3 sure shot ways to get silky shiny hair


silky hair


I have personally had a real bad hair phase for almost 5 years. The reason was ignoring the basic nutrition and the basic efforts for a healthy life. Honestly, it does not take much to gain a bouncy, silky, smooth luscious hair.

So, I thought of sharing some easy ways that worked wonder for my hair. Let me tell you that I had a complete dry frizzy hair which would not settle without oiling post shampoo. Also, the hair would look very rough and dry and it would make me feel conscious all the time.

Going on outings with this kind of skin and hair was little challenging and I would have to devote 20 minutes to even 40 minutes sometimes to make my hair look presentable.

Anyways, without stretching it further let us see what helped me gain my smooth silky hair back:

1. Oil five minutes before shampooing: Often I get so tired by the end of the day that I avoid oiling my hair and this had become a practice for past few years. As a result, my hair would be completely devoid of moisture post shampoo and would become drier and frizzier.

Now, I just oil my hair 5 minutes prior to washing them. Trust me it has worked wonders. My hair get the desired moisture and surprisingly my hair are smooth and silky even after regular wash.

This will also help if your hair or skin type is oily and you don’t need to oil your hair pre-wash. Oiling also provides your hair with nutrition and a little massage helps a better blood circulation of blood.

2. Iron and Protein intake: I eat a lot of protein and iron that was lacking in my diet earlier. I compulsorily eat a bowl full of dal with either dates, pomegranate, carrot or apple to supplement my iron content.

This has surely contributed towards making my hair stronger and healthier.

3. Stay active: I have started doing some kind of physical activity as a part of my daily routine. I prefer walking to my milk dairy or vegetable shop nearby. This has helped me in a big way. It has improved my overall health to a great extent.

That’s it! It does not take expensive shampoos or conditioners all the time to give you what you want. I am still on my old shampoo and hair products. But, a little change in my diet and an improved physical output has surely helped me in a big way to look the way I always wanted.

This is my practical experience and please feel free to drop in your comments on this.

This is a video link for you to check out some home remedies to work on your hair.


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