Laughter is indeed the best medicine!!!

Let me take you back to your college days…….when you would laugh out loud with your immediate close friends all the time!! You would love the company of your friends because of this equation or repo of finding humour in everything around.

Do you feel these strong energy vibes amongst the youngsters? Yes, because they love to laugh and have a desire to conquer this world!! Laughter is indeed the best medicine. It does hundreds of favours to your body while you feel entertained and blissed while laughing out loud.

No wonder, why laughter clubs have gained so much popularity and is increasingly becoming a business. So, what does laughter actually do to us?

1. Relaxes the body: Just a few minutes of laugh can relax your entire body. It reduces your stress and muscle tension.

2. Improves circulation to heart and brain: The blood circulation is enhanced greatly to your heart and your brain when you laugh. You would notice that you have a better attention and grasping of things when you are happy.

Due to increased blood flow, any heart and cardio-vascular problems are pushed away from you when you laugh out loud.

3. Releases Endorphins: Endorphins are the evergreen feel-good factors of the body and they are released when you laugh out loudly. These endorphins ensures the well-being of the body and it elevates the mood greatly.

For those who are in pain, will feel reduced pain due to endorphin secretion.

4. It keeps the depression away: People who are jovial and share a good laugh with others every day and less prone to fall into depression. Laughing out loud has become too rare these days and people rather live life too seriously.

The secret to healthy living is very simple and requires us to be absorbed in present completely and to enjoy it to the fullest – a secret well known but seldom followed.

5. It improve the quality and longevity of life: What will you do with your success and money if you are not happy? I meet thousands of people every day who are extremely wealth and successful but are striving to live their day satisfactorily.

Laughing out loud changes your perspective towards life. When you are happy, things automatically start falling in place as you start doing everything with a happy heart. Also, the universe love people who arlaughinge happy in life and it brings more moment of happiness in their lives.

When you live your life with a light heart then of course you are much healthier, positive and active.

6. It avoids conflicts: Sharing a good laugh with your foes can add a new positive perspective to your equations. Confrontations, resentments, negativities are challenged when you choose to take things lightly and share a good laugh with people around.

So, lets pledge that we will look for opportunities to be happy, laugh out loud and to spread happiness all around. After all, who wouldn’t want to be happier, healthier and admired for just laughing out loud!! Thank You😊

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