5 surprising effects of music on health

IMG-20171123-WA0006[16709]Did you know that music acts as a medicine for your soul and body? Don’t be surprised to see your pain being relieved by just listening to your favourite music regularly. Music is a sweet harmonious sound that activates and involves your entire brain. Have you heard that people who love music and practice playing instruments or singing are less likely to fall prey to mental illnesses.

Not just this but music also improves your overall physical coordination and development. For those of you who are willing to teach some arts and cultural activities to your child, music is the best option.

The appreciation, attention and above all the health benefits that your child will get after learning music is unmatchable and trust me your child will ever be grateful to you for teaching him this wonderful art.

The benefits of music are plenty – it not only subsides dopamine secretion but also enhances memory, reduces blood pressure, promotes early recovery from any surgery or illness, fights with post-partum depression and many more.


Music, and Singing in particular, have always been very close to my heart and all the support and encouragement has driven me to set my music channel which will include the covers I make, some live performances and some own compositions. I’ll keep you all entertained and updated so please Subscribe, Like, Share, Leave your Comments and Spread the word.


Music is surely the best creation on earth till date. Let us take a closer look on the health benefits it offers:

  1. Pain Reliever: Music reduces the sensation of anybody pain be it post-operative pain. In one of the recent publication of Journal of Advance Nursing (UK), it has been stated that hearing music can minimize pain in arthritis and disc problem by up to 21% and it can reduce depression by 25%. 

Music also releases endorphins in the body which bring in overall well-being and also helps the mind to relax mentally.

  1. Reduces Blood Pressure:. According to a research published by American society of Hypertension in New Orleans, if you listen to any of classical or raga music everyday for a short span of 30 minutes, then you actually will lower down your BP without using medication.
  1. Music affects heart positively: The heart beat varies with the pace of the song as has been experimented by many doctors. If you hear slow songs then the heart beats slow down and relaxes you completely and vice-versa. 

We these days find it difficult to relax totally due to hectic work schedule. Take help of light music at work or while travelling to relax yourself totally.

  1. Recovery from chronic headaches: People who have frequent migraine or chronic headaches, recover faster when they hear music. Music activates the entire brain and help it to secrete endorphins which are well-being factors. As a result, there are multiple health benefits experienced by just being a music lover. 
  1. Enhance memory and learning skills: Music promotes reading and literacy, spatial-temporal reasoning, mathematical abilities and emotional intelligence.

Music is known to be a strong stimulator of human brain. It promotes the overall well—being and also improves the immunity of the body. People who practice music are known to lead a much healthier life with a creative bent of mind. So, why not choose to listen to music that we love regularly for our overall well-being!

One of my favourite song that I would like you to hear is:


Music, and Singing in particular, have always been very close to my heart and all the support and encouragement has driven me to set my music channel which will include the covers I make, some live performances and some own compositions. I’ll keep you all entertained and updated so please Subscribe, Like, Share, Leave your Comments and Spread the word.

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Is Air Conditioning bad for you?

Of course, scorching heat of summers and high degree of humidex makes it a compulsion to go for air conditioning all day long. Yet, certain researches believes that air conditioning may not be the best choice to beat the heat. The ill-effects may amount to dryness of skin, fatigue, contracting air-borne diseases, dryness in throat, etc.

Dr. Mark Mendell, Epidemiologist with California Department of Public health, suggested that asthma and allergies are the most common disorders due to use of air conditioning. He further suggests, that a poorly maintained or shoddily designed air conditioner can have millions of bacteria breeding in it. It reflects that polluted air of the AC’s may significantly affect your health. Though, the impact may vary depending on how your body would react to each class of bacteria.

However, there is a contrasting observation by Dr. Michelle Bell, Prof. environmental health at Yale University, that a well-maintained AC can indeed save your life from contracting many dreadful diseases. Dr. Bell suggests that air borne pollutants are kept at bay through use of air conditioners and thus one is at lower risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

Despite a dilemma of whether air-conditioning is good or bad, there is a lot that is yet to be explored. But, certainly there are prominent health hazards that are known to have been caused due to air-conditioning.

1. Fatigue: Imagine yourself shivering on your chair while sitting in office through the day! Won’t it impact your body, which has to work hard to maintain the normal body temperature? A lot of people also experience chronic headache sometimes due to over exposure to cold air.

