The Miraculous power in the mantra “Om Namaha Shivaay”



Today, life is filled with numerous challenges! Not a single day pass by when you can have a smooth running through the day without any mental or emotional challenges coming your way. Even if you are lucky to have such days, then, these days are very rare!! Right……???

To restore the happiness or peace in life we often visit an astrologer or choose to go to a saint to seek his blessings. But, do you know that you can receive such blessings and power from your own self??

The power exists in each one of us. But, very rarely do we accept, realize and exert this power in us. Now, let us see how just by chanting “Om Namaha Shivaay” we can become attain peace and strength within ourselves.

This is really miraculous and the more you chant the more powerful you become.

It brings instant Peace: The meaning of “Om Namaha Shivaay” means that you bow down to the ultimate supreme power and seek his help. As is the nature of almighty or Supreme, once you bow down, you are blessed with what is best for you. Though the process may take time but the almighty or the Universe surely responds positively to each of your desires.
This mantra brings to you instant peace and calms you down. It gives you the strength to the right decisions and to deal with any circumstances with grace and dignity.

It reveals you the truth: When you chant this mantra through the day many times, you are connecting yourself to the Ultimate truth, the Supreme creator Shiva. The more you chant this mantra the more you get to know the truth that life will reveal to you. Chanting this mantra will give you the right direction in life.

It purifies your soul: The vibrations of this mantra helps to purify your soul. The chanting of this mantra is like calling your higher self. You are connected to the universal abundance with this mantra. It removes the negativities from your soul and rises your higher self. You get to know your real self and discover strengths within you that always existed in you but you never realized them.

It helps you get rid of Ego: By chanting this mantra, you get the unseen power that alters your ego and aggression for good. You get to connect with the self-less being in you. This mantra de-stresses you totally and slowly pulls you out of the tendency to take stress.

According to astrology, this mantra also has the power to reduce the negative influence of the planets on you. It also rectifies the bad influence caused due to your natal chart. If you still don’t believe in what all I have written then try chanting this mantra for at least 10 days.

Initially you might forget to chant and have to remind yourself often but slowly it will become a habit. If you practise chanting it for a week or at least 10 days then you would get to see its effect.

I hope you will make use of such miraculous power that is now available to you😊


Are you somebody who feels tired all the time?

Do you feel lazy all through the day? Kick starting your day at work is like a task for you which you want to avoid often? If yes, then there are many reasons for this to develop which I have complied in this write-up below. So, please do read on to figure out what’s wrong with you.

Normally, our human body is designed to work actively through the day with 6 to 7 hours of a good nap. The mornings should be filled with high energies and every day should start with a new zeal and positive energy. If this is not happening with you, then, you need to watch out as something is surely wrong!

Reasons for you to feel tired all the time

Here, are the common reasons that happen to each one of us at some point or the other.

  1. Wasteful over thinking: If you are engrossed in negative thoughts of hurt, resentment, frustration or anger at sub-conscious level than there is an excess leakage of mental energies. Do you know the current problem of the youngsters is over-thinking?

Perhaps, as older generation when we were in school we were hardly introduced to the idea of stress and insecurity. Of course, we carried the fear of passing exams but that was hardly for two weeks in a year. Our school life was pretty chilled out, happy childhood with no introduction to this word ‘stress’.

But, these days the scenario is totally changed for worse. Our kids are exposed to stress in the early school life itself. We are so stressed out each day that we are barely managing to run the show with minimum energy levels within.

The zeal, the enthu, the fun of living a life is just vanished somewhere. Most of us are living with a farfetched dream of achieving something we strongly wish to possess. In that process, what we have is also gone for toss with no joy of living.

Creating these wasteful thoughts of stress and negativity are only pushing us further from realizing our dreams. These thoughts are like energy leakages that waste a lot of our creative energies and make us feel mentally tired.

We need to keep a check on what thoughts are running in our mind. The moment we realize that we have been thinking negative, we need to take charge of our thoughts and convert them into positive ones. Initially, it is going to be tough to fight with negative thought but with constant effort you would be able to convert negative thoughts into positive ones. And, you would see that you feel energetic all through the day.

  1. Sedentary Lifestyle: Most often, you would feel tired if you are leading a sedentary lifestyle. Lack of any physical exercise often amounts to feeling tired and lazy all through the day.

