Alcohol or drugs – which is more dangerous?


Most people are surprised to know that alcohol is more dangerous drug than all other drugs on the list such as cocaine, heroin, cannabis, ecstasy, etc. Alcohol and drugs, both are categorized as harmful chemicals that are mind-altering for the consumers. But, still alcohol is looked upon differently than other drugs in question, for it has had its survival for 10,000 years now and is socially accepted as a regular drink to distress yourself after a hectic day.

In a report published by National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, ‘In US, around 88,000 deaths happen every year due to alcoholism. It further stated that the average life span of those 88,000 people was reduced by 30 years due to harmful effects brought about by regular liquor consumption. Contrary to this, only 33000 deaths happen annually due to all other drugs.

There was another study done in UK in 2010, it stated alcohol as the most dangerous chemical surpassing crack cocaine, marijuana, and heroin. This study was published widely in many publishing platforms like The Lancet, The Washington Post, The Guardian, and The New Republic.

Usually, the consensus held by the people is that the harm done by drugs comes as rather crude and more complicated. But, the researches show that this perception is in total contradiction to the realty which poses ‘alcohol’ as the most potent killer in US.

There are many repercussions that come with a dangerous addiction like alcohol. To list a few are poor health, addiction, loss of personal relationships which may lead to crime, conflicts within family, damage to environment, economic cost, and poor community dynamics.

We live in a society where social perceptions drive our lifestyle preferences a lot. But, what gets ignored often is the fact that what is perceived by the society as acceptable may not be the best choice ever made. In US, most teenagers start drinking much before they reach 21 years of age and without being aware of how to consume alcohol responsibly. This is something that needs to be seriously worked upon to work towards having a healthier, happier, and contended life ahead.

The heavy drinkers in US comprise of 10% of entire population and they end up consuming about 73 drinks in a week. This calls for serious attention as such heavy drinkers need professional help to get rid of such heavy addiction. Most drinkers don’t even realize what they are losing out in terms of family life, relationships, career and healthy unless they see some serious mishaps happening to them.

These kinds of addictions fall in the category of mental illnesses and must be handled very carefully. So, lets help the people within our family or among our friends and acquaintances to get rid of such dangerous mental disorders which force them to depend on chemicals like alcohol.

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