10 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Acne Soon



Acne not just happen to teenagers but it happens to adults as well. It is indeed the most commonly occurring skin disorder these days! Of course, thanks to stressful lifestyle and increased pollution levels in food, air and water, skin problems like acne are becoming prominent.

Acne is a clogged pore in the skin. When due to dust or grime, the pore gets clogged then bacteria thrives on it leading to acne. To keep acne at bay, the guru mantra is to work out every day for at least 30 minutes to sweat out completely. This helps to open up the clogged pores and let the skin cells breathe.

Furthermore, frequent face wash is really helpful to removing dirt from the skin pores. Acne is a common problem but there is nothing to worry as it can be dealt with easily.

10 Easy Ways to Get Rid Of Acne Soon

  1. Exfoliate Regularly: Regular exfoliation is important to get rid of deposited dirt and dead cells on the skin. To exfoliate use sugar with lemon juice. Just rub it with finger tips all over the face in circular motion and you will get rid of all dead cells.


            The lemon juice will balance the pH of the skin and will brighten it further. It also has a strong antibacterial effect on acne.

  1. Lemon Juice: Like I said, lemon juice is anti-bacterial in nature and cures acne. You can just apply it all over your face. Wash your face after 10 minutes of application.


  1. Moisturize your skin: If the skin is dry then it triggers the cells to produce more sebum or skin oil. This sebum further deposits on the skin pores blocking them totally. Hence, it is important to keep the skin hydrated.


Toning the skin or using water based hydrants would be more beneficial to fight acne. You may also use rose water to hydrate your skin.

  1. Eat Proper Nutrition: Carrots, green leafy vegetables, nuts, fruits and freshly cooked homemade food is highly recommended for acne. These food products are rich in Vitamin A, C and E which helps to keep the sebum in check.


Moreover, stay away from oily food which gets absorbed by the skin and promotes acne further.

  1. Wash Hair frequently: If you have any hair infection like dandruff or you have an oily skin then chances are that this will further boost your acne.

You need to wash your hair frequently to keep the dirt, oil and dandruff at bay. As, this gets on the facial skin enhancing acne.

  1. Stay hydrated: Drinking plenty of water helps to throw out the toxins from the body. The more the number of glasses of water you drink, the healthier you get. Herbal drinks and fruit juices can also help to maintain optimum hydration levels.
  1. Avoid dairy Products: Dairy products like milk, cheese, paneer triggers the skin oil or sebum production. Hence, it is important to stay away from these dairy products for at least till when you acne is uncontrolled.
  1. Fresh air exposure: The skin cells in our breathe to absorb fresh oxygen. Walking in fresh air early morning keeps a lot of skin and breathing troubles at bay. Let your skin breathe in fresh air for at least 30 minutes.
  1. Don’t’ rub or touch your acne: Scratching or touching acne can flare it up further. You need to stay away from touching it as much as you can. Also, scratching it may lead to blemishes and marks which may take a long time to go away.
  1. Maintain Hygiene: Use a separate towel after bath for acne affected area. Change your bedsheet and pillow covers frequently. Cover your face with a thin cloth when you step out in dust. And, make sure that you wash your face and moisturize it every day before going to bed.

You may also apply home made masks like pudina-neem-tulsi paste, honey with turmeric, multani mitti face mask, curd with turmeric on the face to fight acne. These masks are very helpful in gradually removing acne from the skin.





Nevertheless, the remedies suggested above will give you sure shot results to get back a healthy glowing and clear skin.

How to grow your eyelashes naturally?

Beautiful eyes are mesmerizing………! Don’t they make you fall in love with the face instantly? And, Who wouldn’t want to have beautiful eyes?

Eyes are the expression of who you are. So, why not work on making your eyes look pretty when you have remedies to make them look prettier! The key to beautiful eyes lie in growing your eyelashes longer and working towards having thick eyebrows.

Eating Right
For long eye lashes, you need and having a good quality hair you need to eat right. Plenty of proteins, calcium, iron, vitamins, minerals and fibres is what you should aim at eating.
Eating one apple everyday is a must.

Having two big sized bowls of dal for vegetarians or eggs, fish, chicken, mutton, etc. for non-vegetarians is a must. Eating seasonal green leafy vegetables help.

Apply Petroleum jelly
Wash your hands thoroughly and using a small piece of clean cotton apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly on your eyelashes. If you are comfortable with jelly then you can sleep on with it or you can also apply it during the day.

Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Vitamin E Oil
These oils are considered the best to nourish your eyelash hair. Apply a thin layer with clean cotton before bed and you can wash off the oil with warm water the following day.
A regular application of at least three months will give you great results.

