5 reasons that will force you to drink ample water

drinking ample water

Water is all around us and is the most easily available beverage, at least today 😊. It has some amazing properties to its credit.

As per hydration expert Doug Casa, PhD., water constitutes 2/3rd of our body and influences, 100% of processes in our body. And, of course whenever we hydrate ourselves with ample water, we feel a lot better.

Water has amazing properties to its credit. A daily intake of 10 to 12 glasses is recommended for a healthy living. Now, let us see what all good we do to us the moment we start drinking ample water.

5 reasons to regulate your water intake seriously:

1. It helps in tremendous weight loss: Water flushes out the toxins and excess fats from the body in the form of urine or body waste. The more you drink water the better it cleanse your body by enabling smooth circulation and excretion.

One of the important tip that you may receive from your dietician is that, you need to drink water 20 minutes before having your meal. It makes you feel fuller and you tend to eat significantly less than what you do otherwise.

As per the obesity journal published in 2015, by consuming water before meals you tend to consume 40 calories less every time. A lot of you must be wondering, “Should I consume ice-cold water or hot water to reduce weight”?

Well! this is a question that knocks in everyone’s mind these days. The Ayurvedic science and yogic science has always believed in the miraculous power of hot water. Till sometime back, it was believed that only hot water contributes towards the weight loss ( which is actually true).

In one of the recent researches done by Rachele Pojednic (Phd.) (Prof. in Harvard School) – Drinking Ice cold water burns only 100 calories per day which is a minimal amount of contribution. Per glass of cold water only burns 4 to 8 calories of energy. The reason behind is that body has to burn calories to bring water to body temperature.

Also, if you drink ice-cold water soon after meals then it condenses the fat molecules which get absorbed by the body making you fatter.

Alternatively, when you drink warm water, it gets better absorbed and increases the metabolic rate of the body. Warm water also aides in pushing the waste to the intestine from where it further goes to kidneys and liver and is eventually thrown out.

Hence, it is better to drink warm water as it is more effective and beneficial remedy to lose weight. Moreover, hot water breaks down fat faster which is then processes to be thrown out of the body.

2. It optimizes digestion: It is a well-known fact that lack of water intake results in constipation and poor bowel movement. Constipation if persists for too long can invite a couple of other concerns as well.

The best way to deal with constipation is to keep yourself hydrated and to drink a lot of warm water through the day if possible.

As per Stella Matsova, clinical nutritionist, physicians recommend to start the day with a glass of warm water with a dash of lime and honey in it.

3. It prevents the internal organs to get damaged: If there is scarcity of water then the circulation gets hampered. The toxins trapped in cells and tissues of these organs remain where they are which lead to mal-functioning of body organs.

Hence, drinking enough water helps to keep the vital organs intact.

4. It improves work efficiency: Drinking enough water hydrates us. It makes us feel energetic and improves our stamina through the day.

The next time you feel lazy and drowsy, just try drinking some water and see the difference.

5. It keeps stones at bay: Drinking enough water keeps you away from the stone formation. Researches have shown that kidneys and urinary bladders are most affected when you do not drink enough water.

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Drinking enough water helps to flush out excess calcium from the body preventing the formation of stones.

Hence, these are the most recommended reasons for you to regulate your fluid intake regularly. Good habits may take time and little effort to get formed, but it gives immense benefits through out the life. And, what better than gaining a good healthy life which is an asset for you throughout.

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