What is depression and how to deal with it?

Depression is one of the most common occurrences affecting millions across the globe these days. There are many factors that make you feel depressed at some point in life or the other.

Feeling sad is often misunderstood as feeling depressed by you. You often feel down in a day when you are met with challenges“ but feeling depressed is a medical condition that requires a lot of attention.

You may not be aware of your depression until you are told that you are suffering from it by your family or friends. Or, you notice some really negative feelings and behaviour which persist over a period of time.

Depression is a medical condition that needs to be treated or worked up consistently to get rid of. It is a dangerous disorder that takes away the zeal to live happily each day. As per WHO, 350 million people suffer from depression across the globe.


What are the reasons to feel depressed ?

Depression is caused due to:

  • Unmatched expectations that you wish would have come true for you
  • Too much pressure of work and too many hardships
  • Repetitive failures despite working very hard
  • Challenges in relationships within the family
  • Liquor, tobacco or drug addiction
  • Betrayal at professional and personal level
  • Loss of a family member
  • Children feeling tremendous career pressure with a fear of failing in competitive exams
  • Company of negative judgemental people who are always criticizing you.
  • Physical or mental abuse
  • Sudden financial loss
  • Comparisons, insecurities and inferiority complex
  • Onset of puberty or being bullied constantly by friends
  • During teens.

Types of Depression:

Depression are of various types such as:

  • Major Depression- It happens suddenly to a person and persists for too long.
  • Persistent Depressive Disorder- This is a prolonged depression episode that may last for at least two years or more. The person may have varied intensity of mood swings but the symptoms persist for too long.
  • Bipolar disorder – In this, the person undergoes extreme lows and extreme highs. The highs take them to another level and the lows pull them down making them feel depressed.
  • Seasonal depression – It occurs in a particular time in a year. For example, if you are in a place where there is no sunshine for too long then you may end up feeling depressed.
  • Postpartum depression – It occurs in women after delivery. The women feel extremely depressed and lost for a very long time.
  • Psychotic depression- It occurs when the person along with depression has very false beliefs or imagines upsetting things that are not real.

 Symptoms of Depression 

Depression often leaves a person feeling sad, lonely and upset. However, there are many other symptoms to watch out to know if you or your near or dear one is suffering from any kind of depression.

  • Always feeling sad and under confident
  • Negative feelings arise every now and then
  • Feeling depressed and sad
  • Loss of interest in everything
  • Feeling drained out and exhausted all the time
  • Change in eating habits
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Irritable behaviour and restlessness
  • Isolation and avoiding friends and family
  • Frequent arguments with well-wishers

How to deal with depression?

Depression is one of the worst feelings that exist on this planet. People who suffer from it are often not even aware of it. Instead of blaming them for wrong doings of such victims, you need to be very patient and tolerant to understand the root cause of their ill-behaviour.

Taking these steps would surely help:

  • Emotional Support: A lot of emotional support is needed for people who are depressed. You should immediately change your perspective of dealing with them and give them a patient hearing. You may not be able to relate with their imaginations and beliefs, but be patient and give them hope.
  • Give a lot of personal attention: You need to keep talking to your child or your family member about something or another. Don’t necessarily always discuss about depression but keep talking about something. This will ensure that the victim feels connected and is more likely to open up with his or her feelings whenever there is a threshold.
  • Proper Sleep: A healthy and comfortable sleep can be a great contributor towards overcoming depression. Sleep sometimes need to be induced using relaxation therapies or by using mood elevators.
  • Exercise or walk: It has been observed that exercise or walk will boost up the endorphin secretion in the body which is needed to fight with depression. A regular exercise or walking is a must if you are undergoing any kind of depression.
  • Good company: When you are depressed then it is extremely important to be in a company of good people. Your friends and family act as a big support in such testing times. Also, people who are themselves negative and critical make you even more sad and negative.
  • Open up: Depression is a disorder that may come up every now and then. When you are depressed than it is very important to open up about your feelings of depression. Everyone needs help with their feelings at some point or the other. It is absolutely okay to express your feeling to your family who will support you unconditionally and it will boost your confidence tremendously.
  • Seek medical help: A lot of times, when you are feeling isolated and sad for too long than you must consider the idea of visiting a doctor. A doctor will prescribe you some medication to elevate your mood and may send you to a counsellor who will help to rebuild your self-esteem. Such medical help is of great importance and pulls you out of depression totally and the treatment also helps you to get healed emotionally.
  • Use will-power: Deceptions, betrayals, failures, fights, pressures and insecurities have always existed in lives. Earlier, people would just not fall prey to such feelings but would fight back to achieve what they want. Depression is a mental disorder and any kind of mental disorder can be fought using a strong will-power. 

Just choose to reach for a better feeling thought no matter what. Just, keep aside your work priorities and personal priorities for the time being and focus on feeling good no matter what.

  • Pray and meditate: Prayer and meditation gives you a lot of strength to face up the challenges of life. Both these practices, fill you up with positivity and charges your soul to be powerful and confident. 

The reason why you feel depressed these days is that you have no time to self-introspect yourself. You don’t have time to pray and stay connected to the ultimate Supreme who is the Ocean of love, purity, strength, peace and happiness.

If you start meditation even for five minutes in a day, you would notice that such depressive symptoms will never appear in you.

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