7 Common myths about diabetes

Diabetes is undoubtedly the most common disease on this planet. It’s alarming rise in the global population is raising many concerns. There is a lot of information available on this disease and each one of us has somebody in our close or distant family suffering from it.

Yet, there are a lot of misconceptions amongst people that has attached a stigma to this disease. The best way to deal with any disease is to know its realities well. This write up is aimed at asking you aware of the myths and the contradictory underlying facts on diabetics that will help you to deal with diabetes better.

Here, are the unwanted myths: 

  • Diabetes happen when you eat too much sugar: Eating too much sugar never invites diabetes. Rather, if you have diabetes then you need to restrict your sugar intake.

Sugar is actually glucose that is metabolised by insulin hormone which is secreted by Pancreas (a small gland). Diabetes only happen when insulin secretion goes down in the body for some reason or when the secreted insulin is not used by the body due to ‘insulin resistance’.

Whether you are eating sugar or not will not have any impact on insulin secretion on the body. This is one of the biggest myths attached to diabetes.

Note: Excess sugar intake may make you obese which may increase your chances of developing diabetes.

  1. Diabetes isn’t too much to worry about: Diabetes is indeed a serious disease that persist for the life time. If diabetes or sugar levels are not checked then it may invite heart related troubles such as heart attack or may even lead to blindness.

Too much sugar or glucose running in your blood will damage every organ of your body. Hence, though the symptoms of diabetes are mild when it appears but you need to take a strict disciplined approach towards it before things start going hay-wire.

  1. Obesity makes you diabetic: Not always! Genetics, sedentary lifestyle, blood pressure abnormalities and stress contribute towards developing diabetes or any other chronic disorder irrespective of your weight. 

Of course, people who are obese are burning out less calories than what they consume. This directly indicates their low physical output and hence you see more number of fat people developing diabetes.

You would be surprised to know that around 20% of people with Type 2 diabetes is either slim or even underweight.

  1. Diabetes eventually requires you to inject insulin: Diabetes can be very well controlled with your disciplined approach. A regular exercise, strict diet and meditation can keep your sugars controlled even without medication. 

A lot of people have fear of injecting insulin in diabetes. But, there are many effective oral medications available unless you have Type 1 diabetes.

Also, injecting insulin becomes painless when you learn how to inject it properly. It is extremely easy and nowadays better quality of insulin is coming which is very effective. Some people even believe that insulin is harmful but indeed it saves life. 

  1. Diabetics should not work out: In fact, people with diabetes should work out more sincerely as regular exercise is known to lower the blood glucose levels naturally. Regular exercise helps in fighting any disorder better unless you have been recommended by doctor to refrain yourself from it.
  1. You may have to eat diabetic food: There is no such food that is diabetic food. Often, diabetics believe that they may have to stay away from sweets forever. But, this is not true! You just need to eat sugar in moderation and couple it up with regular walk or work out.
    1. Eating mangoes will shoot up my sugar level: Mangoes do contain higher amount of sugar as compared to other fruits but it provides great health benefits as well. Eating one mango per day is absolutely fine if you are diabetic. Mangoes are rich sources of all vitamins and also contain high amount of fibre.

Eating mangoes in diabetes are considered to be healthy by American Association of Diabetes. There are ongoing researches showing that mangoes can indeed contribute towards lowering blood sugar levels but this is yet to be published officially.

If you are severely diabetic then you may resort to eating half mango in morning and half in evening.

I hope, this was helpful in bringing clarity of what the realities of diabetes are. Please do share it with your family and friends who are diabetic to help them treat themselves better.

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