have this assumption that they may not look their best because they are over-weight, dark-skinned or too short. It is just a myth.

They are so-caught up with their wrong assumptions that they are scared of experimenting and exploring their style. And sadly, they are never able to wear what they always wanted to. But, but, but! With smart dressing even bulky people can look into diva like super figures.

niti 3.png


One of the most in garment type is pleated skirts. These skirts look very elegant, trendy and smart on both fat and slim people. These could be used for both formal as well as casual wear and I am sure you would never regret adding a few pleated skirts to your wardrobe.

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pic 4


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How to get silky shiny smooth hair?

Bouncy, silky, and shiny hair is a fantasy of all of us. Every time you see a model with a thick bouncy hair on TV, you feel like owing such hair to enhance your beauty.

Of course, the hair texture and appearance is genetically controlled to a large extent but a lot can be done at your end to make your hair look shiny and silky. Of course, diet plays a key role in your hair quality but there are other key factors as well that control the way your hair look.

As per Dr. D. Draelos, MD FAAD, the texture and quality of hair depends a lot on the treatment it receives from you. As per the recommendations of Dr. Draelos, you often focus on the products to wash your hair but most often you ignore the technique of washing that is needed for healthy hair.

As per Dr. Drealos, the following tips will help you get the desired texture and shine in your hair:

    • While shampooing, focus more on the scalp rather than hair. If you apply more shampoo on your hair shaft that would leave your hair rough and dry.
    • While conditioning your hair, you need to apply the conditioner only on the tips of the hair. None of it should go on to the scalp.
    • If the hair texture is oily, then use a mild shampoo to wash every day.
    • If by any chance you have coloured your hair or treated it chemically, then the hair might be more dry in texture and hence frequent wash should be avoided.
    • Reduce the frequency of hair was as and when you grow older, as your skin gets less oily with age.
    • As per American Academy of Dermatology, it is very important to choose the right product for your hair. For coloured or straightened hair, specific shampoos are made available to be used. If your hair is dry and damaged, then you need to choose a shampoo with nourishing and repairing properties in it.
    • AAD (American Academy of Dermatology), it is very important to use a swimming cap while swimming to protect your hair from strong chemicals like chlorine.
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    Some other tips to help you get good quality hair are:

        1. Always use conditioner after shampooing to protect your hair from dust, pollution and Sun.
        2. Never comb in wet hair as it weakens the roots of the hair and initiate hair falling.
        3. Oil your hair specifically when your scalp is dry to prevent dandruff and flakes from occurring.
        4. Coconut oil is the most suitable oiling medium for hair. But, other oils such as olive oil, almond oil, mustard oil, jasmine oil can also be used.
        5. Wrap your hair after wash. It is important to wrap your hair with a towel after wash to help it dry faster and also to prevent dust from getting attracted to wet hair.
        6. Did you know that if you brush for at least 100 times in a day, then you might end up having split ends.
        7. Do not wear hair accessories like braids or any other hair extensions for too long as it puts pressure on the hair and leads to breakage.
        8. Flat irons for straightening hair should be used as less as possible. The heat setting should be medium to low to avoid damage of hair due to excessive heat.
        9. Drink as much water as you can to prevent dryness of hair.
        10. Use biotics to provide the much needed nourishment to your hair but only in consultation with your doctor.
        11. Be as jovial and cheerful as you can as it pumps in endorphins which enhance the overall growth of the body.
        12. Eat plenty of iron and protein rich food such as green leafy vegetables, egg white, fish, chicken , dals, raw vegetables, dates, carrot, pomegranate, apples, etc.
        13. Also, try to stay from stress as much as possible. Stress only makes your hair worse and invites greying of hair earlier.

    The only way to deal with stress is to be happy go lucky and take life less seriously. Meditation is a very powerful tool to de-stress yourself every day. It relaxes your mind and body and gives you the strength to take every challenge positively in your stride.

    There are a lot of hidden benefits every time you laugh or smile. It boosts your immunity and makes you much stronger. Whereas, anger or stress only weakens your immunity and invites all kinds of health issues. Look out for healthy choices that you make through the day. A positive fulfilling day can bring you benefits beyond your imagination.