These oils can also be applied on the eyebrows and it will thicken your eyebrows further and make them look darker and fuller.


Egg Whites
Egg Whites is an excellent conditioner to strengthen the hair follicles. It also nourishes the hair and promotes growth.
You can mix egg white with any of the oils mentioned above and can apply it with an eyelash applicator. After one hour, wash your eyes with warm water.

Serum or conditioner
Commercial serum or conditioners are rich in peptides, vitamins and other ingredients that are needed for hair growth. Although, there are many names of popular serums available online yet only few are genuine.

You must consult your dermatologist before opting for any commercial serum as eyes are very sensitive part of the body and only safe products must be used.

Eye-lash mascara and Curler
Take care to remove mascara every night before going to the bed. The use of eye-lash curler should also be reduced.


Remedy to fight grey hair

Grey hair is inevitable, thanks to complicated stressful lifestyles. Each one of us fears grey hair and want to reverse grey hair back to black colour. But, this is little difficult but can be done with a lot of efforts.

Heena with Onion Juice

One killer combo in fighting grey hair is heena with onion juice. Heena is known to be an excellent conditioner and onion juice is rich in enzyme catalase which helps in restoring the black colour of the hair.

grey hairgrey hair
To make onion juice, blend one onion and strain it to get its juice. Mix it with henna and apply it for one to two hours. You must try it on a weekly basis for a few months to see the results.

Check your Vitamin B-12 level

Vitamin B-12 deficiency may lead to greying hair. You need to get your blood test done to see if you are B-12 deficient. To avoid deficiencies, you must take vitamin supplements on a regular basis to stay healthy and fit.

Amla or Gooseberry

Amla is the richest source of vitamin C and is excellent for skin. It helps to strengthen the hair roots and which is why is recommended to be consumed every day.
One amla per day can make your skin and hair strong and shiny. Adding amla juice to coconut oil and applying it all over your hair also gives great results.

Work out

Any regular workout of 20 minutes can make a lot of difference to your hair texture. The hair follicles in the scalps get blocked due to dust and pollutants. So, a regular workout to sweat yourself daily can help you open the pores and improve the blood circulation. It strengthens your hair further.

Grey hair is one of the side-effects of living a stressful life. You would see that greying of hair is less in those who are happy-go-lucky by nature.

 How to look attractive and stylish?

Dressing up smartly and looking attractive every day is something that each one of us desires. While going out we often tend to consciously dress up well and look good. But, looking good is not actually a choice but is more of a need in this fashion conscious society.

Be it at home or at work, you need to look good at all times to impress and influence people around. Looking good depends a lot on what you are wearing. To most of us, style is what our favourite celebrity wears but it is not so really!

niti 1


Fashion is something that matches your personality so well that it enhances the way you look. Fashion must be used to define you not to get defined. The best way to look attractive and beautiful is to wear clothes that go well with your body type.

niti 2



It doesn’t matter if your are fat or slim. Not all slim people look good and attractive. And, you would have surely met some fat people who are damn attractive to look at.

How does this happen? This happens due to the choices people make while dressing up. A lot of people have this assumption that they may not look their best because they are over-weight, dark-skinned or too short. It is just a myth.

They are so-caught up with their wrong assumptions that they are scared of experimenting and exploring their style. And sadly, they are never able to wear what they always wanted to. But, but, but! With smart dressing even bulky people can look into diva like super figures.

niti 3.png




One of the most in garment type is pleated skirts. These skirts look very elegant, trendy and smart on both fat and slim people. These could be used for both formal as well as casual wear and I am sure you would never regret adding a few pleated skirts to your wardrobe.

The next best fashion apparels that look very trendy and apparent is palazzos. Extremely comfortable yet so smart they look! Would you want to check out a few latest palazzos on this site:


pic 4




Don’t believe! Try catching hold of some of the best of the fashion garments available here


niti 5




So, why not grab the best designs available on discounted rates. This is just a link to take you to one of the widest range of fashion apparels available online, alternatively, you may choose to shop from any other portal of your choice. Thank you!!



3 sure shot ways to get silky shiny hair


silky hair


I have personally had a real bad hair phase for almost 5 years. The reason was ignoring the basic nutrition and the basic efforts for a healthy life. Honestly, it does not take much to gain a bouncy, silky, smooth luscious hair.

So, I thought of sharing some easy ways that worked wonder for my hair. Let me tell you that I had a complete dry frizzy hair which would not settle without oiling post shampoo. Also, the hair would look very rough and dry and it would make me feel conscious all the time.