2. Skin Dryness: The worst side-effect of air conditioning is the dry cool air that is pumped out. The dry air hits our mucus membrane making our throat and nose dry. You may feel constant irritability in nose and throat due to dry mucus lining and it increases the probability of contracting flu and other respiratory diseases. Also, you would feel your skin and hair dry.

3. Heat Intolerance: With the comfort of cold controlled indoors, you increasingly tend to become intolerant towards harsh outdoor heat. Your body fails to accommodate the wide fluctuating temperature variation between indoor and outdoor. This substantiates the increased number of cases reported of heat strokes and dehydration in summers.

4. Allergies: Surprisingly, there are both positive and negative aspects reported in the case of allergies. Dr. Clifford Bassett, MD founder and medical director of Allergy and Asthma care of New York, suggests that anybody with indoor allergic tendencies may be benefitted with use of A/C. Air conditioning filters out a lot of moulds and pollens from the air thus minimizing the allergic tendencies of a person with indoor allergies.

However, on the other hand, Dr. Ferastraoaru, MD Physician, Allergy and Immunology, Montefiore Health System, suggests that using A/C can sometimes worsen the allergies. This is due to the fact that AC’s may carry the germs from cat, dog and dust which gets regularly circulated through the cold air. So, it is really important to have air-purifiers installed with A/C’s to avoid any allergic episodes happening to you and your family.

5. Spreads infection: A/C’s circulate the same air all through the day in a closed room. So, the germs from coughs, sneezes, etc. get mingled with the air and the same air is circulated throughout. This infected air is inhaled by everyone present in that room causing infection to spread further.

There is an air-borne disease called Legionnaire’s that is communicated easily. This disease causes very high grade fever with pneumonia and spreads very fast if you are sharing the air-conditioned room with person infected with it.

6. Worsens the prevailing medical conditions: If you are suffering from illnesses like arthritis or any other bone related disorders, exposure to air-conditioned environment may worsen your body pains.

What can you do to overcome the harmful effects of air-conditioning?

Air-conditioners absorb germs from the surroundings which gets circulated in the air , so you need to dust your indoors regularly to keep the germs away. Moreover, using air-purifiers can help you get the best quality of cool air in the longer run. You must also use humidifiers with sensors to maintain moisture levels which will beat dryness of skin.

The best suggestion is to try to avoid using air-conditioner in good weather conditions, if you can. Always carry a preference for breathing fresh air that will give you ample oxygen and will be beneficial for your health. One more tip that needs mentioning here, is to keep yourself hydrated by improving your water intake. In air-conditioned rooms, there is no sweating happening so you would not feel thirsty often. You would have to force yourself to drink enough water to stay hydrated.


Think less………………..Best health advice!!

So!!! Looks like I caught you amidst your grave thoughts about something you disliked!! Right? Don’t worry you are not the only one…..

Do you know what is the biggest problem everyone is facing these days? It is ‘Over thinking’! You tend to over analyse the situation so much so that you want your mind to shut for sometime but it refuses to.

Over- thinking is becoming a serious issue for people all over. Thanks to ample flow of information via media and internet, people are just trapped thinking most of the time what they actually want to run away from.

Would you agree that the person you remember the most through out your day is the one who you want to stay away from? Anybody, who has not been nice to you is allowed to stay in your mind forever, right??

Why is it like that?? Have you done something to overcome this or you think that you have lost control over your mind?? Perhaps! It’s the later which is why the mental troubles are shooting up.

Thinking is a great tool that has been gifted to us by the Universal Intelligence or God, Right? Then, why are we not able to use it the way we should?

Well!!! Millions of people across the globe are getting into addictions of all sorts because they order their minds to ‘Shut up’! but it often refuses to. This forces them to intoxicate the mind with liquor, tobacco or drugs so that they get mindless.

Most of us are running behind money all the time. It is like a rat race where we want to win by proving to others that we are worth it. Really? Are we not sure of our worth, capabilities and our aim of life.

Why do we seek other’s approval in everything?? It is because we have stopped nurturing our mind totally. All we are fed with since morning is all kind of rubbish and negative news. Our mind produces only what it is fed.

Like food is for body, thoughts is for mind. Do we ever take even a few minutes out to feed the mind with positive thoughts? Or, we are just barely managing to make it to work with clock ticking on our heads.

