5 Effective stress busters for working women

A woman has always been an efficient multi-tasker and no wonder that she keeps juggling between home, kids, and work. Working women across the globe are burdened with responsibilities of being good mothers, good daughter-in-law’s, good wives, good employees and what not.

The expectations are many and due to multi-tasking women end up suffering with huge mental stress. You would be surprised to know that more than 85% of married working women end up being totally stressed out.

Considering the pace of life and complexities involved, the life will only get tougher for women. But, don’t let yourself be a victim to this so-called stress due to the modern ways of living. And, as they say, ‘Where there is a will there is a way’. Here, are some solid remedies to deal with constant stress in life:

5 solid stress busters

  1. Dance to your favourite music: You don’t have to be a dancer to enjoy dancing. Just match the beats and rhythm of the music that will help as a big stress buster.

Make a group of friends and join some dance class like Zumba, free style, or Bollywood dance. Just shaking to the rhythm of the song will help you de-stress. You will enjoy dancing and it is a superb exercise as well.

When ever you do any such enjoyable activity then your brain is fully engaged with that and it gives you a much-needed break from the usual anxiety. Try it out! It surely works out.

  1. Gardening: It is indeed one of the best ways to relieve stress. Plants make house atmosphere very lively and they nurture the being inside you by providing you with positive energies. 

People who are into gardening get this nurturing from plants every day. They stay connected to nature and are nourished by nature for looking after it so well.

Such hobbies, help you to not only burst the stress bubble but also helps you to stay motivated and positive through the day. Hobbies like gardening also keep depression and many other mental diseases at bay. Just, go googling on gardening if you don’t believe it …….

  1. Pets: Pets love you unconditionally no matter how you treat them. They are the most trustworthy and loyal creatures who don’t expect anything in return from you except love. You get pure love and affection from the pets which de-stresses you totally and helps you to stay healthy. 

If you are not fond of pets, then you may consider keeping some smaller and relatively easier ones to handle like rabbits, turtle, fish, etc. These pets do not demand your time in taking them out every morning and evening but you still feel so connected to life by owning them.

Also, pets radiate the energy of gratitude towards you for nurturing them and taking care of them. They make you feel loved and wanted. It is these kind of emotions, feelings, and energies that we long for these days.

And, having a pet at home can contribute towards making you feel a lot happier and better every day! Just try out!

  1. Body massage: Body massage is extremely relaxing and comforts you totally. It reduces the tension from the muscles and makes you feel extremely relaxed and calm. 

No doubt, you would feel much more calmer and relaxed after massage. So, why not help your body and mind relax, which has been taking care of you so well for so long.

Make sure you get your body massage done for at least once in a week. It will de-stress you totally and will recharge you to get going strong for the entire week.

  1. Help somebody in need: When you help somebody, you get gratitude and well wishes in return……right? Such, powerful energies are absorbed by your aura and make you feel extremely positive and charged up.

Helping others can be done in many ways like by being a patient listener to somebody’s troubles, feeding the poor, sponsoring a child to study, donating old clothes to an orphan, etc.

When you reach out to help others who are in need, you feel a deep sense of satisfaction within you. This feeling is unmatched with any other joys or luxuries of life. You get a deep sense of gratification and this helps you to help others even more.

Trust me, nothing can be as comforting as well wishes and blessing of others. So, believe that you are here for a purpose and try to make people happy by your words and actions. This will also help you to gain a lot of positive karma which will bring in a lot of good luck!

So, keep striving to make every day of yours a lot more meaningful and joyful. Stress is pretty much inevitable these days and every individual is fighting with it at a personal level. All you need to do is to take an initiative to make your life interesting by doing things that you enjoy. I hope this was helpful and please feel free to comment on this write up………Keep smiling😊




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