Unmet mental needs: How to help yourself?

There are many mental ailments that make you crippled to handle your life smoothly. Some of the major ailments include stress, anxiety, fear, sadness and the most important is depression.


Each one of us suffers from depression at some point in life or the other. Depression is common in youngsters, oldies, teenagers and even children.

Of course, it may take a few days to a few weeks or even few months in serious cases to overcome depression. The remedy suggested is to seek psychological counselling or to depend on anti-depressant pills.

Yet, do you know with a little effort you can improve your mental health to a great extent and can say bye to depression forever.

How to work on yourself?

  1. Stop dreaming and start working: You feel depressed when you have some big dreams in life that are still unrealized. We lose out on patience and desperately want to turn those wishes or dreams into reality. 

Of course, dreaming surely gives a positive direction in life to become successful but just dreaming has never helped any one. You must dream to become Richie-rich, slim, making your dream house, heaving a great joyful family or getting your dream job but the efforts also need to be as large as your dreams.

It is better to convert dreams into your goals and then target your goals with a solid action plan. It helps you to come out of that illusionary world of dream and it helps you to stay grounded and realistic about your goals.

What most of us forget is that the power to become successful lies in the present and not in future. We are losing our precious present in dreaming about future. No, no, no! don’t get me wrong!!! ……there is nothing wrong in having dreams but it is wrong to be dreamy through the day and not work towards making your dreams come true.

If you have made the most of your present than the future will bow down to you and will be yours forever!!

If you want to dream than dream right before going off to sleep. These dreams manifest through the night to turn into realities. This is the Universal law that helps us to manifest dreams into realities.

But, when you are always dreamy about your future without making the right efforts, than you tend to be more depressive for the fact that your dreams look far-fetched to you.

  1. Turn people, relationships and jobs perfect: This world is a world of perception. You will never have control over the outside world which involve the people, the situations, relationships or jobs. But, what is in control is you yourself. 

Often, you are caught finding faults with your relationships or jobs or life. But, nothing works as per your wish. But, the one who looks for positivity in every situation is the real conqueror of the world.

The more you get pissed with things around, the more they influence you negatively. The only way to lead a peaceful and happy life is to look for positivity in every situation.

This is one basic mantra to success, peace and living a contended life.

  1. Start discovering yourself to know what a wonderful being you are: You feel depressed only when you have given the right to others to make you feel depressed.

 When you depend on other’s opinion is when you get hurt the most. And, who looks for others opinion – somebody who is not sure about himself/herself.

So, why not look inside instead of looking at this fickle world outside. Try to self-introspect yourself to discover your immense powerful strengths. Once, you have discovered your wonderful powers which are there in each one of us then there is no stopping.

There is nothing in this world that can depress you if you have the power within yourself. You will become fully thick-skinned and will turn a deaf year to what others will say.

This in real sense is a true victory as you have learnt to live this life to the fullest.

I hope, these three points made sense to you and you understood what I was trying to communicate. Please feel free to start a dialogue or to post in your comments as I would be very happy to receive them.

Thank You and keep smiling 😊


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