Have you ever experienced the magic of falling in love with yourself………?

Every day our mind is knocked down with so many defeating thoughts such as, ‘Oh! How fat I look?’, ‘Oh! What a big mistake I did, my hair look terrible today, I wish I had studied harder, …. etc.

These self-defeating thoughts encircle you fully to make you feel regretful and defeated. Such thoughts only bring in unhappiness and dissatisfaction with in you……right??? And, the worst is that you continue living with this negative image without it being true. You feel depressed and defeated many times during the day.

This forces you to seek everybody’s approval around you. But, what you fail to understand is that the magic of creating life the way you want is well within you. The magic is simple and involves loving yourself.

Most people are unaware of how loving self can help you in life. Hence, they ignore it totally. Loving self does wonders and miracles that you have never imagined. Just read on to discover what loving self can do:

  1. Love can dissolve dis-eases: Every single cell of your body experiences emotions that are running in your head. When you love yourself, your cell knows that you are appreciating and supporting its functions. Your body absorbs this positive energy of self-acceptance which enables it to function a lot better. 

When you love yourself unconditionally then you experience great health and wellbeing. Your body loves to work for you and it brings in more perfection in serving you for the appreciation its receiving.

When you are sick, try to listen to what your body is indicating. The body cells have 5 times of capacity of dealing with any internal mal-functioning before it shows up as a disease. Imagine how much longing and attention your body must have been craving for a long time and when it does not receive it, then it shows up as dis-ease. 

  1. What you desire is brought to you eventually: Be it a good job or a compatible relationship, whatever is your desire, your self-love helps you to get in tune with the magnificence of this Universe. It helps you to bring in experiences as per the Law of Attraction of Universe.

What most people don’t understand is that life is very simple. Every single thought that you are creating is making your future. People just want to think, think, and think and they don’t pay any attention to what they are thinking.

When you love yourself unconditionally, then you are giving out signals that you are happy with the way you are and you accept yourself the way you are. Now, the Universe responds to you and brings back desires that are coming from your thoughts.

Since, you don’t judge yourself or are not criticizing yourself, so these desires are quickly responded back bringing what you aimed at.

  1. loving self.jpg

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