How to identify depression?

Depression is a medical condition where the victim feels depressed, sad and frustrated for a very long time. It may last for years together and the victim and his family may take too long to identify it to be ‘depression’ which needs to be treated carefully.

Depression is a strong persistent feeling of not being negative most of the time. And, there are certain behavioural traits to watch out if you have doubtful about whether you are depressed or not.

Here, are the traits to watch out for depression:

• On a beautiful rainy day when people love to enjoy the weather and want to catch up for outings, you prefer being a couch potato lost in your thoughts and feeling extremely upset, lonely and low.
• You wake up every morning with this heavy feeling of negativity and you just don’t want to kick start your day.
• You avoid participating in casual conversations with colleagues or friends as you are disturbed and doesn’t want to reveal your emotional feelings.
• The goals set by you earlier now look like far-fetched dreams and you are highly under-confident about achieving them. You keep on doubting your potential and even small hurdles appear like major challenges to you.
• You wake up mid-night with some negative dreams and thoughts running on your mind. You are depressed and feel irritated and frustrated. You feel like sharing your feelings with someone but does not have the courage to do so.
• You are over-sensitive to suggestions, criticism and comments and it breaks you down totally.
• You have started drinking heavily, smoking heavily and are into substance abuse only to shut the thoughts running in your mind.
• You cry when alone and even lock yourself up in rest rooms to cry silently.
• You have severe gastric attacks, nausea and stomach aches. You also suffer with severe constipation.
• You have either started indulging in unhealthy eating habits whenever you get anxiety attacks or you have minimized food intake and has erratic eating habits.
• You have started sleeping through the day or you have developed insomnia as your traumatic mind doesn’t let you sleep.
• You tend to overthink situations that have hurt you in the past. You think of negative consequences of everything around you including your past which has no control on your present.
• You have suicidal thoughts running in your mind and you read about suicides a lot.
• You have reduces your physical activity to bare minimum and whatever little you do, you do it slow paced with a lost mind.
• You spend hours sitting alone lost in painful thoughts.
• You shed tears looking at the pictures of your family and friends. You long for those happy moments and time you have spent together.
• You have started harming yourself physically and you wish that you were not born.
• You get into super aggressive arguments with your family and friends if they pressurize you to open up about your changed behaviour. You have many arguments and quarrels through the day on petty issues.
• You have started dwelling in delusions and hallucinations and you imagine things that are no way real.
• You have lost interest in your spouse, family and sex.

These are just some of the many indicators that you can see if you are depressed. Though, the intensity and behaviour in depression varies from person to person.

Depression is broadly of three types:
1. Mild
2. Medium
3. Severe
Mild and medium categories of depression are self-controllable and using your will-power and choosing to be happy no matter what, you can successfully overcome it.

The severe depression is extremely dangerous and you must never hesitate in meeting a good psychiatrist for the same.

The ultimate remedy to stay away from depression is to be a happy go lucky person. Mould yourself or rather force yourself to see positivity everywhere.

Also, inculcate the practice of meditation for only 10 minutes in a day. One who meditates never fall prey to psychological disorders like depression and anxiety. It is a miraculous cure for not just mental disorders but it also trains your mind to think beautiful thoughts to create a wonderful present.

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