Our lifestyles are such, that we hardly get time to shake our legs but remember that your body goes through a lot to help you do everything that you have been doing. So, you need to take care of yourself first. Give at least 20 minutes to your body and see how energetic it makes you feel through the day.

3. Poor Diet: Eating plenty of carbohydrates and avoiding sufficient protein and iron content can make you feel dull in the longer run. Also, a lot of people indulge in eating outside food or in eating junk food that is very harmful for the body.

You need to detoxify your body once in every 15 days to help it get rid of toxins that it has been ingesting via, food, air and water.

  1. Depression: Feeling depressed, can do a lot of harm to you. You may end up feeling tired and sad through the day. Depression is a state of mind that can be fought with strong positive thoughts. You need to get into a lot of positive self-talk with you. You need to comfort the inner child in you with a lot of positive comforting thoughts.

When you do this repetitively, the negative thoughts will become weak, become less frequent and will eventually vanish. So, be strong and fight with depression to become healthier each day.

  1. Medical Conditions: Medical conditions like anaemia, hypothyroidism, hypotension, food intolerance, hyper-allergies, UTI, pregnancy, etc. can contribute towards making you feel weak. Such medical conditions may go unnoticed for too long and may be the underlying cause of your feeling lazy and tired.

Hence, the best way to lead this life is to stay fit. There are no two ways about, ‘Health is Wealth’. Do everything possible to make yourself fitter mentally and physically. If you are fitter and healthier than everything in your life will fall in place irrespective of any situation in your life. Also, you would set a great example for your family and friends to stay health and happy always.


The best way to meditate at home!

 ‘Meditation’ has always been the key to a peaceful and emotionally calm mind. It helps you to dig deep inside to reach out to the hidden power that lies in each one of us.

Though, we have been hearing about mediation being the in thing, yet, we do very little of it. And, it is quite obvious for the fact:meditation

  • We are unaware of the miraculous positive changes that meditation bring in us.
  • We do not know how to practice meditation

So, let us first explore the benefits of doing meditation and then we will learn how to do it.

The benefits of doing meditation

  • Meditation helps you to connect with the infinite power in the Universe which makes us available solutions to all the problems we have in life. There is a Universal Intelligence out there which is here to help us and our minds are continuously connected to it. The day we start meditation we start tapping the potential of that Supreme Intelligence and we are provided with all intellectual tools to get the most of our lives.
  • Meditation contributes towards making us intellectual and also sharpens our thinking and analytical skills.
  • Meditation keeps us to be calm and peaceful to ensure better health and longevity of life.
  • Meditation helps to stay focussed.
  • It also helps in developing a perseverant attitude and a strong will power.

How to do Meditation ?

Meditation is a medicine to a sick heart, it is indeed a cure for all your sufferings. If you don’t believe it then try doing it the way I suggest here!

Sit down  relax! And keep your eyes closed. Imagine yourself sitting out in nature and focus your mind on these thoughts. Bring your attention to your breathing. Slowly calm yourself further and bring your attention to your thoughts.

Imagine some white powerful rays falling on you from the sky. Let the Supreme being out there bless you with love and happiness. Affirm these statements,

 ‘I love myself’,

‘I love and appreciate all that I am doing’

‘I am at peace with myself’

‘The power of achieving (Whatever you want) lies within me.

‘I am infinite and divinely guided at all times’

‘I am divinely protected at all times’

‘I see myself achieving success in all I do’

‘I am in cordial loving relationship with my family and friends’

‘Life supports me in whatever I do’

‘I radiate perfect health at all times’

Say these positive powerful statements as many times as you can say. And, most importantly, feel these statements and believe in them while saying them.

By doing this meditation, you are allowing the Universal Intelligence to guide you at all times. You are aligning yourself to the Universal cosmic energy which then brings the most wonderful experiences to you.

Meditation can uplift your living standard to great heights that you cant even imagine. But, the basic thumb rule remains that you need to believe 100% in what you affirm. You can add your own affirmations too to make it work on your current circumstances and situations.

But, remember to use always present tense while saying these or any other affirmations and also never make use of any negative statements.

Thank you😊

Dedicated to Inspirational author : Louise Hay

The top 5 health hazards to watch out this summer!!

Of course! Summer knocks in every year to bring  a lot of excitement in us. It is usually a holiday time for kids and we look forward to great holidays in summers to our favourite destinations.

