What can you do to prevent arthritis?

In my last blog, we saw what are the natural remedies to fight with arthritis. But, would you not want to do something to prevent it from happening?

arthritis prevention.png

Of course, a lot of factors determine it like your genetics, your lifestyle and your overall health and in this blog you would get to know what all you can do to prevent arthritis from happening to you.

Having creaky joints give you jitters of losing the freedom of being independent. It puts you through a lot of agony and concerns and you start regretting later for not working on your health the way you should have.

So, try these tips before it is too late:

1. Don’t ever become obese: The more is the pressure on the joints like knees, ankle and hips, the faster they burn out.

As per Dr. Scott Zaschin, MD, Rheumatologist and clinical professor of medicine, Southwestern Medical school – University of Texas, ‘One extra pound of weight equates to 4 extra pounds of pressure on joints like hips and knees.’

It is not that the slim people don’t get arthritis but when you are obese the chances of developing it is much higher and it may strike in much earlier. Also, because the joints have to handle more weight all the time so obese people find it much more difficult to move around with arthritic joints.

2. Stay away from high-heels: The human feet was designed to balance itself as it is. High heels make you walk on your toes all the time which can be traumatizing for your legs.

Of course, high heels could be worn occasionally but wearing them all the time can put your knees under tremendous pressure. Always try wearing something comfortable to work or on daily basis.

3. Stay hydrated: Dehydration may cause fluids in the joints to dry off. Synovial fluid is usually present between the joints to provide cushioning and is rich in water content. When there is lack of water intake then these internal body liquids tend to dry off causing wear and tear of joints.

4. Keep moving your body for better: Any regular physical exercise can help you prevent a lot of diseases to precipitate. When you get into regular exercise then the movement makes the tendon and ligaments flexible which helps synovial fluid to function better.

Hence, don’t use exercise just as a tool to check weight. Whether you loose weight or not but you end by earning good health with regular exercise.

5. Do not smoke: Smoking is known to worsen the situation in Rheumatoid arthritis. Smoking and drinking worsens any medical condition that you are dealing with.

6. Absorb Sunshine: Almost, 60% Americans are deficient in Vitamin D and in Indians also there is severe deficiency of Vitamin D. Vitamin D causes absorption of calcium in the body so if there is a deficiency of Vitamin D then the bones tend to decalcify.

But, the best part is that vitamin D is abundantly available in nature for free. Just stand out in Sun everyday for 10 minutes to absorb some sunlight and let your body get some Vitamin D.

You may pursue any outdoor hobby such as playing sports, gardening, cycling, running, jogging, etc. to get abundance vitamin D for your body.

7. Avoid injuries: Any minor or major injury of bones or joints can cause troubles in old age. So, make sure to take ample precautions in staying away from injuries. Of course, injuries cannot be avoided always and they just happen suddenly.

But, when you follow the rules of the game as they are meant to be or when you do any outdoor activity with safety gear then these injuries are reduced to a great extent.

If you take these precautions then arthritis may surely get delayed in appearing if it has to or the symptoms may be much milder as you are already supporting your body to stay healthy in every possible way

Hope this was useful, please feel free to leave your comments below………

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