How to get back in shape after pregnancy?



The phase of pregnancy is a life-turner for a woman. As people in olden times would say, it is a second birth to a mother. Thanks to epidurals, pregnancy for some has become painless but what about getting your body back to normal post-delivery.

The moment a baby is born, mother starts treating herself as secondary and in that process she gets totally ignored for a long time. When you see examples of people around you who have managed to shed all the calories and have become fit as before, you would notice that those people pay a lot of attention to self.

But, each one of us is not blessed to have a family support as we might not be staying with our families in same cities. Or, not each one of us is wealthy enough to support a good well-trained nanny and nor each one of us is lucky enough to get a dependable helping hand after paying a fat salary.

So, we are back to square one but hold on you can still get back in shape all by yourself post-delivery by making yourself aware of these few important things.

  1. Eat Healthy: Arrange plenty of roasted snacks, fruits and nuts around you to munch on when you feel hungry.

Take some handful of great smoothie recipes that are made with milk, oats, nuts, fresh fruit, honey and curd. There are plenty of such recipes available. One good place to find these is Shilpa Shetty’s food channel on YouTube.

Beverages like smoothies, juices, butter milk, etc. fill you to make you feel fuller. Always keep a few of these beverages ready to drink and store them in refrigerators so that you can have an easy access to them when you are hungry.

This will also help you to avoid indulging in eating unhealthy food.

  1. Give 20 minutes to yourself: 20 minutes a never a big deal. But, when we get free time we are so busy browsing our phones, laptops or watching televisions. 

It is extremely important to do something that you like. It could be grooming yourself or designing a wonderful attire for yourself or working on a new painting or could be anything.

The moment you choose to stay connected to your inner-self, you start understanding your basic internal needs. You have a better understanding of your desires and your bodily needs. And, thus you have a better control on foods and activities you eat and do through the day.

  1. Work out for 20 minutes: Aerobics, brisk walk, cycling, swimming, yoga, house-hold chores like sweeping the floor, etc. is helpful. When you are active regularly for 20 minutes in a day, you start burning all the calories that you have eaten in a day. Slowly, the body starts dissolving the fat that has already been stored in the body for very long. 

Start with just 20 minutes and then gradually push it further to 25 minutes then 30 minutes and so on. A good 45 minute workout is much needed by all of us.


  • Enjoy this new phase of motherhood: Being a mother myself, I know that motherhood knocks in with immense responsibilities and concerns. There is not a minute to yourself and you have all kinds of body pains and health issues with the stress that builds up. 

Hence, it is important to take things with a positive bent of mind. Motherhood happens to everybody and all babies eventually do grow up to become what they were meant to be. As women, we are just facilitators to help the babies grow up. So, take things lightly and do as much as you can happily.

Remember, if you are fit and happy then you would be able to better care of your child. So, don’t forget that the most important person is you yourself and rest everything will follow…..

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