Whatever the situation is, our minds are our sole responsibilities. When we feel stressed, fatigued, depressed, worn out – it is a serious call for help from our mind. But, what do we do in return – intoxicate it or we reach out to a pill to reduce stress and anxiety.

Importance of Mind
The mind that dictates our life or say every thing that we do from birth till death is a vital part of us, isn’t it? It is calling for help- do we really listen to it?

Why can’t we just cool down and settle down for something less in the best interest of our mind. Would you not want to be sane throughout life? Would you not want to avoid mental illnesses like Alzheimer’s syndrome or depression?

Of course, you would! But, then you need to learn to take care of your mind. It doesn’t ask you for more. Just 10 minutes from your really jam packed life only to keep you healthy forever.

1. Practice silence for 10 minutes. Train your mind to stop thinking when you want it to stop. Teach it to reduce the flow of thoughts to bare minimal.

2. Nurture the mind with positive thoughts: Nurture your mind with all kinds of positive thoughts. Let, this positivity stimulate your minds and bodies. Don’t feel victimized by what you get to read on papers, WhatsApp, Facebook or in the NEWS.

You anyways would not have control over what you are getting to see and hear. But, by taming your mind to behave as it is told, you are doing your bit of spreading positivity around.

You must have heard that life works on a simple logic. What goes out of your mind is what it gets back. If positivity flows out of the mind then of course it is rewarded with a lot more positivity and vice-versa.

Hence, whether or not you can contribute towards your physical fitness but you must take a very good care of mental one. If for 80% of the time, you have taken care of your mental health then the physical health automatically falls in place.

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5 reasons that will force you to drink ample water

drinking ample water

Water is all around us and is the most easily available beverage, at least today 😊. It has some amazing properties to its credit.

As per hydration expert Doug Casa, PhD., water constitutes 2/3rd of our body and influences, 100% of processes in our body. And, of course whenever we hydrate ourselves with ample water, we feel a lot better.

Water has amazing properties to its credit. A daily intake of 10 to 12 glasses is recommended for a healthy living. Now, let us see what all good we do to us the moment we start drinking ample water.

5 reasons to regulate your water intake seriously:

1. It helps in tremendous weight loss: Water flushes out the toxins and excess fats from the body in the form of urine or body waste. The more you drink water the better it cleanse your body by enabling smooth circulation and excretion.

One of the important tip that you may receive from your dietician is that, you need to drink water 20 minutes before having your meal. It makes you feel fuller and you tend to eat significantly less than what you do otherwise.

As per the obesity journal published in 2015, by consuming water before meals you tend to consume 40 calories less every time. A lot of you must be wondering, “Should I consume ice-cold water or hot water to reduce weight”?

Well! this is a question that knocks in everyone’s mind these days. The Ayurvedic science and yogic science has always believed in the miraculous power of hot water. Till sometime back, it was believed that only hot water contributes towards the weight loss ( which is actually true).

In one of the recent researches done by Rachele Pojednic (Phd.) (Prof. in Harvard School) – Drinking Ice cold water burns only 100 calories per day which is a minimal amount of contribution. Per glass of cold water only burns 4 to 8 calories of energy. The reason behind is that body has to burn calories to bring water to body temperature.

Also, if you drink ice-cold water soon after meals then it condenses the fat molecules which get absorbed by the body making you fatter.

Alternatively, when you drink warm water, it gets better absorbed and increases the metabolic rate of the body. Warm water also aides in pushing the waste to the intestine from where it further goes to kidneys and liver and is eventually thrown out.

Hence, it is better to drink warm water as it is more effective and beneficial remedy to lose weight. Moreover, hot water breaks down fat faster which is then processes to be thrown out of the body.

2. It optimizes digestion: It is a well-known fact that lack of water intake results in constipation and poor bowel movement. Constipation if persists for too long can invite a couple of other concerns as well.

The best way to deal with constipation is to keep yourself hydrated and to drink a lot of warm water through the day if possible.

As per Stella Matsova, clinical nutritionist, physicians recommend to start the day with a glass of warm water with a dash of lime and honey in it.

3. It prevents the internal organs to get damaged: If there is scarcity of water then the circulation gets hampered. The toxins trapped in cells and tissues of these organs remain where they are which lead to mal-functioning of body organs.

Hence, drinking enough water helps to keep the vital organs intact.

