Can the eye vision be improved?

This is one question that knocks in everyone’s mind and the answer to it is ‘Yes’. Eating nutritious food and doing regular eye exercises do improve your eye sight.

Of course at times, professional help is needed to overcome eyesight disorders but to maintain a good vision forever it is always suggested to watch your food and roll your eyes daily.

These days even small kids suffer from poor sights and they can be seen wearing thick glasses all the time. So, you need to feed healthy food and green leafy vegetables to your kids right from the beginning.

So, here is what needs to be done to improve your eyesight:

1. Healthy food: Good food and nutrition helps your eyes to function better and much longer. Spinach and carrot are rich in vitamin A, red tomatoes are rich in lycopene, oranges and sweet lime are rich in Vitamin C, Salmon, tuna and other fish rich in omega 3 fatty acids are a great source to keep your eyes healthy.

Dry Fruits which are rich in protein and vitamins must also be consumed on daily basis. Soaked almonds should be consumed as the first thing in the morning and it really helps to develop a great eye sight.

2. Never rub your eyes: Increased pollution and dust make the eyes itchy. When you rub your eyes then rubbing degenerates the corneal cells which are non-regenerative in nature. It causes permanent damage to the eyes which leads to feeling uneasiness on long exposure to computer screens.
Instead of rubbing one needs to wash the eyes regularly to get rid of any pollutants.

3. Warm your eyes: This is a remedy to recharge your eyes to feel fresh and energetic at any point of time. Just rub your palms to generate good amount of heat. Then, place your palms on your eyes and keep the eyes open to let them absorb the heat energy. This instantly charges your eyes and improves your vision as blood circulation improves due to heat.

4. Eye Exercise: Roll your eyes systematically to help the eye muscles get strengthen up. If you do regular exercise of the eyes then eye related disorders don’t show up later. Just simply move the eye balls up and down, side to side, clockwise, anti-clockwise a couple of times. And, finally blink the eyes fast and rub your palms and place them on closed eyes.

5. Cold water rinse: Before sleeping and after waking, sprinkle cold water on your eyes to improve your eyesight. Cold water rinsing relaxes your eye muscles and improves your vision.

6. Walk over the green grass: The first three toes have reflexology points for eyes which gets pressed when you walk barefoot over green grass. It also helps to neutralize your electrical energies thereby cleaning you off your negative energies.

7. Use anti-glare glasses: Use anti-glare glasses while working on your screen for long.

8. Use Sunglasses: UV rays are extremely harmful for eyes and you need to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes when you are out in the sun.

9. Remove eye make-up: Make sure to get rid of all the eye makeup before sleeping to let your skin cells breathe while you are asleep. Also, wearing eye makeup to bed can lead to sty formation.

10. Sleep well: Catching up proper sleep helps to relax the eyes which are working through the day.

11. Get a good medicated hydrant: To deal with dryness of the eyes, get a good hydrant prescribed by your ophthalmologist. Use hydrant whenever your eyes get dry.

12. Remove contact lenses: Always remove contact lenses before sleeping as it cuts down the oxygen supplies to the eyes.

13. Reduce sugar intake: If diabetes is uncontrolled for too long then it eventually results into blindness. Hence, it is advisable to reduce sugar intake if you are diabetic to keep your eye vision intact.

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