So, to make your holidays in summers more enjoyable here is what you need to know. Each weather comes with some prevalent diseases like cold and cough in winters, diarrhoea in rainy weather and heat stroke and rashes in summers.

May and June are indeed the hottest months in the tropical country of India. In some parts of India like In Rajasthan the summer temperatures even touch up to 51 degree Celsius while in other states the heat is only up to moderate levels. Yet, the diseases of summers are prevalent in all parts of India irrespective of temperatures.

There are many mild to alarming health concerns that you need to watch out this summers. Here, are a few to list out!

Food Poisoning

The food and water gets easily stale in summers due to excess heat. Hence, food poisoning is a common phenomenon in harsh summers. Food poisoning often begins with stomach ache which is followed by diarrhoea and vomiting’s.

Hence, to rule out food poisoning, carry your own water bottle all through the summers and never eat road side open food. While eating outside in summers, look for posh places to dine and look for food items that are fast moving. Thus, there are less chances of stale food being served.

Dehydration or Heat Stoke

Thank God!!our bodies are beautifully designed to withstand and accommodate any changes in environment. Yet, when the temperatures get to extremes the body needs to be protected and kept cool. But, you cant be on house arrest all the time in summers. So, the extreme heat of the environment does lead to dehydration or heat stroke causing dizziness, lethargy, uneasiness, fever, vomiting’s, etc.

Measles and Chicken Pox

The varicella virus causing Chicken pox or rubeola virus that causes measles thrive and multiply in summers. These viruses spread fast and infect kids under 12 years of age. Hence, a proper hygiene needs to be maintained in summers.

Always wash hands thoroughly after visiting the crowded places. And, stay away from people who have developed measles and chicken pox. The best way to deal with it is to inject a varicella vaccine or MMR vaccine to your child to keep them protected with these diseases.

Skin Rashes

Heat rash is very common in areas like neck, upper chest, groin, skin folds, breasts and elbow creases. In summers, the sweat produced is unable to escape out due to blocked pores. Hence, the swelling occurs in the skin causing rashes. The best way to deal with heat rash is to be in the cool surroundings and to use prickly heat powder in the affected areas.

Sun Burn

Due to excessive heat, the melanin present in the skin concentrates to cause a darker complexion. The skin appears blackish and burnt. Using high SPF sunscreens is highly recommended in summers. Sunscreen with SPF-30 and above are must to be used.

heat stroke

Moreover, the UV rays in the Sun also become too strong in summers and hence sunscreen with UV B protection is recommended. The sunscreen needs to be applied at least 20 minutes before stepping out in the Sun.

Hope, you will watch out for these concerns that crop up every summer! Stay safe and stay protected as the suffering and pain one goes through in these ailments is not worth giving a shot. Happy Summers 😊!!

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10 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Acne Soon



Acne not just happen to teenagers but it happens to adults as well. It is indeed the most commonly occurring skin disorder these days! Of course, thanks to stressful lifestyle and increased pollution levels in food, air and water, skin problems like acne are becoming prominent.

Acne is a clogged pore in the skin. When due to dust or grime, the pore gets clogged then bacteria thrives on it leading to acne. To keep acne at bay, the guru mantra is to work out every day for at least 30 minutes to sweat out completely. This helps to open up the clogged pores and let the skin cells breathe.

Furthermore, frequent face wash is really helpful to removing dirt from the skin pores. Acne is a common problem but there is nothing to worry as it can be dealt with easily.

10 Easy Ways to Get Rid Of Acne Soon

  1. Exfoliate Regularly: Regular exfoliation is important to get rid of deposited dirt and dead cells on the skin. To exfoliate use sugar with lemon juice. Just rub it with finger tips all over the face in circular motion and you will get rid of all dead cells.


            The lemon juice will balance the pH of the skin and will brighten it further. It also has a strong antibacterial effect on acne.

  1. Lemon Juice: Like I said, lemon juice is anti-bacterial in nature and cures acne. You can just apply it all over your face. Wash your face after 10 minutes of application.


  1. Moisturize your skin: If the skin is dry then it triggers the cells to produce more sebum or skin oil. This sebum further deposits on the skin pores blocking them totally. Hence, it is important to keep the skin hydrated.


Toning the skin or using water based hydrants would be more beneficial to fight acne. You may also use rose water to hydrate your skin.

