The best way to meditate at home!

 ‘Meditation’ has always been the key to a peaceful and emotionally calm mind. It helps you to dig deep inside to reach out to the hidden power that lies in each one of us.

Though, we have been hearing about mediation being the in thing, yet, we do very little of it. And, it is quite obvious for the fact:meditation

  • We are unaware of the miraculous positive changes that meditation bring in us.
  • We do not know how to practice meditation

So, let us first explore the benefits of doing meditation and then we will learn how to do it.

The benefits of doing meditation

  • Meditation helps you to connect with the infinite power in the Universe which makes us available solutions to all the problems we have in life. There is a Universal Intelligence out there which is here to help us and our minds are continuously connected to it. The day we start meditation we start tapping the potential of that Supreme Intelligence and we are provided with all intellectual tools to get the most of our lives.
  • Meditation contributes towards making us intellectual and also sharpens our thinking and analytical skills.
  • Meditation keeps us to be calm and peaceful to ensure better health and longevity of life.
  • Meditation helps to stay focussed.
  • It also helps in developing a perseverant attitude and a strong will power.

How to do Meditation ?

Meditation is a medicine to a sick heart, it is indeed a cure for all your sufferings. If you don’t believe it then try doing it the way I suggest here!

Sit down  relax! And keep your eyes closed. Imagine yourself sitting out in nature and focus your mind on these thoughts. Bring your attention to your breathing. Slowly calm yourself further and bring your attention to your thoughts.

Imagine some white powerful rays falling on you from the sky. Let the Supreme being out there bless you with love and happiness. Affirm these statements,

 ‘I love myself’,

‘I love and appreciate all that I am doing’

‘I am at peace with myself’

‘The power of achieving (Whatever you want) lies within me.

‘I am infinite and divinely guided at all times’

‘I am divinely protected at all times’

‘I see myself achieving success in all I do’

‘I am in cordial loving relationship with my family and friends’

‘Life supports me in whatever I do’

‘I radiate perfect health at all times’

Say these positive powerful statements as many times as you can say. And, most importantly, feel these statements and believe in them while saying them.

By doing this meditation, you are allowing the Universal Intelligence to guide you at all times. You are aligning yourself to the Universal cosmic energy which then brings the most wonderful experiences to you.

Meditation can uplift your living standard to great heights that you cant even imagine. But, the basic thumb rule remains that you need to believe 100% in what you affirm. You can add your own affirmations too to make it work on your current circumstances and situations.

But, remember to use always present tense while saying these or any other affirmations and also never make use of any negative statements.

Thank you😊

Dedicated to Inspirational author : Louise Hay

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