Can the eye vision be improved?

This is one question that knocks in everyone’s mind and the answer to it is ‘Yes’. Eating nutritious food and doing regular eye exercises do improve your eye sight.

Of course at times, professional help is needed to overcome eyesight disorders but to maintain a good vision forever it is always suggested to watch your food and roll your eyes daily.

These days even small kids suffer from poor sights and they can be seen wearing thick glasses all the time. So, you need to feed healthy food and green leafy vegetables to your kids right from the beginning.

So, here is what needs to be done to improve your eyesight:

1. Healthy food: Good food and nutrition helps your eyes to function better and much longer. Spinach and carrot are rich in vitamin A, red tomatoes are rich in lycopene, oranges and sweet lime are rich in Vitamin C, Salmon, tuna and other fish rich in omega 3 fatty acids are a great source to keep your eyes healthy.

Dry Fruits which are rich in protein and vitamins must also be consumed on daily basis. Soaked almonds should be consumed as the first thing in the morning and it really helps to develop a great eye sight.

2. Never rub your eyes: Increased pollution and dust make the eyes itchy. When you rub your eyes then rubbing degenerates the corneal cells which are non-regenerative in nature. It causes permanent damage to the eyes which leads to feeling uneasiness on long exposure to computer screens.
Instead of rubbing one needs to wash the eyes regularly to get rid of any pollutants.

3. Warm your eyes: This is a remedy to recharge your eyes to feel fresh and energetic at any point of time. Just rub your palms to generate good amount of heat. Then, place your palms on your eyes and keep the eyes open to let them absorb the heat energy. This instantly charges your eyes and improves your vision as blood circulation improves due to heat.

4. Eye Exercise: Roll your eyes systematically to help the eye muscles get strengthen up. If you do regular exercise of the eyes then eye related disorders don’t show up later. Just simply move the eye balls up and down, side to side, clockwise, anti-clockwise a couple of times. And, finally blink the eyes fast and rub your palms and place them on closed eyes.

5. Cold water rinse: Before sleeping and after waking, sprinkle cold water on your eyes to improve your eyesight. Cold water rinsing relaxes your eye muscles and improves your vision.

6. Walk over the green grass: The first three toes have reflexology points for eyes which gets pressed when you walk barefoot over green grass. It also helps to neutralize your electrical energies thereby cleaning you off your negative energies.

7. Use anti-glare glasses: Use anti-glare glasses while working on your screen for long.

8. Use Sunglasses: UV rays are extremely harmful for eyes and you need to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes when you are out in the sun.

9. Remove eye make-up: Make sure to get rid of all the eye makeup before sleeping to let your skin cells breathe while you are asleep. Also, wearing eye makeup to bed can lead to sty formation.

10. Sleep well: Catching up proper sleep helps to relax the eyes which are working through the day.

11. Get a good medicated hydrant: To deal with dryness of the eyes, get a good hydrant prescribed by your ophthalmologist. Use hydrant whenever your eyes get dry.

12. Remove contact lenses: Always remove contact lenses before sleeping as it cuts down the oxygen supplies to the eyes.

13. Reduce sugar intake: If diabetes is uncontrolled for too long then it eventually results into blindness. Hence, it is advisable to reduce sugar intake if you are diabetic to keep your eye vision intact.

How to identify depression?

Depression is a medical condition where the victim feels depressed, sad and frustrated for a very long time. It may last for years together and the victim and his family may take too long to identify it to be ‘depression’ which needs to be treated carefully.

Depression is a strong persistent feeling of not being negative most of the time. And, there are certain behavioural traits to watch out if you have doubtful about whether you are depressed or not.

