Are you somebody who feels tired all the time?

Do you feel lazy all through the day? Kick starting your day at work is like a task for you which you want to avoid often? If yes, then there are many reasons for this to develop which I have complied in this write-up below. So, please do read on to figure out what’s wrong with you.

Normally, our human body is designed to work actively through the day with 6 to 7 hours of a good nap. The mornings should be filled with high energies and every day should start with a new zeal and positive energy. If this is not happening with you, then, you need to watch out as something is surely wrong!

Reasons for you to feel tired all the time

Here, are the common reasons that happen to each one of us at some point or the other.

  1. Wasteful over thinking: If you are engrossed in negative thoughts of hurt, resentment, frustration or anger at sub-conscious level than there is an excess leakage of mental energies. Do you know the current problem of the youngsters is over-thinking?

Perhaps, as older generation when we were in school we were hardly introduced to the idea of stress and insecurity. Of course, we carried the fear of passing exams but that was hardly for two weeks in a year. Our school life was pretty chilled out, happy childhood with no introduction to this word ‘stress’.

But, these days the scenario is totally changed for worse. Our kids are exposed to stress in the early school life itself. We are so stressed out each day that we are barely managing to run the show with minimum energy levels within.

The zeal, the enthu, the fun of living a life is just vanished somewhere. Most of us are living with a farfetched dream of achieving something we strongly wish to possess. In that process, what we have is also gone for toss with no joy of living.

Creating these wasteful thoughts of stress and negativity are only pushing us further from realizing our dreams. These thoughts are like energy leakages that waste a lot of our creative energies and make us feel mentally tired.

We need to keep a check on what thoughts are running in our mind. The moment we realize that we have been thinking negative, we need to take charge of our thoughts and convert them into positive ones. Initially, it is going to be tough to fight with negative thought but with constant effort you would be able to convert negative thoughts into positive ones. And, you would see that you feel energetic all through the day.

  1. Sedentary Lifestyle: Most often, you would feel tired if you are leading a sedentary lifestyle. Lack of any physical exercise often amounts to feeling tired and lazy all through the day.

Our lifestyles are such, that we hardly get time to shake our legs but remember that your body goes through a lot to help you do everything that you have been doing. So, you need to take care of yourself first. Give at least 20 minutes to your body and see how energetic it makes you feel through the day.

3. Poor Diet: Eating plenty of carbohydrates and avoiding sufficient protein and iron content can make you feel dull in the longer run. Also, a lot of people indulge in eating outside food or in eating junk food that is very harmful for the body.

You need to detoxify your body once in every 15 days to help it get rid of toxins that it has been ingesting via, food, air and water.

  1. Depression: Feeling depressed, can do a lot of harm to you. You may end up feeling tired and sad through the day. Depression is a state of mind that can be fought with strong positive thoughts. You need to get into a lot of positive self-talk with you. You need to comfort the inner child in you with a lot of positive comforting thoughts.

When you do this repetitively, the negative thoughts will become weak, become less frequent and will eventually vanish. So, be strong and fight with depression to become healthier each day.

  1. Medical Conditions: Medical conditions like anaemia, hypothyroidism, hypotension, food intolerance, hyper-allergies, UTI, pregnancy, etc. can contribute towards making you feel weak. Such medical conditions may go unnoticed for too long and may be the underlying cause of your feeling lazy and tired.

Hence, the best way to lead this life is to stay fit. There are no two ways about, ‘Health is Wealth’. Do everything possible to make yourself fitter mentally and physically. If you are fitter and healthier than everything in your life will fall in place irrespective of any situation in your life. Also, you would set a great example for your family and friends to stay health and happy always.


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