4. It improves work efficiency: Drinking enough water hydrates us. It makes us feel energetic and improves our stamina through the day.

The next time you feel lazy and drowsy, just try drinking some water and see the difference.

5. It keeps stones at bay: Drinking enough water keeps you away from the stone formation. Researches have shown that kidneys and urinary bladders are most affected when you do not drink enough water.

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Drinking enough water helps to flush out excess calcium from the body preventing the formation of stones.

Hence, these are the most recommended reasons for you to regulate your fluid intake regularly. Good habits may take time and little effort to get formed, but it gives immense benefits through out the life. And, what better than gaining a good healthy life which is an asset for you throughout.

Cellulite: The myths, facts and effective remedies to get rid of it

Have you got cellulite??? Don’t worry as almost 90% of women have it in their thighs, buttocks, stomach or their arms. Around 10 to 15% of men also have cellulites in their bodies (American society of Aesthetic plastic surgery).

Cellulite actually makes the skin look little ugly and you may end up having a desperation to get rid of it. And, it is quite easy to get rid of it provided you are aware of ways to treat it.

Dr. Cheryl Karcher, Dermatologist (MD), puts it that cellulite appears when the fat breaks through the connective tissue fibres in the skin. The appearance is more prominent in fat depositing areas such as buttocks, belly, arms and thighs.

Almost all women have cellulite in some point of their lives or other. Women when pregnant get the most cellulite on their bellies as stretch marks which remain forever. Although, cellulite is harmless but it is a constant worry for people who are fond of smooth skin with no marks.

Latest Research: At Stone Brook University, researchers are doing advanced trials for an injection, CCH (Clostridial Collegenase histolyticum), developed to erase cellulite. The injection is rich in collagenase enzyme which breaks down cellulite.

Back in 2006, phase I trials were done on 10 women where an injection was inserted back in their thighs. Around 77% of cellulite was reduced in the thighs after one day. And by the end of 6 months, there was 76% reduction in cellulite marks in the thighs of the women studied.

But, this is just an instant remedy for those who want to flaunt their skin under the Sun. There are much better natural remedies available which are easily workable.

Cellulite: The Myths and the facts

  1. Toxins form cellulite: Cellulite results from excess fat deposit which breaks through the connective tissues. Toxins have no role to play in it.


  1. Cellulite happens when you scratch your tummy while expecting: There is no medical evidence to support that scratching the tummy when it itches during pregnancy results in cellulite.
    1. Cellulite goes off with skin firming creams: None of the creams can give you permanent results when it comes to cellulite removal. Most creams that contain retinol may give temporary results by thickening the skin around which overshadows cellulite marks.

      1. Cellulite happens only to fat people: Some thin, slender and well in shape people also have cellulite wherever they have fat deposits. A lot of people look forwards to cosmetic surgeries or medical treatments to overcome cellulite problems.
      1. Cellulite happens when you gain fat: It is a fact that due to obesity the chances of getting cellulite go up but a lot of women develop it because of the gene they have inherited from their family. This explains why slender people also develop cellulite in their bodies.

Effective Remedies to get rid of cellulite


      1. Massage: Regular massage helps to tone up the muscles and improve the blood circulation as well. Toned up muscles will have intact connective tissues to support the body functioning and so there will be less appearance of cellulite.
      1. Body exercise: Exercising is a great way to reduce the body fat. The body loses it excess fat which invariably reduces cellulite. Also, strength training exercises are known to give amazing results. These exercises help muscles to work out really hard which reduces the fat deposits in the underlying tissues.
      1. Eating right: Having healthy diet will helps to strengthen your tissue and body cells. You must eat diet which is rich in water, minerals and vitamins to balance the nutrient requirement of the body.


      1. Stay active: By staying active your body has better circulation and which in turn helps to get rid of fat from the body. Less fat will invite less cellulite formation.

A lot of doctors believe that cellulite is not a medical condition that needs to be treated. But, for most of us it is a cosmetic concern which should be treated by a dermatologist only. A lot of us believe that liposuction will remove the fat from the body and so cellulite will also go away. This is totally false as after liposuction the skin becomes loose and wrinkly and the fat distribution is likely to be more uneven. A lot of cosmetic clinics also provide laser treatment to treat cellulite which is non-invasive. But, you should rather work on the natural ways to get rid of it rather than undergoing any medical procedures.

