Chew your food 32 times: Easiest way to lose weight

Obesity is the biggest killer on this planet!! Yes, not diabetes, not smoking, not cancer, not heart-attack but obesity is indeed the biggest killer.

‘Obesity’ has many loyal friends like constipation, blood pressure, lethargy, lack of confidence, tiredness, etc. Often, people think of losing weight but hardly succeed in making any permanent significant change.

Most people think that the easiest way to go about losing weight is to join a gym and follow a strict diet which often lasts too long – may be for 15 days 😊. And, then you are back to square one!

Of course, losing weight makes you much healthier, more active and more confident about yourself, yet, you fail to lose any weight consistently.

So, here is a rule which if you follow will help you lose weight without doing much about it. Have you ever heard your grandmother saying that you must chew the food for at least 32 times before swallowing it?

Yes, this is the golden rule that will help you lose weight very soon without exercise or diet.

How chewing food for 32 times helps to reduce weight?

Chewing food for 32 times is the best way to reduce weight. This is how:

  1. It crushes the food and forms a thick paste which is easily digested and processed in the body. You start gaining weight when the food you eat is stored as fat in your body. When you don’t chew your food enough, it takes a lot of time to get digested and the body prefers to stores it as fat rather than digesting it.
  2. When you chew each morsel for 32 times, the process of eating slows down. It helps you to enjoy the food and satiate your taste buds better. This brings down random cravings for food through the day.
  3. The stomach takes 20 minutes to send a signal to the brain that it is full. When you eat and chew the food for 32 times, you take a good time to finish your food. And, the signal is sent right when you are eating which prevents you to over eat your food.
  4. The process of digestion starts when your food enters your mouth. By chewing the food very well you are greatly assisting in fastening up the process of digestion in your body. This increases the chances of fat thrown out from the body each time you eat food and chew it well too.



This is perhaps the easiest way to reduce weight that acts like a miracle to say the least. Don’t believe!! Just give yourself 7 days of time and come back to post in comments if it is helping you really. Thank you😊

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