5 ways to treat Hypothyroidism naturally


Hypothyroidism attacks the vital metabolism of the body leading to fatigue and obesity. It clouds the brain functioning too which forces you to make food choice which are rich in sugar and are non-nutritional in content.

Hypothyroidism is a silent disorder which slowly hampers the functioning of the body. There is no permanent cure to this problem and many a times you must pop in pills to check your thyroid level.

However, there is always a natural cure to every problem and by making serious efforts towards leading a healthy lifestyle, you can keep your thyroid controlled.

5 ways to treat Hypothyroidism naturally


Here, are some quick tips to help you out:

1. Rigorous Exercise: When you have hypothyroidism than you feel tired and fatigued faster. Moreover, due to poor fat metabolism you tend to become obese which lowers your physical output further.

Hence, to overcome hypothyroidism it is necessary that you follow up a disciplined approach to work out. But, you may not see any significant weight loss initially due to disturbed metabolism of the body.

But, a consistent approach will surely help you lose weight and will also give the much-needed boost to your body metabolism. If you are working out regularly for at least an hour, you will eventually be able to overcome your thyroid disorder without medication.

  1. Avoid eating Soya bean, Broccoli, sea-weeds, spinach: These foods should be avoided as they may hamper with your thyroid medication and may make it ineffective.
  1. Go Gluten Free: Diet containing gluten should be fully avoided by people suffering from Hypothyroidism. You may choose to eat food rich in calories but must not contain gluten in it. Gluten rich food includes wheat, maida, rye, barley, Triticale, Malt, etc.
  1. Don’t use plastic bottles or containers: BPA is known to be commonly present in high levels in plastic and when ingested via food or water it hampers with thyroid functioning. So, plastic wares should be avoided to store water or food to check the level of BPA entering your body.
  2. Check your iodine intake: Make use of iodized salt only and opt for healthier food that is rich in nutrition and is easy to digest.

There is no fixed diet that should be followed in Hypothyroidism but following a balanced diet with above mentioned guidelines will surely better your condition and will help you get rid of lower thyroxine level in the body.

Spiritual Cure: When you start falling in love with yourself and with life than this so-called hypothyroidism vanishes with a blink of eye. The problem is that you take life too seriously and over-think and over-analyse every situation that comes your way. This leads to plenty of health disorders in you, some of which have shown up and some of which are still manifesting within you. Just take life little easy and enjoy the little joys of life by enjoying the nature, the Sun, the beauty, family around and you will see that everything will fall in place naturally.

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