Forgetfulness – A common occurrence: It’s five causes

Forgetfulness has become much common these days. Each one of us suffers from it at some point or the other. Often forgetfulness triggers the fear of developing dementia or Alzheimer’s syndrome. But, not every forgetfulness leads to these disorders. In fact, there are many mundane causes of forgetfulness too. The sooner you check these causes, the faster you recover from forgetfulness.


Here, are the most common causes of forgetfulness:

  1. Lack of Sleep: Lack of sleep contributes significantly in building stress. You may develop anxiety orders and may lack motivation in doing things if you have not slept well! 

Persistent lack of sleep also causes forgetfulness. The reason is quite obvious that the body cycle gets disturbed due to inadequate sleep. Hence, the mind remains inactive and its efficiency gets reduced leading to problems like forgetfulness.

  1. Medications: Tranquilizers, anti-depressants, blood pressure pills and many similar medications make permanent changes in the brain leading to forgetfulness. Drugs containing paroxetine, cimetidine, oxybutynin, amitriptyline, captopril, cold or allergy, etc. may lead to forgetfulness.

Source: Improving Memory: Understanding age-related memory loss by Harvard Medical School Health report

  1. Stress and Anxiety: Stress and anxiety blocks the memory cells. This makes it difficult to recollect the information and leads to lack of concentration. Stress and anxiety are major contributors towards forgetfulness these days. 
  1. Depression: Depression results in lack of drive in doing the regular things. You may feel demotivated to an extent that you start forgetting things as doing the bare minimum is also challenging.
  1. Alcohol: Alcohol is a dangerous beverage which many of you are unaware of. Though, its one of the most popular beverages but it leads to permanent changes in the brain. Alcohol results in depression and forgetfulness. The recommended amount for alcohol is two small pegs per day for men and one small peg per day for women. (One peg refers to 1.5 ounces).

If you are suffering from any memory loss concerns, than , you must see your doctor once. The doctor may help you understand the root cause of your forgetfulness that once identified can be ruled out easily.

Also, this once again reinstates the importance of following a healthy lifestyle. A bad lifestyle may result in problems like forgetfulness and many more.


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