5 things that will bring joy instantly in your life

Every day breaks out to bring in a lot of worries, tensions, stress and insecurities. Life has become so demanding that we just keep dreaming of becoming happier some day after gaining big wealth.

Or, a lot of times we want to associate our happiness with our promotions, or finding a dream job, or breaking out of relationships we don’t want to be in or setting up an independent family away from interferences of well-meaning relatives, etc.

No matter how much we have achieved or how far we have come, we still dream of a happier tomorrow. And, needless to say with so much hustle-bustles happening around, the much sought after joy has vanished somewhere from our lives.

We hardly have days where we get together in evenings to share a hard laugh rather we are always worried about finishing our responsibilities and by the time we get done with that, we are so tired that we just want to hit the bed.

Happiness which was a natural abundant feeling once upon a time, has become a rare commodity. We have started seeking happiness in shopping, eating out and going out on a holiday. Some where we have accepted that happiness is only something that you experience at leisure.

But, do you know that happiness is within us? This beautiful feeling has got suppressed due to the stress and pretensions we carry about our lives.

Happiness only needs to be rekindled within is. Let us look at the ways to feel happy every day without putting in way too much of an effort.

1. Choose to reach for a better feeling thought: Every day we just think, think and think without giving any attention to what we are thinking. Thinking disturbing thoughts create fear and anxiety in us.

Every time you notice a negative thought running in your mind, just reach for a better feeling thought. It just take a little consciousness on your side to turn any negative thought into a positive one.

And, you would see that from a heavy stressed day, your day would turn out to be beautiful and joyful.

2. Help at least one person in your morning hours: Would you agree that earning good wishes from others is the toughest thing to do in today’s world?

The reason why we feel so depressed and negative these days is because there is a lot of stress and negativity in our environment. We are surrounded with vibrations of all kinds of negative frequencies.

When you help somebody in need, you are blessed with positive vibrations of that person for as long as he remembers you.

These positive energies help to create a positive aura around you and it elevates your energies and feelings to a great extent.

For example, you could just give the leftover food to the needy on your way to office. You could allow an old person to cross road by stopping your car. You could be a patient listener to someone’s emotional suffering.

3. Create one positive thought with which you sleep: Right before you are about to fall sleep, just make an attempt to think one powerful positive thought in present tense.

Your sub conscious mind will keep sending powerful positive vibrations to the Universe saying which will keep bringing back happiness in your life. This is one secret that most of us are not aware of.

God has gifted us with this life with a power to create it the way we want. Whether we want to manifest that power in our favour or not solely depends on us.

Most of us are not even aware of how to use the power of our mind to create a better tomorrow. People who think positive thoughts attract positive experiences in life and vice-versa.

However, we can begin with creating one positive thought right before hitting the bed and the new changes would automatically help us further to perform better.

For example, the thought could be:

I can do it – it will bring you success in whatever you are aiming to achieve
I am in my perfect health – It will heal your body of any illnesses that you are dealing with.
I am open to all the positive experiences in life – It will bring you abundant joy and prosperity. It will also attract the right people in your life.

4. Don’t seek approvals – know yourself: The biggest challenge in today’s world is that we keep seeking approval or acceptance from others in everything we do. Somewhere, we have stopped giving any importance to our own conscience.

Just do what you feel like doing till when it is not harming others. There are no written rules to define what is right and what is not. You should do something that you love to do irrespective of whether others are appreciative of it or not.

For example, I chose to be a freelance writer who works from home because this is what I enjoy doing. A lot of people surrounding me has told me that I am making a mistake by not taking up a full-time job, but I don’t really care. All I know is that I enjoy working the way I am and that is all is needed.

If I am happy in my present, my future will automatically bring in a lot of good and happiness.

5. Believe in divine power to help you: We feel so stressed out because we think it is us who are responsible for certain things.

Of course, this is how it is but there is divine power or you may say Universal intelligence that is taking care of all of us. This universal intelligence talks to us as our conscience and our intuition.

But, our intuitive power has died off owing to our understanding of life and the way of dealing with it. The more you believe in the divine guidance, the more it is made available to you.

We should have faith that there is somebody up above there who will never think ill for us. So, whatever is happening should be surrendered to life and accepted with grace.

Please drop in your comments to let me know if this was inspiring for you 😊
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