Think less………………..Best health advice!!

So!!! Looks like I caught you amidst your grave thoughts about something you disliked!! Right? Don’t worry you are not the only one…..

Do you know what is the biggest problem everyone is facing these days? It is ‘Over thinking’! You tend to over analyse the situation so much so that you want your mind to shut for sometime but it refuses to.

Over- thinking is becoming a serious issue for people all over. Thanks to ample flow of information via media and internet, people are just trapped thinking most of the time what they actually want to run away from.

Would you agree that the person you remember the most through out your day is the one who you want to stay away from? Anybody, who has not been nice to you is allowed to stay in your mind forever, right??

Why is it like that?? Have you done something to overcome this or you think that you have lost control over your mind?? Perhaps! It’s the later which is why the mental troubles are shooting up.

Thinking is a great tool that has been gifted to us by the Universal Intelligence or God, Right? Then, why are we not able to use it the way we should?

Well!!! Millions of people across the globe are getting into addictions of all sorts because they order their minds to ‘Shut up’! but it often refuses to. This forces them to intoxicate the mind with liquor, tobacco or drugs so that they get mindless.

Most of us are running behind money all the time. It is like a rat race where we want to win by proving to others that we are worth it. Really? Are we not sure of our worth, capabilities and our aim of life.

Why do we seek other’s approval in everything?? It is because we have stopped nurturing our mind totally. All we are fed with since morning is all kind of rubbish and negative news. Our mind produces only what it is fed.

Like food is for body, thoughts is for mind. Do we ever take even a few minutes out to feed the mind with positive thoughts? Or, we are just barely managing to make it to work with clock ticking on our heads.

Whatever the situation is, our minds are our sole responsibilities. When we feel stressed, fatigued, depressed, worn out – it is a serious call for help from our mind. But, what do we do in return – intoxicate it or we reach out to a pill to reduce stress and anxiety.

Importance of Mind
The mind that dictates our life or say every thing that we do from birth till death is a vital part of us, isn’t it? It is calling for help- do we really listen to it?

Why can’t we just cool down and settle down for something less in the best interest of our mind. Would you not want to be sane throughout life? Would you not want to avoid mental illnesses like Alzheimer’s syndrome or depression?

Of course, you would! But, then you need to learn to take care of your mind. It doesn’t ask you for more. Just 10 minutes from your really jam packed life only to keep you healthy forever.

1. Practice silence for 10 minutes. Train your mind to stop thinking when you want it to stop. Teach it to reduce the flow of thoughts to bare minimal.

2. Nurture the mind with positive thoughts: Nurture your mind with all kinds of positive thoughts. Let, this positivity stimulate your minds and bodies. Don’t feel victimized by what you get to read on papers, WhatsApp, Facebook or in the NEWS.

You anyways would not have control over what you are getting to see and hear. But, by taming your mind to behave as it is told, you are doing your bit of spreading positivity around.

You must have heard that life works on a simple logic. What goes out of your mind is what it gets back. If positivity flows out of the mind then of course it is rewarded with a lot more positivity and vice-versa.

Hence, whether or not you can contribute towards your physical fitness but you must take a very good care of mental one. If for 80% of the time, you have taken care of your mental health then the physical health automatically falls in place.

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