The various causes and cures of allergies


Allergies are caused due to many allergens in the air, water or food. Thanks to acute heavy pollution that is rising further at a fast rate, more number of people are falling prey to allergies. The level of adulteration in food and even water has risen considerably to cause all kinds of food allergies.

Out of many symptoms of allergies, you may experience sneezing, itching, running nose, watery eyes, redness in eyes, sore throat, rashes, swelling, etc. One of the most common questions asked is, ‘Will my allergies ever go away?’ Well, the answer is quite simple – “It depends on your immunity and it varies from person to person.


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Allergies are caused because people have weak immune systems. Having hot and freshly cooked food, playing or staying outside to breathe in fresh air, eating plenty of fresh salads and fruits, eating home cooked food only are all old-fashioned lifestyle suggestions.

Most people are unable to cope up with their hectic lifestyle and end up eating in odd hours and that too whatever is available. As a result, the immune system weakens over the period of time which needs to be checked with regular exercise and balanced food intake.

Types of allergies:

There are many different types of allergies that happen to people around:

  • Seasonal allergies: These allergies crop up due to change in weather that can happen due to pollens, dust or molds, etc. The allergies crop up due to pollens that come out in a specific season from grass, weeds or plants.
  • Dust allergy: For people allergic to dust, it is very difficult to live in a country like ours. There is dust everywhere and the sufferer needs to take extra precautions while stepping on the roads.
  • Pet allergy: People have allergies due to pets such as dogs and cats. Allergies due to cat are twice as common as that of allergies due to dogs.
  • Milk allergy: All dairy made products such as paneer, milk, curd, and cheese have to be avoided. When you fail to digest casein protein then you end up having indigestion.
  • Egg allergy: These allergies are common in children and any food product containing eggs should be avoided.
  • Wheat allergy: A lot of people are allergic to gluten and it comes across as a big challenge. Wheat is usually present in almost everything these days so this particular allergy may throw a lot of challenges. You will have to change your diet completely.
  • Sulphite allergy: This is usually present in drugs and in food as preservatives. Usually one in 100 people are believed to have these allergies.
  • Soy allergy: Soy is present in tofu and soy sauce. Soy allergies are quite easy to handle as you only need to avoid soya beans, soya milk, tofu and soy sauce.
  • Drug allergies: Some people are sensitive to certain drugs and they may suffer from mild to severe reactions due to drug allergy.
  • Sun allergy: Some people develop rashes and redness when exposed to harmful UV rays of the Sun. For them, using a good Sun block or a sun screen is highly recommended. You may sometimes notice your eyes start watering when you step out in the Sun, this again indicates Sun allergy.
  • Cosmetic allergy: Certain fragrances can stimulate sneezing or other allergic reactions in you while you may also experience allergies due to certain cosmetic products.
  • Skin allergy: Skin allergies happen when allergens touch the skin due to which the immune system over reacts and t     he skin may become red or develop rashes on it.
  • Fish allergy: Fish allergy is also becoming common and it may occur due to one of more variety of fish.
  • Nut allergy: These allergies happen due to peanuts, cashews, walnuts, etc.
  • Fabric allergy: You might get rashes and itchiness on wearing woollens or any other synthetic fabric.
  • Synthetic jewellery: A lot of people are allergic to junk jewellery and they develop swelling, redness and rashes when they wear junk jewellery. 

        How to overcome allergies? 

  • Stay indoors: When its stormy or windy then you must stay indoors. Storm brings in a lot of dust mites and pollen with it, which could immediately trigger allergic reactions in you.
  • Drink warm water: Drinking warm water helps in flushing out all the allergens from the body unlike cold water. It also helps in aiding digestion of food which will eventually improve the immunity of the body.
  • Exercise daily: Exercising helps to build immunity of the body. Exercising releases endorphins and boosts up the immune system. It triggers the fighter cells of the body which helps in fighting with allergens of all sorts.
  • Fresh air: Mornings are the best time to go out for a walk. If you are allergic to dust and pollens then you must surely avoid outdoor activities in the evening.
  • Take multivitamins and calcium supplements: To boost up your immune system, you need ample amount of essential minerals and vitamins in your body. Often, adulterated food deprives you of essential vitamins and micronutrients that are needed to build immunity. In such cases, taking regular multivitamins, iron and calcium will give you a strong immunity to fight with allergens of all sorts.
  • Anti-allergic dose: If the allergies go beyond control, then anti-allergic doze help to control the allergies. Get some anti-allergic drugs prescribed by your doctor and keep them handy always.

