The Miraculous power in the mantra “Om Namaha Shivaay”



Today, life is filled with numerous challenges! Not a single day pass by when you can have a smooth running through the day without any mental or emotional challenges coming your way. Even if you are lucky to have such days, then, these days are very rare!! Right……???

To restore the happiness or peace in life we often visit an astrologer or choose to go to a saint to seek his blessings. But, do you know that you can receive such blessings and power from your own self??

The power exists in each one of us. But, very rarely do we accept, realize and exert this power in us. Now, let us see how just by chanting “Om Namaha Shivaay” we can become attain peace and strength within ourselves.

This is really miraculous and the more you chant the more powerful you become.

It brings instant Peace: The meaning of “Om Namaha Shivaay” means that you bow down to the ultimate supreme power and seek his help. As is the nature of almighty or Supreme, once you bow down, you are blessed with what is best for you. Though the process may take time but the almighty or the Universe surely responds positively to each of your desires.
This mantra brings to you instant peace and calms you down. It gives you the strength to the right decisions and to deal with any circumstances with grace and dignity.

It reveals you the truth: When you chant this mantra through the day many times, you are connecting yourself to the Ultimate truth, the Supreme creator Shiva. The more you chant this mantra the more you get to know the truth that life will reveal to you. Chanting this mantra will give you the right direction in life.

It purifies your soul: The vibrations of this mantra helps to purify your soul. The chanting of this mantra is like calling your higher self. You are connected to the universal abundance with this mantra. It removes the negativities from your soul and rises your higher self. You get to know your real self and discover strengths within you that always existed in you but you never realized them.

It helps you get rid of Ego: By chanting this mantra, you get the unseen power that alters your ego and aggression for good. You get to connect with the self-less being in you. This mantra de-stresses you totally and slowly pulls you out of the tendency to take stress.

According to astrology, this mantra also has the power to reduce the negative influence of the planets on you. It also rectifies the bad influence caused due to your natal chart. If you still don’t believe in what all I have written then try chanting this mantra for at least 10 days.

Initially you might forget to chant and have to remind yourself often but slowly it will become a habit. If you practise chanting it for a week or at least 10 days then you would get to see its effect.

I hope you will make use of such miraculous power that is now available to you😊


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