The various causes and cures of allergies


Allergies are caused due to many allergens in the air, water or food. Thanks to acute heavy pollution that is rising further at a fast rate, more number of people are falling prey to allergies. The level of adulteration in food and even water has risen considerably to cause all kinds of food allergies.

Out of many symptoms of allergies, you may experience sneezing, itching, running nose, watery eyes, redness in eyes, sore throat, rashes, swelling, etc. One of the most common questions asked is, ‘Will my allergies ever go away?’ Well, the answer is quite simple – “It depends on your immunity and it varies from person to person.


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Allergies are caused because people have weak immune systems. Having hot and freshly cooked food, playing or staying outside to breathe in fresh air, eating plenty of fresh salads and fruits, eating home cooked food only are all old-fashioned lifestyle suggestions.

Most people are unable to cope up with their hectic lifestyle and end up eating in odd hours and that too whatever is available. As a result, the immune system weakens over the period of time which needs to be checked with regular exercise and balanced food intake.

Types of allergies:

There are many different types of allergies that happen to people around:

  • Seasonal allergies: These allergies crop up due to change in weather that can happen due to pollens, dust or molds, etc. The allergies crop up due to pollens that come out in a specific season from grass, weeds or plants.
  • Dust allergy: For people allergic to dust, it is very difficult to live in a country like ours. There is dust everywhere and the sufferer needs to take extra precautions while stepping on the roads.
  • Pet allergy: People have allergies due to pets such as dogs and cats. Allergies due to cat are twice as common as that of allergies due to dogs.
  • Milk allergy: All dairy made products such as paneer, milk, curd, and cheese have to be avoided. When you fail to digest casein protein then you end up having indigestion.
  • Egg allergy: These allergies are common in children and any food product containing eggs should be avoided.
  • Wheat allergy: A lot of people are allergic to gluten and it comes across as a big challenge. Wheat is usually present in almost everything these days so this particular allergy may throw a lot of challenges. You will have to change your diet completely.
  • Sulphite allergy: This is usually present in drugs and in food as preservatives. Usually one in 100 people are believed to have these allergies.
  • Soy allergy: Soy is present in tofu and soy sauce. Soy allergies are quite easy to handle as you only need to avoid soya beans, soya milk, tofu and soy sauce.
  • Drug allergies: Some people are sensitive to certain drugs and they may suffer from mild to severe reactions due to drug allergy.
  • Sun allergy: Some people develop rashes and redness when exposed to harmful UV rays of the Sun. For them, using a good Sun block or a sun screen is highly recommended. You may sometimes notice your eyes start watering when you step out in the Sun, this again indicates Sun allergy.
  • Cosmetic allergy: Certain fragrances can stimulate sneezing or other allergic reactions in you while you may also experience allergies due to certain cosmetic products.
  • Skin allergy: Skin allergies happen when allergens touch the skin due to which the immune system over reacts and t     he skin may become red or develop rashes on it.
  • Fish allergy: Fish allergy is also becoming common and it may occur due to one of more variety of fish.
  • Nut allergy: These allergies happen due to peanuts, cashews, walnuts, etc.
  • Fabric allergy: You might get rashes and itchiness on wearing woollens or any other synthetic fabric.
  • Synthetic jewellery: A lot of people are allergic to junk jewellery and they develop swelling, redness and rashes when they wear junk jewellery. 

        How to overcome allergies? 

  • Stay indoors: When its stormy or windy then you must stay indoors. Storm brings in a lot of dust mites and pollen with it, which could immediately trigger allergic reactions in you.
  • Drink warm water: Drinking warm water helps in flushing out all the allergens from the body unlike cold water. It also helps in aiding digestion of food which will eventually improve the immunity of the body.
  • Exercise daily: Exercising helps to build immunity of the body. Exercising releases endorphins and boosts up the immune system. It triggers the fighter cells of the body which helps in fighting with allergens of all sorts.
  • Fresh air: Mornings are the best time to go out for a walk. If you are allergic to dust and pollens then you must surely avoid outdoor activities in the evening.
  • Take multivitamins and calcium supplements: To boost up your immune system, you need ample amount of essential minerals and vitamins in your body. Often, adulterated food deprives you of essential vitamins and micronutrients that are needed to build immunity. In such cases, taking regular multivitamins, iron and calcium will give you a strong immunity to fight with allergens of all sorts.
  • Anti-allergic dose: If the allergies go beyond control, then anti-allergic doze help to control the allergies. Get some anti-allergic drugs prescribed by your doctor and keep them handy always.

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