How to apply nail polish without damaging your nails?

Are you aware that nail paints are loaded with toxic chemicals that can harm your nails in the longer run. Dr. Thu Quach from Stanford University, says that nail polishes come with ‘toxic trio’ which include formaldehyde, toluene and ibutyl phthalate.

A prolonged exposure to these toxic chemicals can even lead to cancer or hormonal imbalances as is suggested by recent researches at Stanford University. Even, the acetone present in the remover can dehydrate your nails leaving them dry and flaky.

Do you know that it takes about 3 to 5 months for the nails to repair themselves of the damage caused by acetone. Hence, always go for acetone free remover to save your nails of the harsh effect of acetone.

Margaret Dabb, a founder of her own beauty brand, insists that you should always opt for nail paints that are rich in natural oils and vitamins, that rather nourishes your nails.
Ms. Sally Hansen, a global colour expert, recommends to use a nail strengthening product to brighten and strengthen the nails. This strengthening product also moisturises the nails making them less brittle, shinier and provides longevity.

How to apply a nail polish?
Base coat: Base coat provides you with special care for your nails by keeping the nail paint away from direct contact of your skin. Base coat strengthens the nails and also devoid your nails of any staining and dryness that may occur due to chemicals in nail polish.

Do not use nail paint regularly: When you take off your nail polish then just let the nails breathe fresh air for a few days. This will help the nails to recover fast of the harmful effects of chemicals in the nail polish.

You can use a good branded nail strengthener to strengthen your nails and to help them recover faster when the nail polish is not used. Nail strengthener also provides a good shine to your nails and make them look beautiful as well.

Use chemical free nail polishes of reliable brands: Look for nail polishes that are free of formaldehydes and parabens. Nail polishes without chemicals are pretty much available to be bought online.

If you are a die-hard fan of fashion and prefers to look tip-top always then you must surely go for chemical free nail polishes.

A nail filer helps: It is important to keep trimming your nails and filing them regularly to avoid any breakages at the ends. It gives a good hygiene and longevity to your nails as well. Before the application of nail paint, just trim your nails and file them as per the requirement.

Cuticle moisturizer: It is important to use cuticle moisturizer regularly to keep your cuticle moisturized and nourished.

Check this….before visiting your salon
Beware of suffocating salons: When you go out to salons regularly, which you do often to get a good finishing on your nails, you should watch out if there is ample ventilation or not.

At salons, nail paints are a regular affair throughout the day. The fumes of toxic chemicals from nail paints and other cosmetic products get trapped in the air and may be harmful for the workers working in there. It is necessary that your salon is well-ventilated to minimize the harmful effects of toxic chemicals.

Toe nails

Your toe nails take twice as long as your finger nails to grow up. Your finger nails grow by 3mm every month but the toe nails may just grow half as long as finger nails in a month. Also, it is equally important for toe nails to nourish and look after them well.

Every single coat of nail polish may damage your toe nail to an extent that it may need 9 months to repair them. Hence, be very careful with the choice of your brand of nail polish and opt for herbal brands only even if they mean investing more money at a time.

Some tips on using cosmetics

It would be great if you can go chemical free in using herbal cosmetics as far as you can. As such potent toxic chemicals can lead to lethal diseases in the longer run.

Also, it is suggested to use cutlery for eating while you have your nails polished. This will avoid any particles of the nail paint entering your mouth and affecting you in any way.

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