How to stop menstrual pain every month?

Menstrual pain can cause mild  or severe abdominal pain, pain in legs and thighs, lower back pain, stomach pain, headache, irritability and headache. A lot of girls find it difficult to handle it during their teens.

Menstruation often brings a lot of challenges with it especially for young girls who go to school. And, it is something that is indispensable and bound to happen every month.

Though it is a physiological process, yet, there are some natural remedies that will help you deal with the pain successfully.

A lot of times you are not able to deal with the menstrual cramps because you are unaware of the remedies which force you to wait until the pain stops. Young women often find it difficult to stay at work for the first three days and so is the case with school and college goers.

Here, are some remedies to help you overcome those difficult days every month:

  • Ginger Tea: Ginger is believed to have pain relieving property in it. It helps to lower the intensity of cramps and also reduces the pain. 

Ginger has been used as a natural Ayurvedic medicine for years now. It reduces pain and inflammation in the body and is equally effective in both raw as well as heated forms.

A renowned Indian scientist, Dr. Krishna C. Shrivastava, at Odense University, did an experiment to test the effect of ginger on pain and inflammation in arthritic patients. For, three months arthritic patients were given small amounts of ginger every day. After, three months, it was observed that the pain and inflammation in the arthritic joints reduced tremendously.

So, why not make use of this nature’s gift to cure pain during menstruation. Ginger tea is an excellent way to fight with the pain and stomach bloating.

  1. Stomach exercise during normal days: The pain and cramps in menses happen as the clots along with the blood have to flow out. Bulged tummy often indicates low motility of stomach and hence it has been observed that the pain could be more if there is a lack of exercise. 

Another advantage of exercise is that regular exercise releases ‘Endorphins’ which are natural pain relievers and stress busters. Walking is often recommended when the pain persists for too long.

A regular movements of legs during walking helps the muscles to move, enabling free flow of blood and clots. This relieves the pain instantly when the clots flow out.

But, care should be taken to avoid any heavy exercises during menstruation as there is a loss of blood from the body so you may experience weakness.

Also, if you do regular tummy exercises then you would see that the intensity of pain reduces during menstruation.

    1. Hot water pack: Heat relaxes the tensed muscles of lower abdomen and improves circulation of blood. Hence, heat packs are most recommended during menses. You may carry a hot water pack to your work or school and may use it as and when needed.
      1. Fennel seeds and Cinnamon: Saunf and dal-chini are also pain relievers and contribute towards reducing pain and cramps.
      2. Massage therapy and acupressure therapy: Massage with normal mustard oil or essential oils for 20 minutes helps to fight the symptoms of menstruation. Massaging increases the blood circulation, relaxes the muscles and releases endorphins in the body.

6. Eat healthy food: Eating oil free, healthy and fresh food will help you to digest the food faster and it will also provide you with essential vitamins to fight with the cramps and pain.

Avoid eating food that is difficult to digest as during menstruation your tummy is already bloated, stiff, and you may have cramps and pain.

7. Take painkillers: If the pain is too severe and causing you a lot of discomfort than you need to pop in safe painkillers. Get some safe painkillers prescribed by your doctor and always keep those handy in your purse or bag. 

It is advisable to take painkillers on the first three days of menstruation especially at the onset of menses which is called puberty. It is believed that generally women below 20 years of age feel a lot of pain and discomfort during menses. The pain subsequently reduces after marriage and it becomes a lot better after having an issue.

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