How to get silky shiny smooth hair?

Bouncy, silky, and shiny hair is a fantasy of all of us. Every time you see a model with a thick bouncy hair on TV, you feel like owing such hair to enhance your beauty.

Of course, the hair texture and appearance is genetically controlled to a large extent but a lot can be done at your end to make your hair look shiny and silky. Of course, diet plays a key role in your hair quality but there are other key factors as well that control the way your hair look.

As per Dr. D. Draelos, MD FAAD, the texture and quality of hair depends a lot on the treatment it receives from you. As per the recommendations of Dr. Draelos, you often focus on the products to wash your hair but most often you ignore the technique of washing that is needed for healthy hair.

As per Dr. Drealos, the following tips will help you get the desired texture and shine in your hair:

    • While shampooing, focus more on the scalp rather than hair. If you apply more shampoo on your hair shaft that would leave your hair rough and dry.
    • While conditioning your hair, you need to apply the conditioner only on the tips of the hair. None of it should go on to the scalp.
    • If the hair texture is oily, then use a mild shampoo to wash every day.
    • If by any chance you have coloured your hair or treated it chemically, then the hair might be more dry in texture and hence frequent wash should be avoided.
    • Reduce the frequency of hair was as and when you grow older, as your skin gets less oily with age.
    • As per American Academy of Dermatology, it is very important to choose the right product for your hair. For coloured or straightened hair, specific shampoos are made available to be used. If your hair is dry and damaged, then you need to choose a shampoo with nourishing and repairing properties in it.
    • AAD (American Academy of Dermatology), it is very important to use a swimming cap while swimming to protect your hair from strong chemicals like chlorine.
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    Some other tips to help you get good quality hair are:

        1. Always use conditioner after shampooing to protect your hair from dust, pollution and Sun.
        2. Never comb in wet hair as it weakens the roots of the hair and initiate hair falling.
        3. Oil your hair specifically when your scalp is dry to prevent dandruff and flakes from occurring.
        4. Coconut oil is the most suitable oiling medium for hair. But, other oils such as olive oil, almond oil, mustard oil, jasmine oil can also be used.
        5. Wrap your hair after wash. It is important to wrap your hair with a towel after wash to help it dry faster and also to prevent dust from getting attracted to wet hair.
        6. Did you know that if you brush for at least 100 times in a day, then you might end up having split ends.
        7. Do not wear hair accessories like braids or any other hair extensions for too long as it puts pressure on the hair and leads to breakage.
        8. Flat irons for straightening hair should be used as less as possible. The heat setting should be medium to low to avoid damage of hair due to excessive heat.
        9. Drink as much water as you can to prevent dryness of hair.
        10. Use biotics to provide the much needed nourishment to your hair but only in consultation with your doctor.
        11. Be as jovial and cheerful as you can as it pumps in endorphins which enhance the overall growth of the body.
        12. Eat plenty of iron and protein rich food such as green leafy vegetables, egg white, fish, chicken , dals, raw vegetables, dates, carrot, pomegranate, apples, etc.
        13. Also, try to stay from stress as much as possible. Stress only makes your hair worse and invites greying of hair earlier.

    The only way to deal with stress is to be happy go lucky and take life less seriously. Meditation is a very powerful tool to de-stress yourself every day. It relaxes your mind and body and gives you the strength to take every challenge positively in your stride.

    There are a lot of hidden benefits every time you laugh or smile. It boosts your immunity and makes you much stronger. Whereas, anger or stress only weakens your immunity and invites all kinds of health issues. Look out for healthy choices that you make through the day. A positive fulfilling day can bring you benefits beyond your imagination.


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