Here, are the traits to watch out for depression:

• On a beautiful rainy day when people love to enjoy the weather and want to catch up for outings, you prefer being a couch potato lost in your thoughts and feeling extremely upset, lonely and low.
• You wake up every morning with this heavy feeling of negativity and you just don’t want to kick start your day.
• You avoid participating in casual conversations with colleagues or friends as you are disturbed and doesn’t want to reveal your emotional feelings.
• The goals set by you earlier now look like far-fetched dreams and you are highly under-confident about achieving them. You keep on doubting your potential and even small hurdles appear like major challenges to you.
• You wake up mid-night with some negative dreams and thoughts running on your mind. You are depressed and feel irritated and frustrated. You feel like sharing your feelings with someone but does not have the courage to do so.
• You are over-sensitive to suggestions, criticism and comments and it breaks you down totally.
• You have started drinking heavily, smoking heavily and are into substance abuse only to shut the thoughts running in your mind.
• You cry when alone and even lock yourself up in rest rooms to cry silently.
• You have severe gastric attacks, nausea and stomach aches. You also suffer with severe constipation.
• You have either started indulging in unhealthy eating habits whenever you get anxiety attacks or you have minimized food intake and has erratic eating habits.
• You have started sleeping through the day or you have developed insomnia as your traumatic mind doesn’t let you sleep.
• You tend to overthink situations that have hurt you in the past. You think of negative consequences of everything around you including your past which has no control on your present.
• You have suicidal thoughts running in your mind and you read about suicides a lot.
• You have reduces your physical activity to bare minimum and whatever little you do, you do it slow paced with a lost mind.
• You spend hours sitting alone lost in painful thoughts.
• You shed tears looking at the pictures of your family and friends. You long for those happy moments and time you have spent together.
• You have started harming yourself physically and you wish that you were not born.
• You get into super aggressive arguments with your family and friends if they pressurize you to open up about your changed behaviour. You have many arguments and quarrels through the day on petty issues.
• You have started dwelling in delusions and hallucinations and you imagine things that are no way real.
• You have lost interest in your spouse, family and sex.

These are just some of the many indicators that you can see if you are depressed. Though, the intensity and behaviour in depression varies from person to person.

Depression is broadly of three types:
1. Mild
2. Medium
3. Severe
Mild and medium categories of depression are self-controllable and using your will-power and choosing to be happy no matter what, you can successfully overcome it.

The severe depression is extremely dangerous and you must never hesitate in meeting a good psychiatrist for the same.

The ultimate remedy to stay away from depression is to be a happy go lucky person. Mould yourself or rather force yourself to see positivity everywhere.

Also, inculcate the practice of meditation for only 10 minutes in a day. One who meditates never fall prey to psychological disorders like depression and anxiety. It is a miraculous cure for not just mental disorders but it also trains your mind to think beautiful thoughts to create a wonderful present.

What is depression and how to deal with it?

Depression is one of the most common occurrences affecting millions across the globe these days. There are many factors that make you feel depressed at some point in life or the other.

Feeling sad is often misunderstood as feeling depressed by you. You often feel down in a day when you are met with challenges“ but feeling depressed is a medical condition that requires a lot of attention.

You may not be aware of your depression until you are told that you are suffering from it by your family or friends. Or, you notice some really negative feelings and behaviour which persist over a period of time.

Depression is a medical condition that needs to be treated or worked up consistently to get rid of. It is a dangerous disorder that takes away the zeal to live happily each day. As per WHO, 350 million people suffer from depression across the globe.


What are the reasons to feel depressed ?

Depression is caused due to:

  • Unmatched expectations that you wish would have come true for you
  • Too much pressure of work and too many hardships
  • Repetitive failures despite working very hard
  • Challenges in relationships within the family
  • Liquor, tobacco or drug addiction
  • Betrayal at professional and personal level
  • Loss of a family member
  • Children feeling tremendous career pressure with a fear of failing in competitive exams
  • Company of negative judgemental people who are always criticizing you.
  • Physical or mental abuse
  • Sudden financial loss
  • Comparisons, insecurities and inferiority complex
  • Onset of puberty or being bullied constantly by friends
  • During teens.

Types of Depression:

Depression are of various types such as:

  • Major Depression- It happens suddenly to a person and persists for too long.
  • Persistent Depressive Disorder- This is a prolonged depression episode that may last for at least two years or more. The person may have varied intensity of mood swings but the symptoms persist for too long.
  • Bipolar disorder – In this, the person undergoes extreme lows and extreme highs. The highs take them to another level and the lows pull them down making them feel depressed.
  • Seasonal depression – It occurs in a particular time in a year. For example, if you are in a place where there is no sunshine for too long then you may end up feeling depressed.
  • Postpartum depression – It occurs in women after delivery. The women feel extremely depressed and lost for a very long time.
  • Psychotic depression- It occurs when the person along with depression has very false beliefs or imagines upsetting things that are not real.