7 Common myths about diabetes

Diabetes is undoubtedly the most common disease on this planet. It’s alarming rise in the global population is raising many concerns. There is a lot of information available on this disease and each one of us has somebody in our close or distant family suffering from it.

Yet, there are a lot of misconceptions amongst people that has attached a stigma to this disease. The best way to deal with any disease is to know its realities well. This write up is aimed at asking you aware of the myths and the contradictory underlying facts on diabetics that will help you to deal with diabetes better.

Here, are the unwanted myths: 

  • Diabetes happen when you eat too much sugar: Eating too much sugar never invites diabetes. Rather, if you have diabetes then you need to restrict your sugar intake.

Sugar is actually glucose that is metabolised by insulin hormone which is secreted by Pancreas (a small gland). Diabetes only happen when insulin secretion goes down in the body for some reason or when the secreted insulin is not used by the body due to ‘insulin resistance’.

Whether you are eating sugar or not will not have any impact on insulin secretion on the body. This is one of the biggest myths attached to diabetes.

Note: Excess sugar intake may make you obese which may increase your chances of developing diabetes.

  1. Diabetes isn’t too much to worry about: Diabetes is indeed a serious disease that persist for the life time. If diabetes or sugar levels are not checked then it may invite heart related troubles such as heart attack or may even lead to blindness.

Too much sugar or glucose running in your blood will damage every organ of your body. Hence, though the symptoms of diabetes are mild when it appears but you need to take a strict disciplined approach towards it before things start going hay-wire.

  1. Obesity makes you diabetic: Not always! Genetics, sedentary lifestyle, blood pressure abnormalities and stress contribute towards developing diabetes or any other chronic disorder irrespective of your weight. 

Of course, people who are obese are burning out less calories than what they consume. This directly indicates their low physical output and hence you see more number of fat people developing diabetes.

You would be surprised to know that around 20% of people with Type 2 diabetes is either slim or even underweight.

  1. Diabetes eventually requires you to inject insulin: Diabetes can be very well controlled with your disciplined approach. A regular exercise, strict diet and meditation can keep your sugars controlled even without medication. 

A lot of people have fear of injecting insulin in diabetes. But, there are many effective oral medications available unless you have Type 1 diabetes.

Also, injecting insulin becomes painless when you learn how to inject it properly. It is extremely easy and nowadays better quality of insulin is coming which is very effective. Some people even believe that insulin is harmful but indeed it saves life. 

  1. Diabetics should not work out: In fact, people with diabetes should work out more sincerely as regular exercise is known to lower the blood glucose levels naturally. Regular exercise helps in fighting any disorder better unless you have been recommended by doctor to refrain yourself from it.
  1. You may have to eat diabetic food: There is no such food that is diabetic food. Often, diabetics believe that they may have to stay away from sweets forever. But, this is not true! You just need to eat sugar in moderation and couple it up with regular walk or work out.
    1. Eating mangoes will shoot up my sugar level: Mangoes do contain higher amount of sugar as compared to other fruits but it provides great health benefits as well. Eating one mango per day is absolutely fine if you are diabetic. Mangoes are rich sources of all vitamins and also contain high amount of fibre.

Eating mangoes in diabetes are considered to be healthy by American Association of Diabetes. There are ongoing researches showing that mangoes can indeed contribute towards lowering blood sugar levels but this is yet to be published officially.

If you are severely diabetic then you may resort to eating half mango in morning and half in evening.

I hope, this was helpful in bringing clarity of what the realities of diabetes are. Please do share it with your family and friends who are diabetic to help them treat themselves better.

What can you do to prevent arthritis?

In my last blog, we saw what are the natural remedies to fight with arthritis. But, would you not want to do something to prevent it from happening?

arthritis prevention.png

Of course, a lot of factors determine it like your genetics, your lifestyle and your overall health and in this blog you would get to know what all you can do to prevent arthritis from happening to you.

Having creaky joints give you jitters of losing the freedom of being independent. It puts you through a lot of agony and concerns and you start regretting later for not working on your health the way you should have.