  1. Eat Proper Nutrition: Carrots, green leafy vegetables, nuts, fruits and freshly cooked homemade food is highly recommended for acne. These food products are rich in Vitamin A, C and E which helps to keep the sebum in check.


Moreover, stay away from oily food which gets absorbed by the skin and promotes acne further.

  1. Wash Hair frequently: If you have any hair infection like dandruff or you have an oily skin then chances are that this will further boost your acne.

You need to wash your hair frequently to keep the dirt, oil and dandruff at bay. As, this gets on the facial skin enhancing acne.

  1. Stay hydrated: Drinking plenty of water helps to throw out the toxins from the body. The more the number of glasses of water you drink, the healthier you get. Herbal drinks and fruit juices can also help to maintain optimum hydration levels.
  1. Avoid dairy Products: Dairy products like milk, cheese, paneer triggers the skin oil or sebum production. Hence, it is important to stay away from these dairy products for at least till when you acne is uncontrolled.
  1. Fresh air exposure: The skin cells in our breathe to absorb fresh oxygen. Walking in fresh air early morning keeps a lot of skin and breathing troubles at bay. Let your skin breathe in fresh air for at least 30 minutes.
  1. Don’t’ rub or touch your acne: Scratching or touching acne can flare it up further. You need to stay away from touching it as much as you can. Also, scratching it may lead to blemishes and marks which may take a long time to go away.
  1. Maintain Hygiene: Use a separate towel after bath for acne affected area. Change your bedsheet and pillow covers frequently. Cover your face with a thin cloth when you step out in dust. And, make sure that you wash your face and moisturize it every day before going to bed.

You may also apply home made masks like pudina-neem-tulsi paste, honey with turmeric, multani mitti face mask, curd with turmeric on the face to fight acne. These masks are very helpful in gradually removing acne from the skin.





Nevertheless, the remedies suggested above will give you sure shot results to get back a healthy glowing and clear skin.

Forgetfulness – A common occurrence: It’s five causes

Forgetfulness has become much common these days. Each one of us suffers from it at some point or the other. Often forgetfulness triggers the fear of developing dementia or Alzheimer’s syndrome. But, not every forgetfulness leads to these disorders. In fact, there are many mundane causes of forgetfulness too. The sooner you check these causes, the faster you recover from forgetfulness.


Here, are the most common causes of forgetfulness:

  1. Lack of Sleep: Lack of sleep contributes significantly in building stress. You may develop anxiety orders and may lack motivation in doing things if you have not slept well! 

Persistent lack of sleep also causes forgetfulness. The reason is quite obvious that the body cycle gets disturbed due to inadequate sleep. Hence, the mind remains inactive and its efficiency gets reduced leading to problems like forgetfulness.

  1. Medications: Tranquilizers, anti-depressants, blood pressure pills and many similar medications make permanent changes in the brain leading to forgetfulness. Drugs containing paroxetine, cimetidine, oxybutynin, amitriptyline, captopril, cold or allergy, etc. may lead to forgetfulness.

Source: Improving Memory: Understanding age-related memory loss by Harvard Medical School Health report

  1. Stress and Anxiety: Stress and anxiety blocks the memory cells. This makes it difficult to recollect the information and leads to lack of concentration. Stress and anxiety are major contributors towards forgetfulness these days. 
  1. Depression: Depression results in lack of drive in doing the regular things. You may feel demotivated to an extent that you start forgetting things as doing the bare minimum is also challenging.
  1. Alcohol: Alcohol is a dangerous beverage which many of you are unaware of. Though, its one of the most popular beverages but it leads to permanent changes in the brain. Alcohol results in depression and forgetfulness. The recommended amount for alcohol is two small pegs per day for men and one small peg per day for women. (One peg refers to 1.5 ounces).

If you are suffering from any memory loss concerns, than , you must see your doctor once. The doctor may help you understand the root cause of your forgetfulness that once identified can be ruled out easily.

Also, this once again reinstates the importance of following a healthy lifestyle. A bad lifestyle may result in problems like forgetfulness and many more.


Miraculous cures of water!


Let’s pledge!! Water is my favourite beverage!! Why? You will know after you read this complete article.

Drink as much water as you can in a day to experience its immense benefits. Do you know that our body is 70% water and remaining 30% is minerals, fats, muscles, bones, etc.? Do you know that water has miraculous powers to cure your body ?
Let us see how!

