Why is it important to detoxify your body?

Hectic lifestyle, erratic food intake, junk food and dormant lifestyle adds up to building toxins in the body that are retained for too long. Often, these toxins cause a lot of harm to the body and may cause fatigue, skin eruptions, allergies, puffy bags under eyes, bloating or swelling in the body, menstrual problems or may even lead to cancer in the longer run.


To overcome these concerns, detoxification of the body is highly recommended for you. It is the process in which the liver throws out harmful toxins from the body. Detoxification makes you healthier and fastens up your metabolism.

Detoxifying body at least once in a month is highly recommended to begin with  and slowly you can do it once in 15 days or once in a week depending on your convenience and liking.

Detoxification often provides rest to all the organs of the body which have been working  very hard for you for ages now and it replenishes the body with healthy nutrients.

Detoxification filters out all the toxins from the blood in liver, kidneys, lungs, lymph, intestine and makes you healthier and energetic.

How to detoxify your body?

    1. Fruit Detox: You may choose any day of your choice where in you eat only fruits for one full day. The advantage of doing this is that the fruits are rich in all kinds of minerals, vitamins and fibres and nourishes you really well. 

Fruits are also easy to digest and contain natural fructose sugar which cannot be digested by human body and hence there is no need for digestive organs to work hard. 

2. Liquid detox: It refers to consuming only liquids through the day such as fresh juices, lime water and black or green tea. Liquid detox is also very effective in throwing out all the waste from the body.

It keeps you hydrated and also flushes out the harmful substances through frequent urination. Water has always been the best beverage to stay healthy all the time. You would have noticed that people who drink plenty of water have clean and shiny skin.

It is the best way to begin detoxifying your body and helps in losing weight in the longer run.

3. Organic food detox: For one day, you must choose to eat brown rice which is very rich in fibre and you must choose to eat only organic foods which are free of any chemicals. These nutrients help to replenish your body with healthy nutrition and gives rest to your body organs by making them work very less to digest the healthy food. 

4. Shank Prashalan: Our intestine is in the shape of a shank or conch shell. Shank Prashalan is the process of cleaning the intestine which is 32 feet long. It is one of the most effective detox processes.

In this process, you have to drink warm salt water followed by 5 yoga exercises which pushes the water further in larger intestine and helps in cleaning the stomach and intestine by initiating a watery bowel.

The process needs to be repeated for at least five times. And, at the end you need to have very light moong dal khichdi for the entire day.

The khichdi is may very watery with a little turmeric and plenty of pure ghee.

There are five yoga exercises done for this which are as follows:  

        1. Tadasana or palm tree pose
        2. Tiryaka Tad asana Or swaying palm tree pose
        3. Katichakara asana
        4. Triyak Bhujang asana
        5. Udarakarashan asana

The guide to doing these asanas could be found here:


In olden times, people used to fast for at least two to three days in a week which was very beneficial for health. But, while breaking the fast avoid eating anything oily to detoxify your body.

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