So, try these tips before it is too late:

1. Don’t ever become obese: The more is the pressure on the joints like knees, ankle and hips, the faster they burn out.

As per Dr. Scott Zaschin, MD, Rheumatologist and clinical professor of medicine, Southwestern Medical school – University of Texas, ‘One extra pound of weight equates to 4 extra pounds of pressure on joints like hips and knees.’

It is not that the slim people don’t get arthritis but when you are obese the chances of developing it is much higher and it may strike in much earlier. Also, because the joints have to handle more weight all the time so obese people find it much more difficult to move around with arthritic joints.

2. Stay away from high-heels: The human feet was designed to balance itself as it is. High heels make you walk on your toes all the time which can be traumatizing for your legs.

Of course, high heels could be worn occasionally but wearing them all the time can put your knees under tremendous pressure. Always try wearing something comfortable to work or on daily basis.

3. Stay hydrated: Dehydration may cause fluids in the joints to dry off. Synovial fluid is usually present between the joints to provide cushioning and is rich in water content. When there is lack of water intake then these internal body liquids tend to dry off causing wear and tear of joints.

4. Keep moving your body for better: Any regular physical exercise can help you prevent a lot of diseases to precipitate. When you get into regular exercise then the movement makes the tendon and ligaments flexible which helps synovial fluid to function better.

Hence, don’t use exercise just as a tool to check weight. Whether you loose weight or not but you end by earning good health with regular exercise.

5. Do not smoke: Smoking is known to worsen the situation in Rheumatoid arthritis. Smoking and drinking worsens any medical condition that you are dealing with.

6. Absorb Sunshine: Almost, 60% Americans are deficient in Vitamin D and in Indians also there is severe deficiency of Vitamin D. Vitamin D causes absorption of calcium in the body so if there is a deficiency of Vitamin D then the bones tend to decalcify.

But, the best part is that vitamin D is abundantly available in nature for free. Just stand out in Sun everyday for 10 minutes to absorb some sunlight and let your body get some Vitamin D.

You may pursue any outdoor hobby such as playing sports, gardening, cycling, running, jogging, etc. to get abundance vitamin D for your body.

7. Avoid injuries: Any minor or major injury of bones or joints can cause troubles in old age. So, make sure to take ample precautions in staying away from injuries. Of course, injuries cannot be avoided always and they just happen suddenly.

But, when you follow the rules of the game as they are meant to be or when you do any outdoor activity with safety gear then these injuries are reduced to a great extent.

If you take these precautions then arthritis may surely get delayed in appearing if it has to or the symptoms may be much milder as you are already supporting your body to stay healthy in every possible way

Hope this was useful, please feel free to leave your comments below………

Proven home remedies to treat Arthritis

Freedom to move is often taken for granted till when it gets restricted. Do you know that  Arthritis affects more than 180 million people in India?

Women are more susceptible to arthritis as compared to their male counterparts. You would be surprised to know that prevalence of arthritis is more than most common diseases like diabetes, cancer and AIDS.

Arthritis is non-curable but it can be treated to minimize the symptoms. The worst part about having arthritis is that you feel pain in the knees and other body joints every time you try to move around. It’s like every single step you take hurts and hence matters a lot.
There are other concerns that come up with arthritis such as loss of independence as you start depending on others to fetch you things all the time, reduced outings, constant pain, stiffness and pain in joints in early morning, weight gain due to lack of movement, etc.Though, there are pain killers and therapies available to bring respite to your arthritic joints but natural home remedies would help you deal with it effectively in the longer run. Alternatively, these natural remedies would also help you to reduce dependence on harmful painkillers and steroid containing applicants which are administered for arthritis.

Natural cures to deal with Arthritis

As you kick start you day, you feel a lot of stiffness and pain in the joints in morning hours. The best way to deal with it is to use warm shower baths which will make your joints flexible and reduce the pain to a great extent.

There are two types of arthritis – Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis. In Osteoarthritis, the cartilage present between the bones gets damaged due to which one bone hits on to another which causes severe pain. In Rheumatoid arthritis, the synovial membrane swells up causing pain and discomfort and it also leads to bone loss in many cases.
The remedies given below are effective in both types of arthritis. And, these remedies will also help you to improve the overall health and condition of your arthritic joints. Please take a look:

1. Ginger, cinnamon and Turmeric:Turmeric, cinnamon and ginger are natural anti-inflammatory spices. They help in reducing swelling and pain in the affected joints. Turmeric is also a good anti-oxidant and is sometimes also advised to be applied locally on the joints, mixed in warm mustard oil.