Can water cure diseases?

Diseases like muscular dystrophy, migraines, asthma, high blood pressure, diabetes and multiple sclerosis can be greatly minimized by drinking enough water.

This is written by Dr. Batmanghelidj in the book, ‘You are not sick, you are thirsty’. Dr. Batmanghelidj has worked for several years to understand how critical water is for our healthy survival.

You must have heard that medical problems like heart attack, kidney stones, urinary tract infections and fatal heart attacks can occur when there is severe shortage of water in the body.

Moreover, drinking water on empty stomach benefits the body to a great extent. The water cleans the colon by initiating a proper bowel movement. With clean stomach and intestine, nutrition absorption is proper which ensures good health.

Also, drinking water on empty stomach initiates the process of haematopoiesis which is formation of new blood cells. This is why in ancient literature, a lot of emphasis is put on drinking warm water in morning on empty stomach.

Even painful ailments like rheumatoid arthritis, occurs when there is severe shortage of water. Rheumatoid arthritis is painful and restricts your movement. The best way to deal with it is to drink adequate amount of water with small amount of salt.

Other diseases like acidity, colitis, back pain, angina is also cured with increased water intake. These diseases occur when the water intake is too low for a long time.

In Japan, it is a common practice to drink water on empty stomach. You must drink 6 tall glasses of water every morning. It has immense benefits on your body. People suffering from following diseases can get cured of them just by doing this water therapy every morning.

For High BP- it takes 30 days to cure
• For Gastric trouble – only 10 days
• Diabetes- 30 days are needed
• Constipation – 10 days
• Cancer- 180 days
• TB – 90 days
• Arthritis – For arthritic patients, water therapy should be followed for 3 days in first week of treatment and regularly from second week onwards.

So, these are few of the many benefits that water therapy holds. Other important cures of drinking water are promotes weight loss, cleans the skin and adds glow to it, revives energy and removes fatigue, improves immunity by promoting lymph cell production, etc.imagesJOXAYKQZ

Water is vital for our survival. Hectic lifestyle and long sitting hours in air-conditioners have drastically affected our thirst levels. Hence, water therapy is introduced to make up your water scarcity in the morning itself.

So, to stay healthy make water your favourite beverage and carry it everywhere wherever you go.

How to grow your eyelashes naturally?

Beautiful eyes are mesmerizing………! Don’t they make you fall in love with the face instantly? And, Who wouldn’t want to have beautiful eyes?

Eyes are the expression of who you are. So, why not work on making your eyes look pretty when you have remedies to make them look prettier! The key to beautiful eyes lie in growing your eyelashes longer and working towards having thick eyebrows.

Eating Right
For long eye lashes, you need and having a good quality hair you need to eat right. Plenty of proteins, calcium, iron, vitamins, minerals and fibres is what you should aim at eating.
Eating one apple everyday is a must.

Having two big sized bowls of dal for vegetarians or eggs, fish, chicken, mutton, etc. for non-vegetarians is a must. Eating seasonal green leafy vegetables help.

Apply Petroleum jelly
Wash your hands thoroughly and using a small piece of clean cotton apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly on your eyelashes. If you are comfortable with jelly then you can sleep on with it or you can also apply it during the day.

Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Vitamin E Oil
These oils are considered the best to nourish your eyelash hair. Apply a thin layer with clean cotton before bed and you can wash off the oil with warm water the following day.
A regular application of at least three months will give you great results.

These oils can also be applied on the eyebrows and it will thicken your eyebrows further and make them look darker and fuller.


Egg Whites
Egg Whites is an excellent conditioner to strengthen the hair follicles. It also nourishes the hair and promotes growth.
You can mix egg white with any of the oils mentioned above and can apply it with an eyelash applicator. After one hour, wash your eyes with warm water.

Serum or conditioner
Commercial serum or conditioners are rich in peptides, vitamins and other ingredients that are needed for hair growth. Although, there are many names of popular serums available online yet only few are genuine.

You must consult your dermatologist before opting for any commercial serum as eyes are very sensitive part of the body and only safe products must be used.

Eye-lash mascara and Curler
Take care to remove mascara every night before going to the bed. The use of eye-lash curler should also be reduced.


