Negative thoughts: A deadly poison often ignored

Would you agree that negative thoughts are the most loyal companions of our minds. They knock in uninvitedly and stay with us till we deliberately choose to shoo them off.

These thoughts are always there in our sub-conscious mind and act like a slow killer.
Serious damages happening to you by your own negative thoughts

1. The first damage that is happening to you is that, you are inviting such negative people, incidences or experiences yet again in your life. The law of attraction plays a key role in designing our lives. The more you think about something the more you get that in your life.

Universe never judges your feelings as negative or positive, it just captures your vibrations that are emitted through thoughts and it brings them back to you as experiences.

2. It puts the body under stress. The body receives the signal to respond to unfavourable situation (stress) and starts preparing the body by releasing stress hormones. Also, the vital functions of the body are called off as the body diverts its attention to something which it reads as unfavourable (Stress). As a result, constipation, indigestion, mood swings, depression, increased heart rate, increase blood pressure, etc. are faced when you remain in stress over a period of time.

3. Negative thoughts take you back in the past. The only moment you ever live is present- the past is gone forever and the future is yet to come. You need to live and enjoy every single moment of your life and that is actually called as living a life truly.

4. Negative thoughts create a lot of sadness and fear. They make you forget the present and also harms your brain and body. On regular creation of negative thoughts, some permanent changes have been seen in the brain.

5. We often ignore the power of thoughts and let these harmful thoughts stay in our mind forever but there is immense power in thoughts. You will only realize the power of thoughts once you start believing in them. It can change your world to make it liveable, lovable, and happier.14508899214_d2e6eb2c65_b

Start meditating for at least 5 minutes in a day. Let silence or meditation be your new way of living and train your mind to think positive no matter what! You will start seeing changes in your world which you never expected.

God Bless!!


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