The best way to consume ginger, cinnamon and turmeric is to mix them with honey and gulp it down. You must consume only warm water after taking it. Alternatively you can add ginger and cinnamon in your regular tea and can consume turmeric with honey.

2. Magnesium rich food: Magnesium helps to relive stiffness and pain in the muscles and nerves by helping them to relax. It is an important micronutrient that is needed by the human body but is not manufactured inside. Hence, diet rich in magnesium is a good way to suffice your body with this important mineral.

Yoghurt, green leafy vegetables, seeds, nuts, fish, bananas, dry fruits, avocados, dark chocolate, etc. are the food which are rich in magnesium.

A daily consumption of 400 mg of Magnesium is needed by our body. Excess to this will be excreted out of the body. If magnesium is consumed in huge amounts than it may lead to diarrhoea as the body needs to throw out anything in excess.

3. Healthy food: People with a severe disorder like Arthritis should stop eating junk food immediately. Diet has a severe impact on your overall health and eating healthy can help you fight with the symptoms of arthritis in a big way.
You can try changing your food habit to Mediterranean style of cooking. It uses lot of fresh veggies, fruits, whole grains, fish, nuts, olive oil, onions and other nutritious herbs.

The recipes are available online and you may also click on the links below:



4. Green Tea: Green Tea contains polyphenols which are anti-inflammatory substances than help in reducing swelling and pain. Try taking green tea for two to three times in a day. It will also help to reduce weight over a long period of time.

5. Garlic and Black Pepper: Garlic acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and provide great respite in arthritic joints. The cytokines present in garlic helps to fight with inflammation.

The main ingredient in black pepper is capsaicin which reduces pain and swelling. It offers many other health benefits as well.

6. Cold packs: Take some ice in a thin piece of cloth and apply it on the affected joint. It will help to reduce pain immediately.

7. Massage and Exercise: Seek help from a physical therapist who would guide you on massage and exercises that need to be done. You may find it difficult to perform any exercise with arthritic joint but it is must to exercise the arthritic joint to retain free mobility lifelong. But, you must exercise and massage as per the recommendation of certified physical therapist.

Hope, this information was useful and please feel free to drop in your comments.


Why is dual diagnosis difficult to treat?

Dual diagnosis refers to having mental illness along with addiction of any kind. Dual diagnosis is very challenging to be treated because the victim’s family cannot often differentiate if it is addiction that is causing mental illness or is it mental illness that is encouraging addiction?

In 21st century, dual diagnosis has emerged as a common occurrence in most people. The U.S. department of Health and Human Services reported in 2002 that only 12% out of 4 million victims of dual diagnosis received appropriate treatment for both conditions.

A mental health illness may manifest as depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, personality disorder, etc. whereas an addictive challenge may account for gambling, sex, alcoholism, drug addiction and other behavioural addiction. If there is presence of at least one/more mental disorders along with at least one/many addictions than this condition falls under the category of dual addiction.

The American Psychiatric Association has defined the criteria in their current version called ‘The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders’. The DSM sets the guidelines for the practitioners and clinicians to treat the patients with mental disorders. Often, an expert professional hand is needed to treat this disorder as both addiction and mental illness need to be dealt with concurrently.

What should be done to ensure full recovery?

  • An expert professional team must be approached and trusted fully to treat mental disorder and addiction together.
  • Appropriate use of psychotherapeutics such as anti-depressants drugs must be done to counter any side-effects or withdrawal symptoms.
  • A supportive approach is needed to help the victim build his self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • A collaborative approach must be followed to bring spouses, family, friends together for successful treatment of the patient.

Dual Diagnoses are very difficult to treat also because it comes in many different forms. Each patient may manifest the same disorder in different ways and the symptoms for the mental illness may also vary. Such patients with dual diagnosis come at a high-risk and may develop negative attitude towards the treatment if not handled well. The instances of suicidal tendencies and violent outburst are high and need to be handled professionally.

Reaching to professionally trained clinics or hospitals can reduce such high-risk instances and can also reduce the chances or relapse of such complicated episodes.