Cellulite: The myths, facts and effective remedies to get rid of it

Have you got cellulite??? Don’t worry as almost 90% of women have it in their thighs, buttocks, stomach or their arms. Around 10 to 15% of men also have cellulites in their bodies (American society of Aesthetic plastic surgery).

Cellulite actually makes the skin look little ugly and you may end up having a desperation to get rid of it. And, it is quite easy to get rid of it provided you are aware of ways to treat it.

Dr. Cheryl Karcher, Dermatologist (MD), puts it that cellulite appears when the fat breaks through the connective tissue fibres in the skin. The appearance is more prominent in fat depositing areas such as buttocks, belly, arms and thighs.

Almost all women have cellulite in some point of their lives or other. Women when pregnant get the most cellulite on their bellies as stretch marks which remain forever. Although, cellulite is harmless but it is a constant worry for people who are fond of smooth skin with no marks.

Latest Research: At Stone Brook University, researchers are doing advanced trials for an injection, CCH (Clostridial Collegenase histolyticum), developed to erase cellulite. The injection is rich in collagenase enzyme which breaks down cellulite.

Back in 2006, phase I trials were done on 10 women where an injection was inserted back in their thighs. Around 77% of cellulite was reduced in the thighs after one day. And by the end of 6 months, there was 76% reduction in cellulite marks in the thighs of the women studied.

But, this is just an instant remedy for those who want to flaunt their skin under the Sun. There are much better natural remedies available which are easily workable.

Cellulite: The Myths and the facts

  1. Toxins form cellulite: Cellulite results from excess fat deposit which breaks through the connective tissues. Toxins have no role to play in it.


  1. Cellulite happens when you scratch your tummy while expecting: There is no medical evidence to support that scratching the tummy when it itches during pregnancy results in cellulite.
    1. Cellulite goes off with skin firming creams: None of the creams can give you permanent results when it comes to cellulite removal. Most creams that contain retinol may give temporary results by thickening the skin around which overshadows cellulite marks.

      1. Cellulite happens only to fat people: Some thin, slender and well in shape people also have cellulite wherever they have fat deposits. A lot of people look forwards to cosmetic surgeries or medical treatments to overcome cellulite problems.
      1. Cellulite happens when you gain fat: It is a fact that due to obesity the chances of getting cellulite go up but a lot of women develop it because of the gene they have inherited from their family. This explains why slender people also develop cellulite in their bodies.

Effective Remedies to get rid of cellulite


      1. Massage: Regular massage helps to tone up the muscles and improve the blood circulation as well. Toned up muscles will have intact connective tissues to support the body functioning and so there will be less appearance of cellulite.
      1. Body exercise: Exercising is a great way to reduce the body fat. The body loses it excess fat which invariably reduces cellulite. Also, strength training exercises are known to give amazing results. These exercises help muscles to work out really hard which reduces the fat deposits in the underlying tissues.
      1. Eating right: Having healthy diet will helps to strengthen your tissue and body cells. You must eat diet which is rich in water, minerals and vitamins to balance the nutrient requirement of the body.


      1. Stay active: By staying active your body has better circulation and which in turn helps to get rid of fat from the body. Less fat will invite less cellulite formation.

A lot of doctors believe that cellulite is not a medical condition that needs to be treated. But, for most of us it is a cosmetic concern which should be treated by a dermatologist only. A lot of us believe that liposuction will remove the fat from the body and so cellulite will also go away. This is totally false as after liposuction the skin becomes loose and wrinkly and the fat distribution is likely to be more uneven. A lot of cosmetic clinics also provide laser treatment to treat cellulite which is non-invasive. But, you should rather work on the natural ways to get rid of it rather than undergoing any medical procedures.

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