 Symptoms of Depression 

Depression often leaves a person feeling sad, lonely and upset. However, there are many other symptoms to watch out to know if you or your near or dear one is suffering from any kind of depression.

  • Always feeling sad and under confident
  • Negative feelings arise every now and then
  • Feeling depressed and sad
  • Loss of interest in everything
  • Feeling drained out and exhausted all the time
  • Change in eating habits
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Irritable behaviour and restlessness
  • Isolation and avoiding friends and family
  • Frequent arguments with well-wishers

How to deal with depression?

Depression is one of the worst feelings that exist on this planet. People who suffer from it are often not even aware of it. Instead of blaming them for wrong doings of such victims, you need to be very patient and tolerant to understand the root cause of their ill-behaviour.

Taking these steps would surely help:

  • Emotional Support: A lot of emotional support is needed for people who are depressed. You should immediately change your perspective of dealing with them and give them a patient hearing. You may not be able to relate with their imaginations and beliefs, but be patient and give them hope.
  • Give a lot of personal attention: You need to keep talking to your child or your family member about something or another. Don’t necessarily always discuss about depression but keep talking about something. This will ensure that the victim feels connected and is more likely to open up with his or her feelings whenever there is a threshold.
  • Proper Sleep: A healthy and comfortable sleep can be a great contributor towards overcoming depression. Sleep sometimes need to be induced using relaxation therapies or by using mood elevators.
  • Exercise or walk: It has been observed that exercise or walk will boost up the endorphin secretion in the body which is needed to fight with depression. A regular exercise or walking is a must if you are undergoing any kind of depression.
  • Good company: When you are depressed then it is extremely important to be in a company of good people. Your friends and family act as a big support in such testing times. Also, people who are themselves negative and critical make you even more sad and negative.
  • Open up: Depression is a disorder that may come up every now and then. When you are depressed than it is very important to open up about your feelings of depression. Everyone needs help with their feelings at some point or the other. It is absolutely okay to express your feeling to your family who will support you unconditionally and it will boost your confidence tremendously.
  • Seek medical help: A lot of times, when you are feeling isolated and sad for too long than you must consider the idea of visiting a doctor. A doctor will prescribe you some medication to elevate your mood and may send you to a counsellor who will help to rebuild your self-esteem. Such medical help is of great importance and pulls you out of depression totally and the treatment also helps you to get healed emotionally.
  • Use will-power: Deceptions, betrayals, failures, fights, pressures and insecurities have always existed in lives. Earlier, people would just not fall prey to such feelings but would fight back to achieve what they want. Depression is a mental disorder and any kind of mental disorder can be fought using a strong will-power. 

Just choose to reach for a better feeling thought no matter what. Just, keep aside your work priorities and personal priorities for the time being and focus on feeling good no matter what.

  • Pray and meditate: Prayer and meditation gives you a lot of strength to face up the challenges of life. Both these practices, fill you up with positivity and charges your soul to be powerful and confident. 

The reason why you feel depressed these days is that you have no time to self-introspect yourself. You don’t have time to pray and stay connected to the ultimate Supreme who is the Ocean of love, purity, strength, peace and happiness.

If you start meditation even for five minutes in a day, you would notice that such depressive symptoms will never appear in you.

How to prevent tooth decay?

Having healthy teeth is a necessity throughout life. Tooth care starts much earlier than we often realize. The challenge lies in maintaining a good oral and dental health throughout life. Else, frequent dental visits can be very frustrating, painful and expensive.

Tooth decay is really bad and can cause a lot of inconvenience in the longer run. Tooth ache can be really painful and the worst is that these teeth are very important assets for us. Once, if we lose any tooth than we will never get it back.

dental carries

Of course, there are ways out like getting an artificial tooth implanted but what comfort you derive from a natural tooth may not come from an artificial one.

Even if implantation has worked for you in the past, why would you want to go through all the pain ever again? So why not check write up to see if it can bring some difference to you.

