How to prevent tooth decay?

Having healthy teeth is a necessity throughout life. Tooth care starts much earlier than we often realize. The challenge lies in maintaining a good oral and dental health throughout life. Else, frequent dental visits can be very frustrating, painful and expensive.

Tooth decay is really bad and can cause a lot of inconvenience in the longer run. Tooth ache can be really painful and the worst is that these teeth are very important assets for us. Once, if we lose any tooth than we will never get it back.

dental carries

Of course, there are ways out like getting an artificial tooth implanted but what comfort you derive from a natural tooth may not come from an artificial one.

Even if implantation has worked for you in the past, why would you want to go through all the pain ever again? So why not check write up to see if it can bring some difference to you.

Here, is how to take care of your dental health:

  • Rinse your mouth with water soon after you chewed anything. The starch or carbohydrates present in the food react with bacteria and forms acid in the mouth. This acid chips off the outer enamel of the teeth leading to formation of caries.
  • Try increasing fluoride content in the water. Drink fluorinated water from the municipal tap as fluoride helps to reduce cavity formation in the teeth.
  • Warm salt water is an excellent tooth saver. Warm saline water removes all the harmful bacteria from the mouth leaving it sterile.
  • Use a fluoride based tooth paste as fluoride helps to prevent any kind of tooth decay.
  • Sometimes, if there are a lot of carries formed in your teeth than your doctor may prescribe you fluoride tablets to improve the dental health.
  • Avoid eating too many sweets through the day as sweets are rich in carbs which lead to acid formation quickly.
  • Take calcium tablets if there is calcium deficiency in the body. Calcium is important to maintain teeth and bone health especially in women. Hence, a regular calcium intake may help to fill up any deficiencies that may be cropping up. Alternatively, take milk and curd regularly in your diet as it is important to maintain your bone and teeth health.
  • Always brush in morning as well as in night. It is extremely important to brush before sleeping as the food that we have eaten through the day tends to lodge between the teeth and the gums. Also, when the mouth is closed for so long while sleeping then the anaerobic bacteria tends to decay the teeth faster. Hence, if you have inculcated this good habit of brushing teeth twice in a day then your child may never have to visit the dentist ever in the life time.
  • Visit your dentist often as your dentist will clean your teeth and remove the plaque deposits from it. Also, if there is any cavities starting to form than your dentist will attend to it immediately which helps in further growth of the cavities.
  • Dental Sealants: These days very good quality dental sealants are available to protect the molar teeth from developing cavities. Sealants are a thin plastic covering that protect the teeth from decaying by forming a protective covering over them. You can get these sealants done for your kids as well.

    The first molar appears post 5 years and soon after that you can get the sealants applied on your child’s teeth.

    Hope, this was useful. Please feel free to drop in your comments on this…….

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