3 secrets to not falling ill

Falling ill is surely one of the worst experiences one ever has. Be it simple cold or a prolonged viral episode, you are left with a strong malice and reduced stamina.
The worst part about any illness is its length which gets prolonged to three to five days and make you feel miserable with all work pressures knocking your head.

So, how to deal with it???? Have you ever met anybody who has not fallen ill for many years…!!!!! Just look around, there would surely be few people with strong immunities who haven’t fallen sick for years now.

So, what is it that they are doing differently that is giving them such good health. I am sure you are curious to learn the secrets to forever healthy living. And, here they are:

  1. Take deep breaths to calm down when stressed: Stress often leads to harmful hormonal secretion that hinders the functioning of the body. And, taking too much stress makes you low on immunity making you fall ill often. 

I am not saying that you avoid stress because it is bound to come. I am only suggesting how to deal with it instantly so that it doesn’t harm your body. The best way of doing it is to take deep breaths immediately when you feel anxious or worried. Take three deep breaths and that is it……it will calm you down instantly, checking the harmful hormonal secretions in body.

The more you practice it that much less harmful hormones are produced making you healthier.

  1. Practice one minute meditation or silence: Do you feed your mind every day the way you feed your body? Probably, Not! And, when you don’t feed your mind what it needs, it will stop behaving the way it should! Isn’t that obvious! 

You don’t have to pull out time from your schedule to feed your mind. You may choose to do it at any time during the day while you are travelling or when you are sitting at your workstation in office.

All you need to do is to practice just one minute of meditation or silence to nurture your mind in every two hours. Just stop any thoughts running into your mind for one minute. Or, just get into ‘OM’ chanting in your mind for a minute. Choose any way to meditate and just do it.

This gives you tremendous positive energy and induces a wellbeing factor in you no matter how tied up you are. It gives a total boost to the way your body functions and the result is a superb immune system.

People who practice meditation, come across a deadly infectious virus too. But, the way their body behaves will astonish you totally and this is all it takes to stay so healthy forever. I am sure one minute of your time twice or thrice in a day is no big deal………Right?

  1. Shake your leg: Even two minutes of consistent exercise improves your cardio vascular health. This ensures better circulation which brings in better purity levels of blood and tissues inside the body.

You don’t need an hour of work out every day. Just staying active while working by doing wrist movements, neck movements, ankle movements, toe movements can really contribute towards improving your blood circulation.

Try to be as practical as you can when it comes to health. Take a two minutes’ walk in every 20 minutes to support your body functioning. University of British Columbia has mentioned in its research that a regular consistent exercise even changes the brain mapping for better. The brain releases better quality signals that work towards keeping the body healthy.

Break down your workout schedule to 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening. Slowly, take it to 10 minutes each in morning and evening. That is, it! 10 +10 makes it 20 minutes and that is enough to keep your fighter cells active and alert all the time.

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