Remedy to fight grey hair

Grey hair is inevitable, thanks to complicated stressful lifestyles. Each one of us fears grey hair and want to reverse grey hair back to black colour. But, this is little difficult but can be done with a lot of efforts.

Heena with Onion Juice

One killer combo in fighting grey hair is heena with onion juice. Heena is known to be an excellent conditioner and onion juice is rich in enzyme catalase which helps in restoring the black colour of the hair.

grey hairgrey hair
To make onion juice, blend one onion and strain it to get its juice. Mix it with henna and apply it for one to two hours. You must try it on a weekly basis for a few months to see the results.

Check your Vitamin B-12 level

Vitamin B-12 deficiency may lead to greying hair. You need to get your blood test done to see if you are B-12 deficient. To avoid deficiencies, you must take vitamin supplements on a regular basis to stay healthy and fit.

Amla or Gooseberry

Amla is the richest source of vitamin C and is excellent for skin. It helps to strengthen the hair roots and which is why is recommended to be consumed every day.
One amla per day can make your skin and hair strong and shiny. Adding amla juice to coconut oil and applying it all over your hair also gives great results.

Work out

Any regular workout of 20 minutes can make a lot of difference to your hair texture. The hair follicles in the scalps get blocked due to dust and pollutants. So, a regular workout to sweat yourself daily can help you open the pores and improve the blood circulation. It strengthens your hair further.

Grey hair is one of the side-effects of living a stressful life. You would see that greying of hair is less in those who are happy-go-lucky by nature.

How to get back in shape after pregnancy?



The phase of pregnancy is a life-turner for a woman. As people in olden times would say, it is a second birth to a mother. Thanks to epidurals, pregnancy for some has become painless but what about getting your body back to normal post-delivery.

The moment a baby is born, mother starts treating herself as secondary and in that process she gets totally ignored for a long time. When you see examples of people around you who have managed to shed all the calories and have become fit as before, you would notice that those people pay a lot of attention to self.

But, each one of us is not blessed to have a family support as we might not be staying with our families in same cities. Or, not each one of us is wealthy enough to support a good well-trained nanny and nor each one of us is lucky enough to get a dependable helping hand after paying a fat salary.

So, we are back to square one but hold on you can still get back in shape all by yourself post-delivery by making yourself aware of these few important things.

  1. Eat Healthy: Arrange plenty of roasted snacks, fruits and nuts around you to munch on when you feel hungry.

Take some handful of great smoothie recipes that are made with milk, oats, nuts, fresh fruit, honey and curd. There are plenty of such recipes available. One good place to find these is Shilpa Shetty’s food channel on YouTube.

Beverages like smoothies, juices, butter milk, etc. fill you to make you feel fuller. Always keep a few of these beverages ready to drink and store them in refrigerators so that you can have an easy access to them when you are hungry.

This will also help you to avoid indulging in eating unhealthy food.

  1. Give 20 minutes to yourself: 20 minutes a never a big deal. But, when we get free time we are so busy browsing our phones, laptops or watching televisions. 

It is extremely important to do something that you like. It could be grooming yourself or designing a wonderful attire for yourself or working on a new painting or could be anything.

The moment you choose to stay connected to your inner-self, you start understanding your basic internal needs. You have a better understanding of your desires and your bodily needs. And, thus you have a better control on foods and activities you eat and do through the day.

  1. Work out for 20 minutes: Aerobics, brisk walk, cycling, swimming, yoga, house-hold chores like sweeping the floor, etc. is helpful. When you are active regularly for 20 minutes in a day, you start burning all the calories that you have eaten in a day. Slowly, the body starts dissolving the fat that has already been stored in the body for very long. 

Start with just 20 minutes and then gradually push it further to 25 minutes then 30 minutes and so on. A good 45 minute workout is much needed by all of us.


  • Enjoy this new phase of motherhood: Being a mother myself, I know that motherhood knocks in with immense responsibilities and concerns. There is not a minute to yourself and you have all kinds of body pains and health issues with the stress that builds up. 

Hence, it is important to take things with a positive bent of mind. Motherhood happens to everybody and all babies eventually do grow up to become what they were meant to be. As women, we are just facilitators to help the babies grow up. So, take things lightly and do as much as you can happily.

Remember, if you are fit and happy then you would be able to better care of your child. So, don’t forget that the most important person is you yourself and rest everything will follow…..