How to grow your eyelashes naturally?

Beautiful eyes are mesmerizing………! Don’t they make you fall in love with the face instantly? And, Who wouldn’t want to have beautiful eyes?

Eyes are the expression of who you are. So, why not work on making your eyes look pretty when you have remedies to make them look prettier! The key to beautiful eyes lie in growing your eyelashes longer and working towards having thick eyebrows.

Eating Right
For long eye lashes, you need and having a good quality hair you need to eat right. Plenty of proteins, calcium, iron, vitamins, minerals and fibres is what you should aim at eating.
Eating one apple everyday is a must.

Having two big sized bowls of dal for vegetarians or eggs, fish, chicken, mutton, etc. for non-vegetarians is a must. Eating seasonal green leafy vegetables help.

Apply Petroleum jelly
Wash your hands thoroughly and using a small piece of clean cotton apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly on your eyelashes. If you are comfortable with jelly then you can sleep on with it or you can also apply it during the day.

Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Vitamin E Oil
These oils are considered the best to nourish your eyelash hair. Apply a thin layer with clean cotton before bed and you can wash off the oil with warm water the following day.
A regular application of at least three months will give you great results.

These oils can also be applied on the eyebrows and it will thicken your eyebrows further and make them look darker and fuller.


Egg Whites
Egg Whites is an excellent conditioner to strengthen the hair follicles. It also nourishes the hair and promotes growth.
You can mix egg white with any of the oils mentioned above and can apply it with an eyelash applicator. After one hour, wash your eyes with warm water.

Serum or conditioner
Commercial serum or conditioners are rich in peptides, vitamins and other ingredients that are needed for hair growth. Although, there are many names of popular serums available online yet only few are genuine.

You must consult your dermatologist before opting for any commercial serum as eyes are very sensitive part of the body and only safe products must be used.

Eye-lash mascara and Curler
Take care to remove mascara every night before going to the bed. The use of eye-lash curler should also be reduced.


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