Going on outings with this kind of skin and hair was little challenging and I would have to devote 20 minutes to even 40 minutes sometimes to make my hair look presentable.

Anyways, without stretching it further let us see what helped me gain my smooth silky hair back:

1. Oil five minutes before shampooing: Often I get so tired by the end of the day that I avoid oiling my hair and this had become a practice for past few years. As a result, my hair would be completely devoid of moisture post shampoo and would become drier and frizzier.

Now, I just oil my hair 5 minutes prior to washing them. Trust me it has worked wonders. My hair get the desired moisture and surprisingly my hair are smooth and silky even after regular wash.

This will also help if your hair or skin type is oily and you don’t need to oil your hair pre-wash. Oiling also provides your hair with nutrition and a little massage helps a better blood circulation of blood.

2. Iron and Protein intake: I eat a lot of protein and iron that was lacking in my diet earlier. I compulsorily eat a bowl full of dal with either dates, pomegranate, carrot or apple to supplement my iron content.

This has surely contributed towards making my hair stronger and healthier.

3. Stay active: I have started doing some kind of physical activity as a part of my daily routine. I prefer walking to my milk dairy or vegetable shop nearby. This has helped me in a big way. It has improved my overall health to a great extent.

That’s it! It does not take expensive shampoos or conditioners all the time to give you what you want. I am still on my old shampoo and hair products. But, a little change in my diet and an improved physical output has surely helped me in a big way to look the way I always wanted.

This is my practical experience and please feel free to drop in your comments on this.

This is a video link for you to check out some home remedies to work on your hair.


How to apply nail polish without damaging your nails?

Are you aware that nail paints are loaded with toxic chemicals that can harm your nails in the longer run. Dr. Thu Quach from Stanford University, says that nail polishes come with ‘toxic trio’ which include formaldehyde, toluene and ibutyl phthalate.

A prolonged exposure to these toxic chemicals can even lead to cancer or hormonal imbalances as is suggested by recent researches at Stanford University. Even, the acetone present in the remover can dehydrate your nails leaving them dry and flaky.

Do you know that it takes about 3 to 5 months for the nails to repair themselves of the damage caused by acetone. Hence, always go for acetone free remover to save your nails of the harsh effect of acetone.

Margaret Dabb, a founder of her own beauty brand, insists that you should always opt for nail paints that are rich in natural oils and vitamins, that rather nourishes your nails.
Ms. Sally Hansen, a global colour expert, recommends to use a nail strengthening product to brighten and strengthen the nails. This strengthening product also moisturises the nails making them less brittle, shinier and provides longevity.

How to apply a nail polish?
Base coat: Base coat provides you with special care for your nails by keeping the nail paint away from direct contact of your skin. Base coat strengthens the nails and also devoid your nails of any staining and dryness that may occur due to chemicals in nail polish.

Do not use nail paint regularly: When you take off your nail polish then just let the nails breathe fresh air for a few days. This will help the nails to recover fast of the harmful effects of chemicals in the nail polish.

You can use a good branded nail strengthener to strengthen your nails and to help them recover faster when the nail polish is not used. Nail strengthener also provides a good shine to your nails and make them look beautiful as well.

Use chemical free nail polishes of reliable brands: Look for nail polishes that are free of formaldehydes and parabens. Nail polishes without chemicals are pretty much available to be bought online.

If you are a die-hard fan of fashion and prefers to look tip-top always then you must surely go for chemical free nail polishes.

A nail filer helps: It is important to keep trimming your nails and filing them regularly to avoid any breakages at the ends. It gives a good hygiene and longevity to your nails as well. Before the application of nail paint, just trim your nails and file them as per the requirement.

Cuticle moisturizer: It is important to use cuticle moisturizer regularly to keep your cuticle moisturized and nourished.

Check this….before visiting your salon
Beware of suffocating salons: When you go out to salons regularly, which you do often to get a good finishing on your nails, you should watch out if there is ample ventilation or not.

At salons, nail paints are a regular affair throughout the day. The fumes of toxic chemicals from nail paints and other cosmetic products get trapped in the air and may be harmful for the workers working in there. It is necessary that your salon is well-ventilated to minimize the harmful effects of toxic chemicals.

Toe nails

Your toe nails take twice as long as your finger nails to grow up. Your finger nails grow by 3mm every month but the toe nails may just grow half as long as finger nails in a month. Also, it is equally important for toe nails to nourish and look after them well.