Here, is how to take care of your dental health:

  • Rinse your mouth with water soon after you chewed anything. The starch or carbohydrates present in the food react with bacteria and forms acid in the mouth. This acid chips off the outer enamel of the teeth leading to formation of caries.
  • Try increasing fluoride content in the water. Drink fluorinated water from the municipal tap as fluoride helps to reduce cavity formation in the teeth.
  • Warm salt water is an excellent tooth saver. Warm saline water removes all the harmful bacteria from the mouth leaving it sterile.
  • Use a fluoride based tooth paste as fluoride helps to prevent any kind of tooth decay.
  • Sometimes, if there are a lot of carries formed in your teeth than your doctor may prescribe you fluoride tablets to improve the dental health.
  • Avoid eating too many sweets through the day as sweets are rich in carbs which lead to acid formation quickly.
  • Take calcium tablets if there is calcium deficiency in the body. Calcium is important to maintain teeth and bone health especially in women. Hence, a regular calcium intake may help to fill up any deficiencies that may be cropping up. Alternatively, take milk and curd regularly in your diet as it is important to maintain your bone and teeth health.
  • Always brush in morning as well as in night. It is extremely important to brush before sleeping as the food that we have eaten through the day tends to lodge between the teeth and the gums. Also, when the mouth is closed for so long while sleeping then the anaerobic bacteria tends to decay the teeth faster. Hence, if you have inculcated this good habit of brushing teeth twice in a day then your child may never have to visit the dentist ever in the life time.
  • Visit your dentist often as your dentist will clean your teeth and remove the plaque deposits from it. Also, if there is any cavities starting to form than your dentist will attend to it immediately which helps in further growth of the cavities.
  • Dental Sealants: These days very good quality dental sealants are available to protect the molar teeth from developing cavities. Sealants are a thin plastic covering that protect the teeth from decaying by forming a protective covering over them. You can get these sealants done for your kids as well.

    The first molar appears post 5 years and soon after that you can get the sealants applied on your child’s teeth.

    Hope, this was useful. Please feel free to drop in your comments on this…….

How to control Blood Pressure naturally?

blood pressure

Blood pressure is one of the most common occurrences in people in old age. As per a recent study published in Harvard, around 15% deaths occur due to hypertension or high bp.

Of course, there are no direct symptoms of high blood pressure but there are many serious side effects on the vital organs of the body. This is why most of us are unaware that we are suffering from high bp unless we see some physical manifestation in some or the other form.

Note: You should go for a regular medical check up to control such medical conditions at the onset. The sooner you start coping with such diseases the better it is for you.

What can high blood pressure lead to?

High blood pressure can lead to heart ailments such as stroke, kidney malfunctioning leading to water retention in the body, poor thinking ability and memory loss, diabetes, vision loss and metabolic disorder. Of course, these are all in the extreme cases when blood pressure is left unchecked for years together.

Remedies to cure blood pressure naturally:

High Blood pressure if left unchecked, can damage the vital organs of the body. It acts as a slow killer and causes irreversible damages in the longer run.

There are certain remedies suggested by British Heart Foundation, which are:

  1. Check your weight: Obese people tend to develop high bp more than people having balanced weight. The arteries and veins may get clogged with cholesterol and fat deposits, raising the blood pressure of the obese people. Hence, losing weight is essential to control bp.
  1. Workout and walk: A regular work out definitely helps to improve blood circulation and lowers down the bp. Studies have revealed that a brisk 30 minutes of walk lowers the bp to 8mmHg as against 6mmHg.
  1. Meditation: Stress is one of the major contributor towards high bp. Meditation helps to calm down your body and mind, hence reducing the stress. Stress hormones when released promote the secretion of another hormone called ‘Renin’ which increases the bp further.

Hence, it is essential to keep the stress hormone secretion to bare minimum and mediation is a proven effective tool to achieving minimum stress. You need to meditate for at least 10 minutes in the morning as well as evening.

  1. Reduce salt intake: Sodium boosts up the blood pressure further leading to further complications. 

Why eating more sodium is harmful? 

Kidneys are responsible to filter your blood by removing water content from it and along with it, it throws out the toxins. When you take excess sodium than sodium absorbs the water back into the blood making it dilute.

