The top 5 health hazards to watch out this summer!!

Of course! Summer knocks in every year to bring  a lot of excitement in us. It is usually a holiday time for kids and we look forward to great holidays in summers to our favourite destinations.

So, to make your holidays in summers more enjoyable here is what you need to know. Each weather comes with some prevalent diseases like cold and cough in winters, diarrhoea in rainy weather and heat stroke and rashes in summers.

May and June are indeed the hottest months in the tropical country of India. In some parts of India like In Rajasthan the summer temperatures even touch up to 51 degree Celsius while in other states the heat is only up to moderate levels. Yet, the diseases of summers are prevalent in all parts of India irrespective of temperatures.

There are many mild to alarming health concerns that you need to watch out this summers. Here, are a few to list out!

Food Poisoning

The food and water gets easily stale in summers due to excess heat. Hence, food poisoning is a common phenomenon in harsh summers. Food poisoning often begins with stomach ache which is followed by diarrhoea and vomiting’s.

Hence, to rule out food poisoning, carry your own water bottle all through the summers and never eat road side open food. While eating outside in summers, look for posh places to dine and look for food items that are fast moving. Thus, there are less chances of stale food being served.

Dehydration or Heat Stoke

Thank God!!our bodies are beautifully designed to withstand and accommodate any changes in environment. Yet, when the temperatures get to extremes the body needs to be protected and kept cool. But, you cant be on house arrest all the time in summers. So, the extreme heat of the environment does lead to dehydration or heat stroke causing dizziness, lethargy, uneasiness, fever, vomiting’s, etc.

Measles and Chicken Pox

The varicella virus causing Chicken pox or rubeola virus that causes measles thrive and multiply in summers. These viruses spread fast and infect kids under 12 years of age. Hence, a proper hygiene needs to be maintained in summers.

Always wash hands thoroughly after visiting the crowded places. And, stay away from people who have developed measles and chicken pox. The best way to deal with it is to inject a varicella vaccine or MMR vaccine to your child to keep them protected with these diseases.

Skin Rashes

Heat rash is very common in areas like neck, upper chest, groin, skin folds, breasts and elbow creases. In summers, the sweat produced is unable to escape out due to blocked pores. Hence, the swelling occurs in the skin causing rashes. The best way to deal with heat rash is to be in the cool surroundings and to use prickly heat powder in the affected areas.

Sun Burn

Due to excessive heat, the melanin present in the skin concentrates to cause a darker complexion. The skin appears blackish and burnt. Using high SPF sunscreens is highly recommended in summers. Sunscreen with SPF-30 and above are must to be used.

heat stroke

Moreover, the UV rays in the Sun also become too strong in summers and hence sunscreen with UV B protection is recommended. The sunscreen needs to be applied at least 20 minutes before stepping out in the Sun.

Hope, you will watch out for these concerns that crop up every summer! Stay safe and stay protected as the suffering and pain one goes through in these ailments is not worth giving a shot. Happy Summers 😊!!

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