Every single coat of nail polish may damage your toe nail to an extent that it may need 9 months to repair them. Hence, be very careful with the choice of your brand of nail polish and opt for herbal brands only even if they mean investing more money at a time.

Some tips on using cosmetics

It would be great if you can go chemical free in using herbal cosmetics as far as you can. As such potent toxic chemicals can lead to lethal diseases in the longer run.

Also, it is suggested to use cutlery for eating while you have your nails polished. This will avoid any particles of the nail paint entering your mouth and affecting you in any way.

8 ways to pink soft gorgeous lips

Lips are perhaps one of the most attractive parts of the face. And, beautiful pink lips make you look much younger whereas dark, dry and parched lips make you look much older.

With beautiful lips, wearing a regular lip balm also makes your lips shine and outstand. But, how to get such gorgeous pink coloured lips like that of a baby

Here, are 5 ways to getting pink soft gorgeous lips:

1. Brush with soft bristles: While brushing your teeth, take another brush with extra soft bristles and run it all over your lips with a little toothpaste on it. This will remove the dead skin on the lips and will also remove any dirt that is trapped between the fine lines of the lips.

When you do it for two to three days, you would start noticing nice supple soft pink skin on the lips.

Make it a regular practice to brush gently on the lips for at least twice in a week to get rid of dead skin and dirt.

2. Lemon and honey: Take a tea spoon of honey and add in a few drops of lemon to it. Take a little honey on your finger and start rubbing it over your lips. Rinse with warm water. Lemon lightens the colour of the lips and honey acts as a natural hydrant.

Doing this twice in a week would make your lips shinier, lighter and moisturized.

3. Rose petals: People in olden days would rub rose petals on their lips to make them appear pink. Rose petals also scrub the outer tanned skin and make the lips soft.

If you rub rose petals for at least twice or thrice in a week then you would notice that your lips would become naturally pink and would become softer as well.

4. Aloe Vera gel: Scoop out the aloe Vera gel from its leaf and store it in a jar in refrigerator. Apply this gel on the lips and you would see that it moisturizes your skin very well. It also lightens the skin colour and heals dry and parched lips.

This is a natural cure to get lovely lips and it is also very soothing for the skin. You could use this gel on your lips for as many times as you feel like.

5. Drink plenty of water: Dry and parched lips happen when there is a deficiency of water in the body. Drinking plenty of water keeps the skin hydrated and brings a glow on the skin. The lips look hydrated and moisturized.

6. Pomegranate: Take a few pomegranate seeds and crush them to get the juicy extract. Take some cotton and dab it in the juice. Rub it all over your lips and rinse it after its dried off. It helps in lightening the colour of the lips.

7. Sugar with ghee: Ghee is an excellent hydrant for lips. Just take some ghee and add little sugar to it. Rub it all over your lips to scrub out the dead skin and to hydrate the lips. It also brings a natural shine on your lips.

8. Use lip balm before steeping in Sun: We often ignore our lips before stepping out in the Sun. You need to moisturize your lips with a lip balm or use little ghee to keep them hydrated in the Sun.

The Sunlight tans the skin of the lip and makes it dry and dark. Hence, it is important to take care of your skin including lips every time you step out.

These are some remedies to get soft pink and supple lips. It is quite easy to get gorgeous lips which adds on to your beauty and makes you look younger. Just make sure to follow the remedies given above to look beautiful.

3 quick beauty tips

Glowing skin is something that appeals to everyone and we all long for it, isn’t it? Of course a quick fix to finding a glowing skin is regular facial but the effect is not very long lasting. Also, getting frequent facials done is also not advisable for your skin.

But, here are some really easy home made beauty tips to give you beautiful glowing skin:

  1. Besan pack: Take about one table spoon of besan and add a half tea spoon of turmeric to it. Add some yoghurt and mix well. (You may also add some orange peels to it to make it more effective. Just sun dry orange peels and make a powder out of it. Add one tea spoon to the above mixture). 

Apply this pack on your face and let it dry. Wash off your face and pat dry to see amazing glow on your skin. You may apply this home made pack everyday or at least twice in a week to keep your skin glowing.

  1. Raw milk: Raw milk is an excellent tan remover and face lifter by nature. Just apply some raw milk all over your face and see the amazing glow and fair glowing skin instantly.

3.   Ice pack: Apply little honey with few drops of lemon in it. Take an ice cube and rub it all over your face. You will be amazed to find a super glowing skin.

These are small tips to give you a long lasting healthy glowing skin. The glow that will come by doing these remedies will be much more than applying cosmetics and getting facials done.

Hope, this was helpful……Please drop in your comments😊