Over the period of time, the blood vessels start thickening leaving less space for blood to flow in. Due to this, there is less amount of blood transported to all the body parts and which devoid them of getting enough oxygen and nutrients.

Over a period of time, this inappropriate blood supply may even lead to Angina or heart pain.

Recommended Salt doze: One levelled tea spoon full of sodium is what you should take if you are hypertensive.

Note: Many readymade food like breakfast cereals, bread, butter, cheese, pickles contain high amount of salt though they may not taste salty. Hence, to keep your sodium intake checked never add salt to your food while cooking.

Make use of pepper, herbs and lemon to flavour the food. Also, check the labels on food packets for sodium content before buying. Generally, a green mark is seen if the products are low in sodium.

 List of super salty foods that should be avoided:

  • Cheese and Butter
  • Sauces
  • Salty Spread- savoury spreads like peanut butter, mayonnaise, etc.
  • Bread
  • Processed junk food like chips, packed munchies, peanuts, pop-corn, etc.
  • Savoury sweets- sweet and salted biscuits, salted caramel, etc. 
  1. Say bye-bye to liquor and tobacco: Liquor and tobacco can be fatal in many ways. You may not know the ill-effects of liquor and tobacco until you end up having a medical condition. 

Some researchers claim that taking liquor in small amount is beneficial for health but liquor in any form is harmful and should be avoided.

  1. Take potassium rich healthy food: This research is not recommended by British Heart foundation but there are many other researches that support that potassium intake indeed helps. 

The following are potassium rich food:

  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Mushrooms
  • Apricots
  • Banana
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Orange
  • Peas
  • Kidney beans
  • Tomatoes
  • Prunes
  • Raisins, etc.

Herbs that are useful in controlling high blood pressure naturally

Basil, cinnamon, cardamom, flaxseed, ginger and garlic helps in lowering the blood pressure naturally. These herbs should be mixed in food and consumed on daily basis.

Hope, this was useful for you! Please drop in your comments…….

How to get thick eyebrows?

Eyes are the most impressive part of one’s body. Eyes play a significant role in defining the true personality of a person. Eyebrows define your beauty and give completeness to your eyes.

Thick eyebrows always appear beautiful and draw a lot of attention. Often, you must be wondering if you could get beautiful thick and dense eye brows to enhance your beauty. And, a lot of times you are made to believe that the growth and shape of eyebrows are genetically controlled.thick eyebrows

Though it is true that the shape and growth of eyebrows are genetically controlled yet there are ways to enhance the hair growth of eyebrows.

Here, are a few sure shot tips to increase the growth and density of your eye-brows:

  1. Castor Oil

Take some castor oil on your finger tips and apply it on both the eyebrows. Massage the oil for two to three minutes to improve the blood circulation and to let the oil get absorbed by the roots.

Leave it for some time or even overnight and rinse it with warm water the following morning. Try doing this remedy for at least two to three months to see the changes.

  1. Coconut oil

Take a few drops of coconut oil and massage it on your eyebrows. Coconut oil is rich in vitamin E and iron, It nourishes the hair and promotes hair growth.

3. Olive Oil

Olive oil is an excellent source of vitamin E and helps to promote hair growth to the fullest. Rub it all over your eyebrows and massage in circular movements.

4. Fenugreek seeds or Methi

This is a great remedy to promote hair growth. Soak one tea spoon of fenugreek seeds for at least five to six hours. Grind them to form a thick paste. Add in a few drops of almond oil and coconut oil to it.

Apply that paste all over the eyebrows and leave it overnight. You can do this remedy every alternate day or for at least two days in a week. Fenugreek is rich source of lecithin and protein and hence it promotes hair growth quickly. Fenugreek seeds even rebuilds the hair follicle.

5. Egg

Egg is an excellent source of protein by itself. It is rich in keratin protein and promotes hair growth. Take the egg yolk and beat it. Apply it over the eyebrows and leave it for 15 minutes.

Wash off with cold water and repeat this for once or twice in a week.

Hope these remedies were useful and you will try them out to get a thick beautiful eyebrow. Please feel free to drop in your comments here……